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CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Certification Exam | Cisco

CCIE Security v6.1 Lab Certification Exam | Cisco



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The CCIE Security Lab v6.1| Cisco is a prestigious certification. It is highly sought after by network security professionals. This certification validates your expertise in planning, designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing complex network security solutions. To earn this certification, you must conquer the CCIE Security Lab exam. This lab exam is renowned for its difficulty and rigor.

Overview of the CCIE Security Lab v6.1 Exam

The CCIE Security Lab exam (v6.1) is the ultimate test of your network security skills. Cisco updated this certification in February 2020 to match the rapidly evolving security landscape. This version ensures that candidates have both foundational knowledge and in-depth expertise in network security. The lab exam was released in October 2023, adding new challenges and content.

To begin, you must pass the core exam shared with the CCNP certification. After passing the core exam, you tackle the hands-on lab exam. This eight-hour exam assesses your ability to plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize network security solutions. You must demonstrate proficiency in all these areas to earn the CCIE Security certification.

Exam Essentials

Understanding the exam essentials is crucial for success. Here are the key details of the CCIE Security Lab exam:

  • Exam Number/Code: CCIE Security Lab
  • Exam Type: Hands-on exam
  • Exam Duration: 8 hours
  • Exam Fee: $1,600 USD
  • Validity Period: 3 years

These details provide a clear picture of what to expect. You need to prepare thoroughly to meet these requirements.

Benefits of CCIE Security Certification

Earning the CCIE Security certification offers numerous benefits. It significantly enhances your career prospects and earning potential. Here’s why:

  • Career Advancement: The certification opens doors to higher-level positions.
  • Higher Pay: It commands better salary prospects.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Achieving this certification brings professional fulfillment.
  • Industry Recognition: It establishes your credibility and expertise in network security.

Earning this certification demonstrates your network security expertise, making you a valuable asset in the industry.

Salary and Career Opportunities

The CCIE Security certification doesn’t just boost your knowledge; it significantly boosts your earning potential. While salaries vary based on location, experience, and skill level, ZipRecruiter reports a wide range of possibilities:

  • Low: $42,000 USD (annual)
  • 25th Percentile: $125,000 USD (annual)
  • Median: $149,250 USD (annual)
  • 75th Percentile: $173,500 USD (annual)
  • Top Earners (90th Percentile): $193,500 USD (annual)
  • High: $212,500 USD (annual)

These figures highlight the lucrative opportunities available to CCIE Security professionals. Here are just a few of the titles you can target:

  1. Network Engineer CCIE
  2. CCIE Architect
  3. CCIE Engineer
  4. CCIE Cisco
  5. CCIE Cloud Security Engineer

These roles reflect the diverse career paths available to CCIE Security certified professionals.

Conquering the CCIE Security Lab: A Step-by-Step Study Plan

The CCIE Security Lab is a notoriously difficult exam. However, with a well-structured study plan and the right resources, you can achieve success. This plan outlines a phased approach that breaks the CCIE Security exam into manageable topics.


1 – Phase: Laying the Foundation (35 Days)

Start by familiarizing yourself with the exam environment. This phase includes:

  • Agreement Signing, VPN Login, and Rack Usage: Learn how to sign in, use the VPN, and navigate the lab rack.
  • ASA Failover and Clustering: Focus on mastering different failover and clustering configurations for Cisco ASA firewalls. This includes Active/Standby, Active/Active, and clustering between ASA devices.
  • Remote Access VPNs: Dive deep into remote access VPN technologies such as AnyConnect VPN, Clientless SSL VPN, and FlexVPN. Understand how to configure these solutions on Cisco ASA devices.
  • Authentication: MAB and 802.1X: Learn about Machine Authentication By Radius (MAB) and 802.1X authentication. These are commonly used to secure network access.

This phase lays a strong foundation for your studies.

2 – Phase: Deepen Your Knowledge (35 Days)

Next, build on your foundational knowledge. This phase includes:

  • Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI): Gain expertise in Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI). This security feature helps prevent ARP spoofing attacks on your network.
  • Syslog for Security Monitoring: Explore how to configure and use Cisco routers for Syslog message collection. This is essential for security monitoring.
  • Web Security with WCCP: Learn about Web Content Caching Protocol (WCCP). It can be used to optimize web traffic flow and improve security.
  • Zone-Based Firewall Policy (ZBFW): Understand how to configure Zone-Based Firewall Policies (ZBFW) on Cisco routers. This helps control and filter traffic between different network zones.

This phase deepens your knowledge and prepares you for more advanced topics.

3 – Phase: Mastering the Blueprint (30 Days)

Use this phase to study all the remaining topics comprehensively. Focus on the official CCIE Security Design Outline Document (DOO). This document details all the technologies and configurations that may be tested in the exam.

4 – Phase: CCIE Security Design (7 Days)

Dedicate this week to honing your design skills specifically for CCIE Security scenarios. Practice creating secure network designs that meet the requirements of a given lab scenario. This phase sharpens your design abilities.

5 – Phase: Pre-Exam Guidance (3 Days)

In the days leading up to your exam, revisit any concepts that you find challenging. Sharpen your test-taking strategies. Ensure you are well-rested and prepared for the lab environment. This phase helps you consolidate your knowledge and boost your confidence.

6 – Phase: CCIE Success!

This plan is a guideline. Adjust the timeframes based on your individual needs and pace of learning. Remember, the key to success is consistent practice, a deep understanding of the technologies, and the ability to apply your knowledge to complex lab scenarios.

Additional Tips for Success

  • Hands-on Labs: Supplement your studies with hands-on labs that mimic the real exam environment.
  • Expert Guidance: Consider seeking help from CCIE Security instructors or mentors who can provide personalized feedback and guidance.
  • Stay Updated: The IT security landscape is constantly evolving. Ensure your study materials are up-to-date.

By following this study plan and leveraging the available resources, you can significantly increase your chances of conquering the CCIE Security lab exam.

Why Choose 591Lab for CCIE Security Lab v6.1 | Cisco Exam

Choosing the right preparation provider is crucial for your success. Here’s why 591Lab stands out:

Comprehensive Learning Approach

591Lab offers a holistic learning approach. We integrate theoretical knowledge with practical application. This ensures you grasp concepts thoroughly and can apply them effectively.

Expert Tutor Support

Our experienced CCIE tutors provide ongoing support. They help you navigate complex scenarios and clarify doubts. This personalized guidance enhances your learning experience.

Custom Study Resources

591Lab provides tailored materials and tools. These resources are designed to enhance your understanding and retention. They are aligned with the latest exam content.

Interactive Sessions

Our engaging and interactive study sessions keep you motivated. We use various teaching methods to ensure you stay focused and interested.

Comprehensive Review

We offer detailed feedback and review sessions, which ensure thorough preparation for the practical exam. You can identify and work on your weak areas.

Authentic Lab Scenarios

Our preparation service includes authentic lab scenarios. These mimic the real exam environment, helping you gain hands-on experience.

One-on-One Tutoring

591Lab provides one-on-one tutoring sessions. These personalized sessions address your specific needs and queries.

Up-to-Date Study Materials

We ensure that our study materials are always up-to-date. This keeps you aligned with the latest industry trends and exam requirements.


591Lab offers flexible study plans. You can adjust your study schedule based on your pace of learning and availability.

Success Stories

Many candidates have successfully passed the CCIE Security Lab exam with our help. Their success stories testify to the effectiveness of our preparation program.
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The CCIE Security Certification v6.1 Lab | Cisco is a prestigious certification that opens numerous career opportunities. By following a structured study plan and leveraging the resources provided by 591Lab, you can significantly increase your chances of success. Our comprehensive learning approach, expert tutor support, custom study resources, and authentic lab scenarios ensure thorough preparation. Choose 591Lab for your CCIE Security Certification preparation and embark on your journey to certification triumph.

You can contact us via our Live support on our site.

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What is the CCIE Security Certification v6.1 Lab?

The CCIE Security Certification v6.1 Lab is an eight-hour hands-on exam that tests a candidate's ability to plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize complex network security solutions.

What topics are covered in the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

The CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam covers various topics including VPN login and rack usage, ASA failover and clustering, remote access VPNs, authentication (MAB and 802.1X), Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI), Syslog for security monitoring, Web Security with WCCP, and Zone-Based Firewall Policy (ZBFW).

How can I prepare for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

Preparation for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam involves following a structured study plan, gaining hands-on experience with lab scenarios, studying official CCIE Security Design Outline Document (DOO) materials, and seeking expert guidance.

What are the benefits of obtaining a CCIE Security Certification?

Obtaining a CCIE Security Certification can lead to career advancement, higher salary potential, personal satisfaction, and industry recognition as an expert in network security.

How much does the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam cost?

The CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam costs $1,600 USD.

How long is the CCIE Security Certification valid?

The CCIE Security Certification is valid for three years.

What are the prerequisites for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

Candidates must first pass the CCIE Security written exam, which is part of the core certification requirements shared with the CCNP Security track, before attempting the lab exam.

How difficult is the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

The CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam is known for its difficulty and rigor. It requires extensive knowledge, hands-on skills, and practical experience in network security.

What study resources are recommended for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

Recommended study resources include official Cisco documentation, CCIE Security books, online courses, lab equipment for hands-on practice, and study guides from reputable training providers like 591Lab.

How can I register for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam?

You can register for the CCIE Security v6.1 Lab exam through the Cisco Learning Network Store. Be sure to schedule your exam in advance, as slots can fill up quickly.

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