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The Ultimate CCIE Service Provider v5.0 Lab Details

The Ultimate CCIE Service Provider v5.0 Lab Details

The CCIE service provider certification proves your expertise with complex service provider solutions. To earn CCIE service provider certification, you pass two tests: a proficiency test that covers key service provider technologies and a hands-on lab test. It covers technologies that service providers through the entire network lifecycle, from designing and deploying to operating and optimizing.

CCIE service provider certification proves your expertise with complex service provider solutions. In 1992, global Internet traffic was approx. 100GB/day. In 2017, international internet traffic reached more than 45000 Gbps. Most service providers are transitioning from essential network connectivity providers to intelligent and managed service providers. Cisco has introduced updates to its flagship certification program to reflect rapidly changing technology needs and adoption patterns. The new CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam v5.0 tests skill sets related to solution integration, interoperation, configuration, and troubleshooting of complex network, voice, video, and data challenges.


The lab test for CCIE SERVICE PROVIDER v5.0 is as follows:

Lab tests are divided into two modules with specific timings and sequences.

Module 1 – Design (3 hr.)

Module 2 – Deploy, Manage and Optimize (5 hr.)

Firstly, ‘Design – 3 Hr.’ Covers implementation in the design of service provider networks based on technical requirements. This part is different from the CCDE 400-007 test, which focuses on high-level design based on business requirements.
Secondly, 5 hours which assesses your skills in the ‘Implement’-Operating (including troubleshooting) and Optimizing’ aspects of service provider solutions. Cisco wants to maintain the overall story when going through two modules when something is added/changed between them, like adding a branch network, for example. At the same time, these two modules are different.

Module 1: Design (3 Hours)

 This module assesses the ability to create, analyze, validate and optimize Service Provider network designs. CCIE Service Provider v5.0 will validate the following skills:

  • State the capabilities of various technologies, solutions, and services
  • Translate client requirements into solutions
  • Assess readiness to support proposed solutions

View-based modules do not have access to any devices. CCIE Service Provider v5.0 will provide the examinee with documentation like email threads, high-level design, network topology diagrams, client requirements, and restrictions.

The passing point for new CCIE service providers v5.0 is that 5.0 will be more connected. Each lab exam will be different, and a resident psychometrician will weigh each question for difficulty level and passing marking weightage. However, it means each lab exam will have a different passing score based on an internal valuation by the Cisco team.

Point values associated with each it does not display in the section.

Module 2: Deploy, Manage and Optimize (5 hr.)

This module examines the skill sets associated with deploying, managing, and optimizing service provider network technologies and solutions.

  • Deploy – Build the network according to design specifications, client requirements, and constraints. It evaluates successful service provider solution implementation, including configuration, integration, technology commissioning, and troubleshooting solutions based on the testing syllabus. Network implementation will dictate design specifications, client requirements, and constraints.
  • Operate and Optimize – Monitor network health, performance, and quality of service improvements with reduced interruptions and outages. Other test parameters reduce operating costs and maintain high availability, reliability, and safety. Problems and adjust/fine-configure to meet changing business goals and technical requirements.

Point values associated with each item does display in this module.


Exam Score Evaluation

Both the modules will have a minimum score and a passing score based on the difficulty level.

The examinee must score higher than the aggregated pass scores of both modules and higher than the minimum score set on each module individually.

If the examinee scores less than both modules’ overall aggregated pass score, they fail. Or, if the examinee achieves less than the minimum score of 1 or more modules, they will die.

What are the advantages of CCIE service providers v5.0?

Design CCIE Service Provider v5.0 lab tests and curriculum to test candidate skills most efficiently. Also, the syllabus includes the most relevant topics based on the job role and organizational needs of the candidates. Candidate skills are verified throughout the life cycle of the network. Successful candidates come prepared with automation, and network programmability knowledge as these two trendy modules are covered in CCIE service provider v5.0 lab tests.

Successfully completion of CCIE service provider v5.0lab exam puts you at the forefront for the desired post or job. Big organizations and corporates are looking for candidates who can take care of future technology.

Achieving the CCIE service provider certification after passing the lab exam means that the candidate is prepared with the most advanced knowledge of the service provider solution lifecycle. Validated his ability to understand, implement and manage service delivery technology.  

Market Demand for CCIE Service Provider v5.0:

Markets seek qualified, knowledgeable, and certified service provider network engineers. CCIE services professionals can factor in emerging technologies and in-depth technical skills and knowledge to support business-critical initiatives and contribute to business results.

CCIE certification by Cisco has long been the gold standard for networking skills. It helps the candidates to get better job opportunities all over the world.

CCIE certification opens up the global job market for professionals. The CCIE program is a well-known and recognized career certification across the continent.

Market Opportunities  for CCIE Service Providers v5.0 :

CCIE candidates can get the role of Service Provider Solution Architect, Service Provider Senior Engineer, or Service Provider Engineer. These are responsible and performance-oriented leadership posts that can fetch a good salary for suitable candidates.

Regardless of industry vertical and domain, CCIE is always in demand because of the rigor, integrity, and brand value associated with the certification program and because the candidate goes through the whole nine yards of preparation, practice, and testing to prove their competency.

Who Should Opt for CCIE Service Provider?

This certification is for experienced professionals looking for the proven skills necessary for future technical leadership roles that can intensely focus on delivering IT service solutions and leveraging emerging technologies.

Candidates looking for a long-term career in the service industry are suitable candidates for the CCIE Service Provider v5.0. CCIE is not something that can be attempted as a hobby unless it can commit you enough. Professionals who have worked in service provider functions for 5-7 years are suitable candidates for CCIE if they have enough drive and hunger to achieve this world’s top service provider networking certification.

CCIE certification is the best option for candidates expected to provide expert-level problem-solving skills to support complex service provider technologies and topologies.

It is the best career enhancement tool for students and IT professionals looking for an internationally recognized certification to improve their job growth prospects.

CCIE Service Provider v5.0 Prerequisites:

As per CISCO certification guidelines, there is no prerequisite for a candidate to sit for the CCIE lab exam except for passing the core technology exam SPCOR (350-501). Candidates do not need to complete the CCNP or CCNA for this CCIE lab exam.

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