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NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam | Fortinet

NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam | Fortinet



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The NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam by Fortinet is a highly esteemed certification designed for professionals aiming to advance their expertise in network security. This certification is recognized globally and showcases your ability to design, configure, and troubleshoot complex networks using Fortinet’s comprehensive security solutions. Pursuing this certification can significantly elevate your career, setting you apart in the competitive field of cybersecurity.

Exam Overview

The NSE8_870 exam is a rigorous and challenging test of advanced network security skills. It demands extensive hands-on experience and a deep understanding of Fortinet’s products. The exam is structured to include practical tasks that require you to configure, manage, and troubleshoot Fortinet security solutions. Each task is designed to test your precision, expertise, and ability to transition smoothly from theory to practice.

Practical Exam Details

  • Name: FCX Practical Exam (NSE8_870 series)
  • Language: English only
  • Availability: Online proctored through ProctorU
  • Cost: USD 1600.00

Exam Structure

The NSE8_870 exam is divided into two parts, each comprising 15 tasks, making a total of 30 tasks. The exam spans a total of 9 hours, divided into two sessions. Session 1 lasts for 5 hours, and Session 2 lasts for 4 hours. It’s important to note that Part 1 and Part 2 are separate sessions, and tasks from Part 1 will not be accessible during Part 2.

Session Breakdown

Each session consists of several stages:

Session Breakdown
Session Breakdown

Other Important Details

  • Retake Policy: 15-30 days between unsuccessful attempts
  • Expiration: 3 years
  • Prerequisites: Must pass the FCX written exam (NSES_812) before attempting the practical exam

Exam Environment

The exam is conducted in a fully virtualized environment, incorporating a mix of Fortinet products and solutions. Each candidate works in their unique and independent environment (pod). All necessary materials are provided through a remote connection, including digital versions of exam tasks and diagrams, as well as access to configuration guides, handbooks, administration guides, and CLI documents. External documentation or materials are not permitted during the exam.

Key Products and Firmware Versions for NSE8_870

The NSE8_870 exam focuses on several key Fortinet products and their firmware versions. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the following products and ensure you are comfortable with the latest firmware versions and up to two major releases following the exam’s public availability date:

Key Products and Firmware Versions for NSE8_870
Key Products and Firmware Versions for NSE8_870

Additionally, the exam may include components such as Windows 2019, Lubuntu desktop, and Debian Linux server.


Effective preparation is crucial for success in the NSE8_870 exam. It is recommended to complete FCP and FCSS training courses and have comprehensive experience using Fortinet products in production environments. The FCX Immersion workshop is available for candidates who have passed the written exam, providing an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience necessary for the practical exam.

Key Topics Covered in NSE8_870 Practical Exam

The NSE8_870 practical exam covers several key areas designed to test a candidate’s ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex network security solutions using Fortinet products:

  1. Security Architecture

    • Designing and implementing complex network security solutions
    • Understanding and applying advanced security concepts
  2. Network Infrastructure

    • Configuring and optimizing network devices for security
    • Implementing advanced routing and switching protocols
  3. Threat Protection

    • Configuring and managing advanced threat protection systems
    • Implementing and fine-tuning intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
  4. Access Control

    • Designing and implementing sophisticated access control policies
    • Configuring and managing user authentication and authorization systems
  5. Secure Communications

    • Setting up and troubleshooting VPN configurations
    • Implementing secure communication protocols
  6. Logging and Monitoring

    • Configuring advanced logging and monitoring solutions
    • Analyzing and interpreting security logs and events
  7. Performance Optimization

    • Tuning Fortinet devices for optimal performance
    • Troubleshooting performance issues in complex environments
  8. Integration and Interoperability

    • Integrating Fortinet solutions with third-party systems
    • Ensuring interoperability between different security components
  9. Compliance and Policies

    • Implementing security policies to meet compliance requirements
    • Configuring systems to adhere to industry standards and regulations
  10. Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

    • Diagnosing and resolving complex network security issues
    • Using advanced troubleshooting tools and techniques

Why Choose 591Lab for NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam | Fortinet

Choosing the right preparation partner is crucial for success in the NSE8_870 exam. 591Lab stands out as a trusted resource for exam preparation. Here’s why you should choose 591Lab:

Comprehensive Study Materials

591Lab offers an extensive range of study materials tailored specifically for the NSE8_870 exam. These resources cover all the key topics and provide a thorough understanding of Fortinet products. Transitioning through our materials ensures you are well-prepared for the exam.

Expert Guidance

Our instructors are experienced professionals with deep expertise in Fortinet products and network security. They provide valuable insights and practical tips that are crucial for success. Transitioning from learning to applying knowledge is seamless with their guidance.

Practice Exams

591Lab offers practice exams that simulate the actual test environment. These practice tests help you assess your readiness and identify areas that need improvement. Transitioning through these exams boosts your confidence and enhances your exam-taking skills.

Flexible Study Options

We understand that every candidate has unique needs. That’s why 591Lab offers flexible study options, including online courses and in-person training. You can choose the format that best suits your schedule and learning preferences.

Continuous Support

Our support team is always available to assist you throughout your preparation journey. Whether you have questions about the materials or need technical support, we are here to help. Transitioning through our preparation process with our support ensures a smooth and successful experience.

Additional Resources

For the most current information about the NSE8_870 exam, visit Fortinet’s official website. Additionally, join Fortinet’s community forums to gain valuable insights and network with other professionals. Transitioning through different perspectives enhances your knowledge and preparation.


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Final Thoughts

Achieving the NSE8_870 certification is a significant milestone that requires dedication and thorough preparation. Transitioning through each phase of preparation with the right resources is crucial. 591Lab offers the best study materials and expert guidance to ensure your success. Prepare confidently and achieve your certification goals with Fortinet’s NSE8_870 certification, opening up numerous career opportunities and enhancing your professional profile.

The NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam is a prestigious certification that validates advanced network security skills. Preparing thoroughly is essential for success, and choosing 591Lab as your preparation partner can make all the difference. Our comprehensive resources, expert guidance, and continuous support provide you with the best chance of passing the exam and achieving this highly respected certification.

Contact Us

For any queries, feel free to contact 591Lab. Our support team is ready to assist you with all your preparation needs. Follow us on social media for regular updates and tips. Transitioning through our resources will boost your confidence and help you achieve your NSE8_870 certification goals.

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General Information

  • Q: What is the NSE8_870 Network Security Expert Practical Exam?
    • A: The NSE8_870 exam is a challenging, hands-on assessment from Fortinet. It tests your ability to design, configure, and troubleshoot complex networks using Fortinet security products.
  • Q: Why should I take the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: Passing the NSE8_870 exam earns you the prestigious Network Security Expert certification. This certification is globally recognized and demonstrates your advanced skills in Fortinet security solutions, boosting your career prospects.
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: You must pass the Fortinet NSE 7 - Network Security Architect (NS7_812) written exam before you can attempt the NSE8_870 practical exam.

Exam Details

  • Q: What is the format of the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: It's a practical exam with 30 hands-on tasks, divided into two 4.5-hour sessions. You'll work in a virtual environment with Fortinet products.
  • Q: How much does the NSE8_870 exam cost?
    • A: The exam fee is USD 1600.00.
  • Q: What is the retake policy for the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: If unsuccessful on your first attempt, you must wait 15-30 days before you can retake the exam.
  • Q: How long is the NSE8_870 certification valid?
    • A: The certification is valid for three years.


  • Q: How can I prepare for the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: Fortinet recommends completing the FCP and FCSS training courses. Hands-on experience with Fortinet products in real-world environments is essential. 591Lab offers comprehensive study materials, practice exams, and expert guidance to help you prepare effectively.
  • Q: What topics are covered in the NSE8_870 exam?
    • A: Key topics include security architecture, network infrastructure, threat protection, access control, secure communications, logging and monitoring, performance optimization, integration, compliance, troubleshooting, and diagnostics.
  • Q: What are the benefits of choosing 591Lab for NSE8_870 exam preparation?
    • A: 591Lab provides comprehensive study materials, expert guidance from experienced professionals, practice exams simulating the real test environment, flexible study options (online or in-person), and continuous support throughout your preparation journey.

Exam Environment

  • Q: What is the exam environment like?
    • A: You'll have a dedicated virtual environment (pod) with access to all necessary Fortinet products and documentation. External resources are not allowed.
  • Q: Which Fortinet products and versions are covered?
    • A: The exam includes FortiGate, FortiAnalyzer, FortiAuthenticator, FortiManager, FortiSandbox, and more. Refer to the product description for specific versions.

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