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Top Ten Careers for CCIE in Certcommunity

Top Ten Careers for CCIE in Certcommunity

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Its Cisco systems top technical implementation certification. In other words, it is a technical implementation and troubleshooting exam. Those who achieve this, including the CCIE labs, can design, build, implement, maintain and troubleshoot complex networking organizational tasks.  It holds wonderful career options. The top ten careers for CCIE are mention below:


With the evolvement in the technological world, the need for certified IT workers is increasing day by day. Freelancing is like working in your own company. You are the boss and you get your clients. Several people are roaming to find experts who have been in certcommuinity. In this age of the internet, your existence on any of the online platforms is necessary. Your skills need visibility over cyberspace.

Lead Network Engineer:

After becoming a CCIE holder, you are the one who is in demand by various IT hubs. Some companies offer the position of technical lead to a CCIE. Where he/she will be the lead networking engineer. It is one of the most senior positions in a networking organization. As you have passed the CCIE lab then no one can stop you from making your mark.

Voice Engineer:

CCIE collaboration certification is highly desired for voice engineers. Management of VoIP and telephony system needs a well-designed system. A voice engineer will help in designing, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting the telecommunication and voice communication system. Go to 591Lab for the certification course and certcollection.

IP Engineer:

In the top ten careers for a CCIE, IP engineering is one of the easiest opportunities. If you have not achieved the whole certification series yet, even then you can secure the position of IP engineer. Like if you have a CCNP and studying towards CCIE then you can start earning a handsome amount. It requires the smooth delivery of IP data as well as voice and video delivery. You need to have the routing and switching experience. You have to maintain and operate the IP network. You can also generate new solutions and services for this particular field.

Data Centre:

In a data center, the certified expert will identify and resolve the issues related to routing protocols. The professional certcommunity will also sketch out the various features of the data center networking system. The expert has to handle all the problems related to backups, restoring procedures, handling external protocols, analyzing the resources, etc. It will be a piece of cake for you if have achieved the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert exam.

Network Security Administrator:

There is a vast scope depending upon the varied certification track. One of them can lead you to be a network security administrator. The role of security administrators is simple as they have to ensure the protection of the network. They will make and test multiple security strategies. They have to install a shield against viruses. Any required security maintenance and upgrades are suggested to the organization.

Network Architect:

The basic responsibility of network architects is to design the network. They are more focused on operations and getting things done in a certain way. They will look upon the customers’ requirements and build the structure according to that. Also, they have to oversee fellow network engineer issues. Certcollections includes this Cisco Certified Architect, which can be your lead towards this field. The network architect may also deliver the customer needs to the engineers working in the organization.

Service Provider:

After passing the written and lab test of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure, one can secure a remarkable position in a networking organization. Let’s have a look at the roles and responsibilities of a service provider. He has to develop a well-built infrastructure of the server. Sometimes he will have to optimize the previous working network.

Network Administrator:

A network administrator can also be called a system administrator or network technician. The job roles of a network administrator revolve around installing the operating equipment, managing all the computing operators, and handling all the required resources. He is responsible for closing all the PCs when required. He assists the users in troubleshooting any problem related to the equipment or operating systems. His job is similar to any kind of admin and manager. He should be skillful enough to tackle problems in difficult situations.

Senior Collaboration Consulting Engineer:

After passing the CCIE Collaboration written test as well as the lab test one can secure a good career ahead. The senior collaboration consulting engineer is demanded as an employee who can support and troubleshoot client’s technology systems. The issue of the customer’s system is directly communicated with the collaboration engineer. Hence, communication skills are significant for this position. Active response to the issue is required. The expert will provide a guide to better and secure networking systems.


Besides these major top ten careers for CCIE, there are many more career opportunities one can avail of after passing the exam. In this evolving era, the youth is inclined towards technology. There is a diverse range of IT certifications in certcommuninty. Labs provide by have a variety of practical training and workbooks for the CCIE candidates. This particular exam and the preparations are a long-term commitment. It will surely be worth the money and time spent on preparation. The certified experts are in demand by large-scale networks and expanded networking organizations. Having expertise in a wide range of networking fields one can jump in the flood of career opportunities. You can get into cyber security of the network or an engineer. The engineer position will continue to elevate.

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