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Which Certifications Are Better: CCSP vs Cisco?


Companies now actively look for applicants that have CCSP and Cisco Certifications. Although there are many different training alternatives, these programs successfully show candidates’ knowledge of IT security and the Cloud, verifying their talents. Public clouds are dynamic and undergoing rapid change, and many businesses are implementing multi-cloud systems. Professionals with these qualifications are more in demand, and these programs are constantly updated to reflect the most recent developments in the technology sector. The majority of applicants begin by obtaining their Cisco CCNA Certification before beginning their CCSP studies.


Focusing on dedication to training is the most excellent strategy, according to experts, to raise the general calibre of cybersecurity professionals and manage the skills deficit, according to The Life and Times of Cybersecurity Professionals 2020, an ESG Research Report. Although obtaining the CCSP and Cisco Certifications offers several competitive advantages, choosing between the two may seem difficult. Many cyber security experts keep honing their abilities to protect cloud settings. The three most popular certification alternatives are Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Data Center, CCSP, and Cisco.

By obtaining these credentials, you acquire privileged access to the (ISC)2 community and a sizable professional network.

You may demonstrate a solid understanding of how to secure cloud premises by earning the vendor-neutral certification of “Certified Cloud Security Professional.” It also proves that individual equips with the necessary architecture, design, operations, controls, and compliance knowledge for cloud security. Exclusively Cisco systems are compatible with Cisco certifications issued by the reputable (ISC)2 organization and only valid for Cisco systems.

The growing popularity of vendor-neutral certification

More than 69% of firms have advanced their digital transformation plan, stressing the migration to multi-cloud environments, according to a 2022 Cloud Computing research conducted by Foundry. Business problems, expanding markets, moving services and applications to the Cloud, and producing sustainable and scalable long-term income were the main reasons for seeking vendor-neutral certifications.

In the upcoming 12 months, businesses will spend over USD 78 million on their cloud computing strategy, a significant increase from USD 73 million in 202020. Companies are looking for better levels of security, and CCSP or Cisco-certified workers are fast finding themselves in high demand. This post will help you if you’re considering enrolling in an online course to prepare for the CCSP certification or any other Cisco certification.

Focus on Cloud Security in CCSP vs Cisco Certs


Focus is placed on six cloud security domains by CCSP. The certification focuses on managing data, designing security for the Cloud, and securing applications in environments. The (ISC)2 organization’s recommendation industry standard also follows. However, it doesn’t emphasize network components. Other online Cisco courses in cyber IT security, such as the Cisco CCNA and Cisco CCNP Data Center, have more of a focus on network basics than cloud security. The Cisco CCNA and Cisco CCNP emphasize storage networks, IP connection, automation, programmability, and security foundations. 

Required level of professional experience

At least three years of data centre solutions experience requires for candidates for the CCNA certification. Candidates for the Cisco CCNP certification must have years of expertise in designing computer networking systems and utilizing Cisco gear. In the CCSP area, professionals should have at least five years of experience. Information security technologies must use over the previous three years of paid work, with one of those three years spent in one of the six Cisco CCSP (ISC)2 domains.

Let’s say an applicant lacks the required volume of cumulative job experience. In such a situation, they can enrol in KnowledgeHut’s CCSP certification prep course and become an associate member of the (ISC)2 organization. However, students must amass the necessary work experience before being fully certified and approved by the (ISC)2 committee.

Prospective Earnings

According to Certification Magazine’s compensation survey for 2021, one of the highest-paying qualifications is the CCSP. In the United States, the starting compensation for an annual salary is USD 150,400; in non-US nations, the starting salary is USD 96,820.

A list produced by CCNA provides salaries starting at USD 118,050 in the US and higher. It is not thought of as a top-tier certification with a high earning potential, the CCNP Data Center Certification.

Keeping Certificate up to date

For CCSP Certifications to remain valid, holders must accrue CPE credits every three years. A minimum of 30 CPEs must be earned and submitted annually to reach 90 CPE credits.

There are no credits associated with the CCNA or CCNP certifications. After the expiration of those two credentials, individuals can apply for recertification and take the tests. Certificate can complete group A and Group B domain activities to obtain CPE credits for the CCSP Certification. These can include meetings, webinars, video conferences, whitepaper publishing, educational events, Etc.

Information about Certification: CCSP vs CISCO


  • Three hours exams (125 MCQ questions).
  • A minimum of 700/1000 is needed to pass.
  • The exam fee is USD 599.
  • The annual maintenance fee is USD 125.
  • To gain 90 CPE credits over three years.

Cisco CCNA

  • 2 hours exam (120 MCQ questions)
  • Undisclosed passing score
  • The exam fee is USD 300
  • No annual maintenance fee
  • No CPE credits

Cisco CCNP Data Center

  • 2 hours exam (100 MCQ questions)
  • Undisclosed passing score
  • The exam fee is USD 400
  • No annual maintenance fee
  • No CPE credits

The Benefits of CCSP Certification for Your Success


If you are considering earning your CCSP certification, there is no better time than the present. Getting a CCSP certification from Cisco has the following benefits:

High Demand 

A CCSP certification can considerably improve your chances of landing a job in the cybersecurity industry. CCSP specialists are in great demand since cyber dangers are becoming more prevalent on the Cloud. Businesses are looking for qualified employees to safeguard their assets against data breaches and improve Cloud performance. Misconfigurations account for over 65% of Cloud issues, and these experts are excellent at creating and establishing a robust, secure Cloud presence.

Regulatory framework knowledge

Regulatory frameworks specify Cloud security procedures, and obtaining the CCSP certification aids in knowing how to formulate security rules, such as monitoring, safeguarding, and keeping data online.

Grow Your Career 

There is no debating the CCSP or Cisco certification if you want to launch your own company or pursue a personalized professional path. Organizations won’t question your professional abilities when you have these qualifications, and the industry generally accepts them.

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Obtaining the CCSP certification demonstrates your devotion and commitment to the cybersecurity industry. It bolsters your reputation in the industry and highlights your record of success. With more than 150,000 members worldwide, ISC2 is a non-profit organization regarded as a significant expert on cyber security. It offers numerous opportunities to earn CPE credits and professional development training programs.

Professionals who pass the Cisco certification tests have a variety of job options. The Cisco CCNA Certification demonstrates your versatility as a professional and your proficiency in network routing & switching, network engineering, and other foundational network security concepts. Employers commonly look for these credentials when hiring new employees, and individuals with Cisco certifications receive 100% more job opportunities and income increases internationally.

With over 280,000 channels worldwide, Cisco offers a vast partnership network that you may join by earning one of its certifications. Your partners will verify your abilities, and you will learn all there is to know about business network security. Keeping current with industry knowledge in your chosen field of concentration is the primary benefit of earning the CCSP and Cisco certifications. The IT and cybersecurity industries demand Cisco and CCSP certifications to develop in the constantly evolving technological environment, regardless of how big or small a firm may be.

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