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Become an Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) in 2024

Become an Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX)

Having efficient and stable business networks is more important than ever. Companies make sure that their networks can handle current demands and adapt to future changes. This is where Aruba shines, offering innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes around the globe.

The Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) certification, also known as HPE6-A69, is essential for those wanting to showcase their ability to manage Aruba’s networking technologies.

Our guide will help you navigate the certification process. We provide clear guidance, study tips, and insights to ensure you understand the principles behind the exam, not just memorize answers. Achieving this certification will mark you as a skilled professional in network optimization, enhancing your career prospects.

Aruba Certification Lab

ACSX Prerequisites

Before taking the hands-on part of the Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) exam, you need to pass the written test, also called HPE6-A69. This is a key step and starts your journey to certification. An Aruba expert will guide you through this online process.

The exam has two parts:

  1. First, it checks your basic knowledge.
  2. Then, it tests your practical skills in working with Aruba’s switches.

It’s a detailed way to determine who has the special skills needed to do well in this area.

The Pathway to the Aruba Certified Switching Expert-HPE6-A69

Getting the reputable Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written—HPE6-A69 certification is tough. In addition, you need to pass several exams to check your network switching knowledge and skills. The Aruba Certified Switching Expertise (ACSX) certification comes in three levels:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert

Let’s dive into these levels to understand more about this path.

ACSX Certification Roadmap

Aruba Certifications Flowchart
Certificate Name Exam Code Written/Lab

Aruba Certified Switching Associate



Aruba Certified Switching Professional



Aruba Certified Switching Expert






Aruba Switching Table

Associate Level – ACSA

The Ascension of the Associate - ACSA

Taking the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) Exam, HPE6-A72 begins your journey into Aruba’s network technology. This exam checks your knowledge and skills in this area. It covers key ideas, tools, and ways of doing things that you need to know to get your ACSA certification.

Getting the ACSA certification opens the door to understanding ArubaOS CX switches and how their files are organized. It covers several key topics and lays the groundwork for diving deeper into Aruba’s networking technology.

  • VLAN Configuration: Learn how to set up Virtual LANs (VLANs) and become proficient in setting up their configurations.
  • Secure Access Implementation: Learn how to set up secure access to keep network resources safe from unauthorized access.
  • New Technologies: Get skilled in designing networks with backup plans for extra safety.
  • Understanding of Aruba’s Virtual Switching Framework (VSF): Learn how to make multiple switches work together as one entity with the VSF skills.
  • Deployment of Aruba’s Wired Networking Technologies: Learn how to use Aruba technology for wired networks.
  • Handling Networks: Learn how to configure, manage, and monitor network deployments.
  • Aruba Mobile First Network Solutions: Explore the latest Aruba solutions for mobile-first networks.
  • Career Advancement: This certification is your career advancement.
  • Job Satisfaction: Earning this certification can make you happier at work and open new opportunities.

Watch our detailed video on the HPE6-A72 Aruba Certified Switching Associate Exam to better understand the exam:

ACSA-HPE6-A72 Study Guide

Preparing for the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (ACSA) HPE6-A72 exam is a big step toward understanding how to use Aruba’s network systems. Having a good study plan and the right materials is important to passing the ACSA-HPE6-A72 exam.

First, check out the ArubaOS-CX Switching Fundamentals, Rev. 20.21. It’s a great guide that covers all the basics you need to know about how Aruba’s network systems work. It helps you understand the basics and gives you a good starting point.

Also, the Aruba Certified Switching Associate (HPE6-A72) Study Guide is really helpful for preparing for the exam. It covers all the test topics, making sure you know everything you need.

These guides will help you prepare for the ACSA exam and teach you a lot about working with Aruba’s networks in real life. Start studying today and get closer to being an expert in Aruba networks.

Professional Level – ACSP

The Odyssey of the Professional - ACSP

The professional level is the second stage of the Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written route. The Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) certification, HPE6-A73, is for those looking to learn more about Aruba’s advanced switching technologies. Getting this certification proves you are an expert in designing, implementing, and managing complex network infrastructures.

The ACSP certification shows many skills necessary for those responsible for managing enterprise-level Aruba campus switching solutions.

  • Deployment of ArubaOS-CX Switches: Learn how to set up ArubaOS-CX switches correctly.
  • Securing Access: Become the protector of network access, making sure only the right people can get in.
  • Redundancy Technologies: Use backup systems to make your network stronger.
  • Link Aggregation Strategies: Combine different connections to improve network performance.
  • Switch Virtualization with HPE’s VSF: Explore the switch virtualization with HPE’s technology.
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols (OSPF and BGP): Learn how routing protocols work, like an expert navigator.
  • IP Multicast Routing: Become skilled at directing multicast traffic.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Prioritization: Learn how to arrange network traffic priorities.
  • Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Security Measures: Use smart security measures to protect your network.
  • Switch Management: Master the skills of switch management.
  • Troubleshooting Expertise: Become the go-to person for solving network issues.

ACSP-HPE6-A73 Study Guide

Preparing for the Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) HPE6-A73 exam is important for those looking to deepen their understanding of Aruba’s advanced network solutions. A structured study plan and the best study materials are key to success.
Start with Implementing ArubaOS-CX Switching. This guide dives deeper into setting up, managing, and troubleshooting Aruba’s networks. It’s perfect for building on the basics and exploring more complex topics.
Also, don’t miss out on the Aruba Certified Switching Professional (HPE6-A73) Study Guide. It’s designed to help you review everything you need to know for the ACSP exam. The guide breaks down the exam topics in a way that’s easy to understand and remember.
Using these guides in your study routine will prepare you for the ACSP exam and enhance your skills in managing Aruba’s advanced network systems. Start studying now and advance your expertise in Aruba networks.

Expert Level – ACSX

Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX)

The top achievement in the Aruba Certified Switching Expert program is reaching the Expert level, tested in the HPE6-A69 exam. This top certification shows your strong skills in Aruba’s advanced switching tech. You get the ACSX badge after passing two exams:

  • The written HPE6-A69
  • The practical HPE4-A31

These exams prove your expertise in designing, planning implementing, and managing complex networks.

The Aruba Certified Switching Expert credential covers the deep details of advanced concepts and practical situations and scenarios. It requires the candidates to draw a real picture of switching systems that will consider such aspects as expandability, resilience, and hassle-free usage of Aruba features in various systems, etc.

Overall, as you go through the passing of a 6-A69 Expert HPE exam, each unit will help you verify all the things that make up your expertise as a switching designs technologist who is also well-equipped to deal with complex network troubleshooting, implement modern technologies, and effectively manage network infrastructures.

Upon completing the HPE6-A69 written exam successfully, you will know more advanced switching skills more efficient techniques to handle complicated switching scenarios, and impeccable ability to apply the Aruba technologies to create complex solutions.

You must allot time to studying and practicing, and the most important thing is that you understand the topics that cover a detailed examination that makes you pass. Have a vast number of learning materials, such as the Aruba official study books, advanced training programs, practical exercises, and real-life problems, that will help you grasp deeper knowledge and experience.

Achieving the Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) credential is a great opportunity to become recognized as an experienced Aruba Switching Expert. It is the next level after having the knowledge required for the practical exam, which culminates in getting the Credly badge, which certainly confirms the candidate’s certification.

Aruba Certified Switching Expert Written HPE6-A69

The Aruba Certified Switching Expert (ACSX) Written Exam, HPE6-A69, is the highest point of the Aruba certification. This certification is for those who want to make their mark in Aruba’s advanced switching technologies and solutions.

The ACSX HPE6-A69 written exam includes:

  1. In-Depth Switching Knowledge: Learn Aruba’s switching technologies, from Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) to VLAN configurations.
  2. Handling Complex Situations: Solve tricky network problems using your skills to design strong and scalable switching systems.
  3. Advanced Routing Protocols: Configuring and managing dynamic routing protocols like OSPF and BGP.
  4. Quality of Service (QoS): Quality of Service (QoS) is about efficiently managing network traffic and making sure data flows smoothly.
  5. Network Security: It is a stronghold for safety, where access control, authentication, and security actions are your tools.
  6. Switch Management: Learn the ins and outs of configuring, managing, and monitoring Aruba switches.
  7. Troubleshooting: Master the skill of fixing network issues and keeping the Aruba network running without any issues.

Why Pursue Aruba Switching Expertise?

  1. Advanced Networking Skills: Becoming an Aruba Certified Switching Expert signifies that you have advanced skills in designing, configuring, and managing complex network switching infrastructures.
  2. Expertise in Aruba Technologies: The certification shows your expertise in using Aruba’s latest switching solutions, making you a trusted authority in their technologies.
  3. Improved Problem-Solving: Aruba Switching Experts are equipped with troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve complex network issues quickly and effectively.
  4. Optimized Network Performance: Your expertise enables you to optimize network performance, ensuring critical applications run smoothly. This is crucial for businesses in today’s digital age.
  5. Strong Security Measures: Aruba Switching Experts can implement robust security measures, safeguarding networks from unauthorized access and potential threats.
  6. Career Advancement: Earning this certification opens career advancement opportunities, allowing you to take on more challenging roles with increased responsibilities.

How ACSX Benefits Businesses?

  1. Reliable Network Infrastructure: Your support makes sure businesses have stable and reliable networks on which to depend.
  2. Network Scalability: Your designs can grow smoothly, adding new users, devices, and apps without any problems.
  3. Cost Savings: Using resources wisely and avoiding waste will help lower costs in one go.
  4. Competitive Advantage: Businesses with ACSX experts have a big advantage. They offer better network services, giving them an edge over others.
  5. Security Assurance: With you in charge, the security is stronger, making our system safe and secure.
  6. Faster Issue Resolution: Any network problems are quickly solved, keeping everything running smoothly.
  7. Support for Digital Transformation: As things become more digital, you need guidance in updating the network to meet new business demands.

Comparing Aruba Switches and Cisco Enterprise Switching Solutions

Cisco/Aruba switches and Cisco statin-typed switching solutions are two major brands in the networking industry with their pros and cons. Below, we will compare these two in various aspects:

Specialization vs. Comprehensive

  • Aruba: Aruba also gives switch expert and mobility expert certifications, which require deep knowledge in the areas of switching and mobility. Candidates shall not be limited to only one subject and to what they deem appropriate.
  • Cisco: Cisco offers a range of certifications, like the CCNP and CCIE, that focus on different aspects of networking, including security, wireless technologies, and data center operations. Although the subject list is complete, these qualifications might require learning a wider, more general body of knowledge.

Flexibility in Career Path

  • Aruba: Participants in Aruba certificates can personalize their way toward a successful certification by selecting the wireless or switching elements or both, according to their career goals. Such is the draw of such career-specific guesswork- it is attractive to those who have decided on the career they want.
    Cisco: Cisco certifications are among the ones that provide a career progression from entry-level to specialist certifications, and so this ability is an advantage for professionals seeking a more detailed path.

Smaller Learning Curve

  • Aruba: The larger audience frequently identifies Aruba certifications as a fast-track program for starting up focused on exact solutions. The position of cell phones in education is brought up. Research shows that they make learning and grasping the required knowledge and skills easier for students.
  • Cisco: Learning Cisco certifications, particularly the advanced levels, features a more complicated hurdle involving a deeper understanding of the underlying networking principles and concepts.

Emphasis on Practical Skills:

  • Aruba: Even though Aruba certificates, including practical exams, highly emphasize practice skills, future specialists can transfer acquired knowledge into the context.
  • Cisco: Among Cisco certifications, the practical components get more attention than the theoretical part; however, at early levels of approach, the theoretical knowledge tends to be more considerable.

Networking Specialization

  • Aruba: As far as networking specialist expertise is concerned, the Aruba certification path includes specialized education regarding various topics, such as wireless and switching, which can be easily accepted by candidates who want to pursue a career in these areas.
  • Cisco: The certification spectrum is sweeping in the networking domain, covering routing, security, and collaboration aspects. Candidates who seek advanced skills can also pursue the Cisco certification.

Vendor Preference:

  • Aruba: Students who use Aruba’s networking solutions and want to specialize in Aruba’s products may prefer Aruba certifications, which can help them obtain a degree that is in line with their chosen vendor.
  • Cisco: Individuals who want to work with Cisco networking gear, which is used by most large corporations, will have an easier time if they possess Cisco certifications.

Career Opportunities:

  • Aruba: For job applicants, Aruba Certifications may provide new chances to realize their dreams of a brilliant career. Companies heavily using Aruba networking products and solutions are the ones to be appreciated first in these excellence-oriented industries.
  • Cisco: Cisco certifications are globally relevant and can help one start a new career with various organizations, such as multinational companies.

Final Thoughts on ACSX

Becoming skilled in Aruba’s switching technologies is a long journey. The Aruba Certified Switching Expert or ACSX certification provides a gradual journey from ACSA to ACSP to the highest point. At each stage, you learn important things, from VLAN setups to security measures. Your expertise becomes a guide, helping organizations online.

So, whether you’re just starting out in networking or an experienced IT expert aiming for the top, ACSX is your gateway to becoming a true Aruba switching expert. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the fascinating world of Aruba Certified Switching Expertise (ACSX), where knowledge is key and connectivity is paramount.

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