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CCIE Security Certification v6.0 is a practical symbol of core knowledge and practical skills to deal with the most complex situations in terms of the overall IT security of the network life cycle (designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing). The TheCCIE Security Certification v6.0 training in the Octa Network revolves around the acquisition of broad skills in accordance with the course content defined by the CISCO CCIE Security Certificate Blueprint and focuses deeply on complex technologies. In other words, CCIE security is evidence of the knowledge and skills an individual has acquired to assist architects, engineers, implementers, problem solvers, and complex security solutions and technologies.

CCIE Security Certification v6.0 Lab Exam

  • Real Lab Time Duration: Eight-hour.
  • Hands-on exam.
  • Requirements for CCIE Security Certification: To plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize network security solutions to protect your network.
  • Candidates are expected to program and automate the network within their exam, as per exam topics.
  • The exam is closed book and no outside reference materials are allowed.


  • All certifications will remain active for three years from the date of completion of the certification.
  • Each time recertification requirements are met the certification active status will be extended for an additional three years.
  • Expert-level certifications are now valid for three years. The suspended status no longer exists.

What do we offer?

Material Type: Full Bundle

Service Cycle: 3 Months (90 Days)
Rack Hours: 152 Hours
Materials: Workbook, Tutorial Videos, Related instructions.
Material Cover Real Exam: 100%
Material List:

  • CFG-Part 1
  • CFG-Part 2
  • Design-32Q


  1. Sec Lab Workbook.
  2. Sec. Lab Remote Rack Access (152 hrs).
  3. Grade your work in a timely manner and provide a comprehensive review of your performance
  4. Supplement your curriculum with lessons targeted at improving your weaknesses
  5. Answer your questions and provide guidance via SKYPE lab takers group or Private messaging
  6. Provide you with practical tips and techniques that have been put to the test
  7. Notify you of any updates or changes to the upcoming lab exam and make certain that you have the materials necessary to fully prepare for those changes

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For CCIE Security V6.0 Lab Terms and Conditions

This is a limited time support and update subscription period. Please ensure you have a "Confirmed" lab date booking in 2 months after payment and Our Service period is 3 months (90 days) from date-of-purchase of this services.
Please note down these important points and you must AGREE/ACCEPT them:
1) You may not terminate/cancel these services after receiving access credential details on your PayPal email account ID. We do not have a return policy and offer no refunds. Products or services cannot be changed to another Products or services after you purchase.
2) CCIE Security V6.0 Lab Exam Service includes Workbook Service & 152 Hours Rack Access Service & Associated Support Service; Our Service Period is 90 Days.
3) Availability is 16 hours per day Beijing time (GMT+8, 8:00-24:00)

You can contact us via our Live support on our site.
Or you can Email us at
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1. Who is going to supervise during the LAB access period?

Answer: LAB will be instructed and supervised by our CCIE LAB Experts.

2. Is there any Rack included in LAB material?

Answer: We provide a Full Lab Bundle

3. Is there any recent pass in CCIE Security Lab?

Answer: Yes, in 2021. we have the first CCIE Security LAB pass in the world.

4. Is there any Physical and virtual lab device in CCIE Security LAB?

Answer: Yes, Our CCIE Security Lab has Virtual and Physical Device

5. Is it 100% reliable according to the Real LAB exam?

Answer: Yes, Our CCIE Security Lab is 100% reliable.

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