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Cisco CCIE

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. It is the top Certification Cisco Systems gives in all networking domains and is the most well-known networking certificate globally. Cisco has launched the CCIE platform for network engineering expertise. One of the most distinguished accomplishments in your career is earning the Cisco CCIE Lab certification. The best-compensated IT experts are CCIEs, who also benefit from additional achievements.


CCIEs are the specialists who design, create, implement, assess, or troubleshoot network security settings. Network engineers having CCIE certifications refers to networking experts. The CCIE has more than 59,000 holders globally, the highest and most challenging certification.

Table of Content

  • What is CISCO CCIE Lab?
  • Outstanding Career Scope for CCIE LAB Holders
  • CCIE Cisco Lab’s Best Guide
    • An Overview of CCIE LAB
    • Right Time for The CCIE Lab Exam
    • Cost of the CCIE Lab Exam
    • Location of the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam
    • Recertification Guide for Cisco CCIE Labs
    • How to Check the CCIE Exam Results
  • What Distinguishes Cisco CCIE Lab?

What is CISCO CCIE Lab?

Cisco would have developed the Cisco Certification Program, uniting the community of software developers and network professionals to build the IT team of the future. The Next Level CCIE Certification would aid Cisco in accelerating operations and stimulating technical advancement. One of the main problems the IT industry will have to deal with is network automation. To implement these modifications in Cisco Certifications, community professionals would have created the changes, and Cisco Networking Experts would have compiled automation best practices.

The next highest level of certification that Cisco offers is Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (after CCAr). It examines a candidate’s technical expertise as well as their amount of patience as they attempt to solve one of the trickiest challenges in the real world. Professionals who design, develop, deploy, manage, or troubleshoot intricate enterprise networking systems should apply for this certification. Candidates for the CCIE certification may specialize in routing and switching, communications and services, security, or voice systems and technologies, depending on the track they select.

Outstanding Career Scope for CCIE LAB Holders

The career possibilities and networking practices of networking experts would have significantly changed due to Cisco’s Intent-Based Networking. This transition went from manual and time-consuming procedures to an environment where IT, Applications, DevOps, and Cloud Developers would collaborate to utilize the new network’s capabilities fully. DevNet Certifications for optimizing and writing applications for the new structure and selecting the skills for development are part of Cisco’s certification and training programs. The DevNet Program would enable using best practices and partnerships to develop revolutionary automation capabilities.

Technocrats and industry experts would argue that the IT sector is among those with the fastest growth rates, and we may notice this quick expansion all around us. As a result, expectations for job roles and the need for new skills would have arisen. This certification program would be able to stand on the principles of integrity and relevance, with integrity guarding the company against weaknesses and threats and relevance, ensuring that the product would be in line with client desires.

Top 08 Cisco Expert level certifications 

  1. CCIE Security
  2. CCIE Service Provider
  3. CCIE Enterprise Wireless
  4. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure
  5. CCIE Data Center
  6. CCIE Collaboration
  7. CCIE Routing & Switching
  8. CCDE: Cisco Certified Design Expert

CCIE Cisco Lab’s Best Guide

It can be difficult and scary to prepare for the CCIE lab exam, especially for first-time test takers. Apart from the apparent study for your tests, a key component of preparation is knowing what to anticipate.

Are you preparing to take the Cisco CCIE lab test and finding it challenging to acquire information on the lab exam? If so, continue reading to get all the knowledge you need to ace this challenging IT test. Every candidate for a Cisco certification is aware that they must also pass the CCIE lab test after clearing the written portion. Although this is the simplest method for obtaining a CCIE number, aspiring Cisco CCIEs should be aware of additional information. 

Here are some examples of them:

An Overview of CCIE LAB

A candidate’s actual knowledge and abilities are valid throughout the eight-hour CCIE lab assessment. Yes, you read it correctly; the test lasts for eight hours.

You are not required to administer exams nonstop for eight hours. The test will have a break in the middle. The proctor gives advance notice of the suspension or lunchtime.

The Cisco CCIE Lab test has three portions, which are detailed below:

1. Troubleshooting section 

2. Diagnostic section 

3. Configuration section 

You must finish the exam in the allotted time for each component. The first phase, T-shoot, lasts two hours, the second section, Diagnostic, one hour, and the configuration section, five hours and thirty minutes.

Therefore, candidates for Cisco positions must possess solid practical knowledge, excellent time management abilities, working speed, and a sharp sense of time.

Right Time for the CCIE Lab exam

You must schedule your Cisco Lab exam after passing your CCIE written exam. After passing the CCIE written test, you have three years to pass the CCIE lab exam. One important thing to remember is that you must make your first try no later than 18 months after passing the Cisco CCIE written test.

Remember that you must retake the Cisco CCIE written test within three years if you fail the Cisco lab exam. So, to pass the lab exam on your first try, prepare well and pay attention to the advice of the experts.

The greatest CCIE Lab expert must be chosen for the reputable Certification training facility. Every one has a hectic schedule right now. Everyone has a job of their own. Therefore, I advise using online training as your study buddy. You may select 591lab to help you succeed in CCIE.

The greatest CCIE Lab expert must be chosen for the reputable Certification training facility. Every one has a hectic schedule right now. Everyone has a job of their own. Therefore, I advise using online training as your study buddy. You may select 591lab to help you succeed in CCIE.

Let’s look at some of 591lab’s Cisco CCIE lab success reports.

Cisco CCIE Lab
Recent Review of 591Lab

Cost of the CCIE Lab Exam

Every try at the Cisco CCIE lab test costs USD 1600. Yes, you heard correctly; if you don’t pass the lab exam on your first try, you’ll need to retake the test and pay the CCIE lab exam price. And this is the freshly introduced updated cost from Cisco.

Your travel and lodging cost does not include the Cisco CCIE lab test price. The lab exam fee covers only the cost of taking the CCIE test.

You must pay the entire price before the 90-day mark to secure a spot on the CCIE lab test schedule. If you don’t pay by the deadline, your name will remove from the list of candidates for the Cisco CCIE lab exam. Candidate exam bookings cancel after 90 days. However, you can still reschedule them before that time. However, the same candidate is required to pay the whole amount.

Location of the Cisco Lab Exam

Before taking the lab exam, you must wait 10 to 15 days after passing the CCIE written test. You can schedule your lab after that. For specific courses, there are even mobile testing labs available. Information on mobile labs is available. Only CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Security, CCIE Service Providers, and Data Centers now have mobile locations.

There are CCIE Lab Exams accessible at the places listed below. Additionally, you may verify which test tracks can be taken at particular locations using the available payment methods.

CCIE Lab Location

Recertification Guide for Cisco Expert Level Exam

Many times, applicants have difficulty accepting that they failed the CCIE lab test. Of course, it may have performed well, making the outcome look amazing. If you are unhappy with your CCIE lab results, you could request a reevaluation of your Cisco CCIE test score. Given that Cisco’s Lab Exam check method is automated and that only 3% of participants witnessed a change in their exam results after submitting it for revaluation, there is a minimal possibility that you would receive positive news after revaluation.

In 2015, Cisco improved the CCIE lab exam retake policy, shortening the time between attempts. In the unfortunate event that you fail the Cisco lab exam, you must wait 30 days. After the 30-day window has passed, you can repeat the test. You must evaluate your skills with experts at the Cisco CCIE training centre.

Our pupils receive lifetime support from Network Bulls. Students can visit the laboratories after finishing their Cisco CCIE training at Network Bulls. It enables them to improve their practical abilities and show up again for the Cisco Lab exam well-prepared.

What Distinguishes Cisco CCIE Lab?

People mistakenly believe that CCNP and CCIE are relatively comparable, yet there is a difference. CCNP and CCIE stand for Cisco Certified Network Professional and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, respectively. A CCNP professional would prioritize a vertical strategy and concentrate on a single technology. Along with the Common Technology Core Exam, the Professional Course will focus on becoming a master in only one field. On the other hand, to pass the CCIE Level exam, a professional must be knowledgeable about many different domains, every technical component, and how they are all related. Network access, firewall authentication, cryptography, online security, email security, etc., are a few topics in the security area. At the professional level, applicants might pick one place to research further, but at the expert level, they must be knowledgeable in each of the disciplines above.

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