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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam | CISCO


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The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam is essential for validating your expert-level skills. Cisco CCIE offers this exam to test your ability to handle complex enterprise networks. This certification showcases your expertise and enhances your career prospects.

Acknowledging your proficiency in network engineering with the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE EI) credential is an incredible accomplishment. Our CCIE EI Lab Preparatory Service includes the materials, tools, and assistance you require to be successful. To assist you in acing the CCIE EI Lab exam, we have provided a thorough study plan and introduced our extensive service offerings.

Exam Overview

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam is an eight-hour practical test. It measures your ability to design, deploy, and optimize enterprise networks. You will encounter real-world scenarios that require hands-on solutions. The exam tests your skills in various areas, ensuring you can handle diverse networking challenges.

Exam Sections

Network Design

In this section, you will create scalable and resilient network designs. The focus is on developing solutions that meet business requirements. You need to understand the principles of network design and apply best practices.

Network Deployment

This section involves implementing the network designs. You will configure devices and ensure they work as intended. The exam tests your knowledge of routing, switching, and other network components.

Network Optimization

Here, you will optimize network performance. You need to troubleshoot issues and improve network efficiency. The section requires a deep understanding of network protocols and performance metrics.

Network Automation

Automation is crucial in modern networks. This section tests your ability to automate tasks using tools like Python and Ansible. You will create scripts and use APIs to manage network devices.

Key Features

Real-World Scenarios

The lab exam uses real-world scenarios. These scenarios simulate actual enterprise environments. You will solve practical problems, demonstrating your expertise.

Hands-On Experience

The exam is hands-on. You will configure and troubleshoot network devices. This approach ensures you have practical skills, not just theoretical knowledge.

Comprehensive Coverage

The exam covers a wide range of topics. These include routing, switching, security, and automation. The comprehensive nature ensures you are well-prepared for any networking challenge.

Updated Content

Cisco updates the exam content regularly. This ensures it reflects the latest industry trends. You will learn the most current technologies and practices.

Benefits of Certification

Career Advancement

The CCIE EI certification opens up new career opportunities. Employers recognize it as a mark of excellence. It can lead to promotions and new job offers.

Higher Earning Potential

Certified professionals often earn higher salaries. The certification demonstrates your expertise, making you more valuable to employers.

Professional Recognition

The CCIE EI certification earns you professional recognition. You join an elite group of networking experts. This can lead to greater respect and opportunities in your field.

Exclusive Resources

Cisco provides certified professionals with exclusive resources. These include forums, training materials, and events. You gain access to valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Preparation Resources

Cisco Training Programs

Cisco offers various training programs to help you prepare. These include instructor-led courses and self-paced learning options. The programs cover all exam topics in depth.

Study Materials

Cisco provides extensive study materials. These include official cert guides, practice exams, and video tutorials. These resources help you understand the concepts and prepare effectively.

Hands-On Labs

Practical experience is crucial. Cisco offers hands-on labs where you can practice. These labs simulate the exam environment, giving you real-world experience.

Community Support

The CCIE community is a valuable resource. You can join online forums and study groups. These provide support, tips, and shared experiences.

Exam Registration


There are no formal prerequisites for the lab exam. However, Cisco recommends having substantial hands-on experience. This ensures you are well-prepared for the challenges.

Registration Process

You can register for the exam on the Cisco website. It is advisable to book your exam slot well in advance. This is due to high demand and limited availability.

Exam Costs

The lab exam fee is $1600. This investment is worthwhile considering the career benefits. Ensure you are prepared to maximize your chances of success.


Validity Period

The CCIE EI certification is valid for three years. You need to recertify to maintain your status. This ensures you stay updated with the latest technologies.

Recertification Options

You can recertify by passing a recertification exam. Alternatively, you can earn Continuing Education (CE) credits. Cisco offers various options to suit your needs.

Why Choose Our CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Preparation Service?

Our preparation service offers a holistic and practical approach to mastering the CCIE EI Lab exam. Here’s what you can expect:

CCIE EI Lab Topologies

Access realistic and up-to-date lab topologies that mirror the actual exam environment. This practice helps you become familiar with the exam setup and troubleshoot effectively.

Lab Requirements, Solutions, and Verification

Receive detailed lab requirements, step-by-step solutions, and verification procedures to ensure you understand the tasks thoroughly and can validate your configurations.

Solution Videos

Visual learners benefit from comprehensive solution videos that walk you through each lab scenario, providing valuable insights and tips on tackling complex tasks.

Lab Solution Guides

Our guides offer in-depth explanations and detailed solutions to lab scenarios, helping you review and solidify your understanding of key concepts and configurations.


Practice on our state-of-the-art lab rack, a 100% replica of the actual exam rack. This hands-on experience builds your confidence and hones your skills.

160-Hour Rack Access for 120 Days

Enjoy extensive rack access to practice and refine your skills. With 160 hours of rack time over 120 days, you can schedule your practice sessions flexibly around your commitments.

12:00 – 24:00 Online Support

Our support team is available daily from noon to midnight to assist you with any questions or issues you encounter, ensuring you have the help you need when you need it.

Standard Configuration Verification

We verify standard configurations to ensure they meet exam requirements, helping you avoid common mistakes and adhere to best practices.

3-to-1 Exclusive SVIP Service Group

Benefit from personalized attention and support with our 3-to-1 exclusive service group, ensuring you receive the guidance and feedback necessary to improve your performance.

One-on-One Tutoring Before the Exam

As your exam date approaches, our expert tutors provide one-on-one sessions to address your specific needs and concerns, crucial for fine-tuning your skills and boosting your confidence.

Study Plan for CCIE EI Lab Preparation

To maximize the effectiveness of our preparatory service, follow this structured study plan:

1-4 (Week): Foundation and Familiarization

  • Objective: Familiarize yourself with the lab environment and topologies.
  • Activities:
    • Watch solution videos to understand lab scenarios and expected solutions.
    • Review lab requirements and solution guides.
    • Begin practicing on the SVIP CCIE EI Lab Rack, focusing on basic configurations and verifications.

(Week): Intermediate Practice

  • Objective: Develop intermediate-level skills and tackle more complex scenarios.
  • Activities:
    • Continue practicing on the lab rack with intermediate topologies.
    • Participate in online support sessions to clarify doubts and troubleshoot issues.
    • Verify standard configurations to ensure accuracy and adherence to exam standards.

(Week): Advanced Practice and Simulation

  • Objective: Simulate the exam environment and tackle advanced scenarios.
  • Activities:
    • Focus on advanced lab scenarios, ensuring you complete tasks within time limits.
    • Use the 3-to-1 exclusive SVIP service group for targeted feedback and improvement.
    • Review solution videos and guides for complex scenarios and refine your approach.

(Week): Final Preparation and Revision

  • Objective: Fine-tune your skills and prepare for the exam.
  • Activities:
    • Schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions to address any lingering concerns or weaknesses.
    • Conduct full lab simulations under timed conditions to build confidence and time management skills.
    • Review all solution guides and videos to understand all potential scenarios comprehensively.


The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam is a rigorous and prestigious certification. It validates your expertise in handling complex enterprise networks. With comprehensive coverage, real-world scenarios, and hands-on experience, this exam prepares you for the challenges of modern networking. By choosing 591lab, you benefit from expert instructors, comprehensive training, hands-on practice, and a supportive community. This combination of resources and support significantly enhances your chances of success. The CCIE EI certification can advance your career, increase your earning potential, and earn professional recognition. It is a valuable investment in your professional development.

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591LAB CCIE EI v1.0 Lab Students’ Recent Achievement

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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam | Cisco

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam is a hands-on, practical exam that tests your skills and knowledge in planning, designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing complex enterprise network infrastructures.
  2. How long is the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam?
    • The lab exam lasts 8 hours and is divided into sections assessing various aspects of enterprise infrastructure.
  3. What are the prerequisites for taking the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • There are no formal prerequisites, but it is recommended that candidates have a thorough understanding of the exam topics and possess practical experience.
  4. How can I prepare for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • extensive hands-on practice, studying Cisco documentation, enrolling in training programs, and using study materials like those from 591Lab are all part of preparation.
  5. What topics are covered in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • Topics include Network Infrastructure, Software Defined Infrastructure, Transport Technologies and Solutions, Infrastructure Security and Services, and Infrastructure Automation and Programmability.
  6. Where can I take the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • The exam can be taken at designated Cisco lab exam centers around the world.
  7. What is the passing score for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • Cisco does not publish an exact passing score, as it may vary. The score report will indicate whether you have passed or failed.
  8. How often can I retake the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam if I don't pass?
    • Candidates can retake the exam every 30 days, but it's important to use this time to thoroughly review and address any weaknesses before retaking the exam.
  9. How much does the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam cost?
    • The cost of the lab exam is $1,600 USD, but this can vary by location and currency exchange rates.
  10. Are there any resources available for lab exam preparation?
    • Yes, 591Lab offers comprehensive study materials, practice labs, and expert support to help candidates prepare effectively for the exam.
  11. What is the format of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • The exam format includes a combination of tasks that require configuration, troubleshooting, and optimization of network infrastructures.
  12. Can I use online resources during the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • No, candidates are not allowed to use any external resources, including the internet, during the lab exam. All necessary documentation will be provided.
  13. What happens if I pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • Upon passing, you will earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification, validating your enterprise networking solutions expertise.
  14. How can I register for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab Exam?
    • Registration can be done through the Cisco website, where you can choose your preferred exam center and schedule your exam date.

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