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The Definitive Guide to CCIE Security vs Other Cyber Certifications

CCIE Security

The CCIE Security Lab stands out from other vendor certifications when comparing cybersecurity certifications. This blog is about one of the comments from our existing posts, “How to study NSE8 Practical Exam”. So, this is what our reader has asked, Is CCIE security worth it, or should he take another vendor or network security certification?

So today, in this blog discussion, we will be exploring the various cybersecurity career-related vendor certifications, including but not limited to Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Checkpoint, F5, and many more. We will provide insightful information to help you better understand this topic. Greetings! I am your esteemed CCIE Security lab instructor, famously known as “Laffy”, hailing from 591LAB. Without further ado, let us commence with our session.

Network Security vs Cyber Security?

Network Security vs Cybersecurity Certifications

Here’s the thing, people still call it network security, but it’s more than the network. Back then, cybersecurity certifications held less power than it does now. By security-related solutions, we often mean the following setup:

  • Firewalls
  • VPNs
  • Antivirus
  • Radius server or AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting).

The majority of the mentioned elements pertain to network security. However, security has evolved due to the continuous expansion of the threat landscape. With an excessive number of applications and users, attackers are becoming more intelligent and more skilled. Hardware resources are also advancing at a rapid pace. Therefore, what was once known as network security is now part of cyber security. Several vendors, commonly known as the big players, offer a wide range of Secure Solutions, including those beyond Network Security Solutions.

For example, F5, other than network security, also provides;

  • Web application firewall,
  • DNS security,
  • IAM or Identity and Access Manager, etc.

We also have Palo Alto Networks. For example, they have

  • Next-Generation firewall solutions
  • Prisma Cloud is a cloud-secure solution.

Fortinet provides the most significant number of Security Solutions. Believe it or not, they have;

  • Next-Generation Firewall
  • Web Application Firewall
  • NAC or Network Access Control
  • SIEM or Security Information and Event Management

What is CCIE?

What is CCIE

CCIE is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It’s an expert-level certification that is the most popular and highly recognized. Can you guess any vendor expert-level certifications that are more recognized than CCIE?

Yes, you guessed correctly! The CISSP certification (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is vendor-neutral and requires a lot of memorization. I have observed individuals with only two years of industry experience passing the CISSP exam by excelling in their self-study using books. I have also encountered CCIE professionals who have quickly passed the CISSP exam. However, I am searching for information regarding individuals who passed the CCIE Security lab exam after quickly obtaining the CISSP certification.

Comparing CCIE Security with Fortinet NSE 8, JNCIE Security, and Others:

Comparing CCIE Security with Fortinet NSE 8, JNCIE Security, and Others

Let’s compare the CCIE Security lab exam with Fortinet NSE level 8 or Network Security Expert 8.

  • Can a security professional with NSE8 beat the CCIE Security?

When it comes to the market value, I don’t think so.

  • How about JNCIE-Security? Do you think a security professional with JNCIE Certification is equal to or higher than a CCIE security?

There is no way to match up with CCIE security.

  • How about other vendor expert-level certifications?

Let’s check it out because only Fortinet and JNCIE offer expert-level Hands-On lab exams. So, we have CCSM or Checkpoint Certified Security Master, F5, and CSE Security. CSE stands for Certified Solution Expert in Security for Palo Alto Networks. PCNSE & PCNSC stands for Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant. All of these are written-based multiple-choice questions, which is not so impressive. Their value is not as high as CCIE Security. These are not life-changing certifications.

Is CCIE Security still worth it?

Is CCIE still worth it
  • Is CCIE security still worth it?

The value of a CCIE is not or never going down.

  • Is CCIE enough?

It’s enough to change your life, move to another level, or have a better career. But more is needed. After CCIE in security, I suggest you take CISSP or focus on cloud security such as AWS security or F5 application security. You should know web application firewalls, or you can also understand and learn about other vendor solutions such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, etc.

Remember, as an IP professional, one of the most important goals is to get at least an expert-level certification, and when it comes to market value, CCIE is the best one to pick.

Benefits of a CCIE Security

Benefits of a CCIE Security

Some hiring managers may place little value on Mid or Professional-level certifications, as some individuals may obtain the most reliable dumps from 591Lab.However, the journey of preparing for a CCIE certification is more important than just getting the certificate itself. This preparation will help you become a highly skilled technical professional with valuable knowledge and experience. Once you achieve the CCIE certification, learning other technologies such as Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and AWS will become more manageable.

Which certification can beat CCIE Security?

Let’s talk about the future,

  • Will there be an expert-level security certification that will beat CCIE security?

I will be frank if AWS creates expert-level certifications with multiple paths, not just security. Let’s say Advanced Networking, AI, DevOps, etc. It is possible. You heard it right. Suppose AWS creates AWS certified security expert. For example, it would be more valuable than JNCIE-security, Fortinet NSE8, and there is a huge chance it will overtake CCIE security.

CCIE Security + AWS Security Combination

CCIE Security + AWS Security Combination

Combining CCIE Security with AWS Certified Security Specialty Certification is an excellent way to become an all-rounder in network and cloud security.

  • Can you imagine how many security devices and platforms you will learn about?

For Cisco,

  • They have a Next-Generation Firewall called CISCO Firepower.
  • They have SIEM. They call it Cisco ISE.
  • DNS security they call it Cisco umbrella and
  • Cisco Stealth Watch and many more.

Then for AWS,

  • They have Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) they call AWS Inspector.
  • They have AWS WAF
  • They have forensic investigator Services they call AWS Detective.
  • They also have AWS Security Compliance and many more.

Did I answer your question?

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