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Hello Everyone; It’s 2023, and did you make any resolutions for this year? 

How about getting a Cisco certification, perhaps a CCIE?

If so, read our blog posts to see what it takes to go down that path and what you can expect.

I am Terry Zhang, a 591LAB CCIE Routing & Switching instructor. Let’s talk about some of this year’s goals, not resolutions. Goals are why I prefer to say that because the solutions are quickly or hastily made and easily discarded. Whereas when you set goals and you establish a sequence and a time frame for you to get that, you’re much more likely to achieve them, so what about upping your cisco cert game and getting up to a cisco CCIE, well if that is what you’re interested then read this blog posts carefully because as somebody who has gone down that path before.

What Is CCIE Certification

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or CCIE certification is a highly respected and sought-after technical certification in the IT industry. Learning and confirming an engineer’s proficiency in networking technology is challenging. The CCIE program is divided into two parts: a written exam that assesses theoretical knowledge of networking concepts like routing protocols, switching architectures, security, automation, and scripting; and a practical lab exam where engineers must apply their knowledge to situations that relate to the official objectives outlined in the exam blueprint.

How to get the CCIE Certification

  1. To become CCIE certified, one must first get a thorough grasp of networking technology from both a theoretical and practical standpoint. You ought to master many subjects, including automation & scripting, network security, switching architectures, etc. You may achieve this by studying independently or enrolling in classes provided by one of Cisco’s many learning partners.
  2. Doing labs on subjects relating to the stated goals in the test blueprint is another thing you should do to prepare for the CCIE lab exam. Before attempting to pass the official lab, ensure you have thoroughly studied and practised all lab situations.
  3. And last, before sitting for your test, you must register with Pearson VUE and apply. This entails submitting identity documents at least one day before your exam date and completing an online application form. After finishing everything, you may schedule a time with Pearson VUE to take your CCIE written and lab tests.

Support Group Study

A prominent and widely desired qualification in the IT sector is the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE). It may provide a wealth of chances and open a lot of doors. You may begin this challenging path more effectively by forming a support group with your classmates and CCIE students. As you go through your classes and laboratories, a support group may provide you encouragement, moral support, and aid to keep you accountable. It’s crucial to ensure everyone in the group is equally committed; this will guarantee that everyone benefits from the sessions. Each challenging activity benefits greatly from having a support system, and studying for your CCIE is no different! Have a solid support network with trustworthy individuals, establish reasonable objectives, and share knowledge. You’ll be astonished at how far this approach can take you!

Group Study

Self-Study Guide

Here is my take on how to pass the CCIE lab exam; once you’ve decided to attempt the core-concentration written exams; you may consider purchasing dumps from; they are the most reliable authentic dump vendor in the market. You should get familiar with networking concepts, including routing protocols, switching architectures, network security, data centre design, automation, and scripting, before you start self-studying for the CCIE lab test. To better understand the subjects in the lab test, you should also examine the objectives in the exam blueprint.

Working through pertinent labs for each of the objectives should come next. Before passing the official lab, practice all lab scenarios and have solid knowledge. You can do this alone, with a mentor, study group, or both. The latter can offer advice and, if necessary, respond to inquiries. I was able to do this through “591LAB rack rental services” gaining access to a physical exam lab is best virtual will also be good. You can also rent labs from 591LAB if you cannot access your company’s data centre hardware.

Self Study
Self Study

How to Take CCIE Certification Exam Preparation?

Preparing for the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification takes time and determination, but passing both the written and lab examinations is possible. The following advice can help you prepare for the CCIE test.

  • Learn about networking concepts such as routing protocols, switching topologies, network security, data center design, automation & scripting, and examine the official test objectives in the exam blueprint to know the subjects covered on the lab exam.
  • Second, it’s crucial to perform pertinent labs on each objective to learn what it takes to respond to challenging questions on the test. You can accomplish this on your own or with the help of a mentor or study group that can offer advice as required.
  • Third, to improve your practical knowledge and comprehension of various technologies, strive to obtain first-hand experience working in virtual networks.
  • Fourth, allow yourself time to study for the test’s two components. Candidates must be very committed and dedicated to passing the exam. Next, be sure to arrange your appointment with Pearson VUE and request authorization from Pearson VUE by completing an online application form one day before your test is planned. Good Luck to you!

CCIE Expert-level certifications

  1. CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Lab:  CCIE Collaboration is designed for architects and engineers specializing in voice, video, and unified communications. Candidates must pass a two-hour written exam on Cisco Enterprise Collaboration and an eight-hour lab exam. Topics include configuration, troubleshooting, and integration.
  2. CCIE Data Center v3.0 Lab: CCIE Data Center is intended for professionals designing, planning, and implementing data center infrastructure. Candidates must pass a two-hour written exam on data center infrastructure before completing a two-part, eight-hour lab exam, assessing skills in diagnosing and troubleshooting complex data centre topologies.
  3. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab: Networking concepts are covered in a written exam, after which candidates must pass an eight-hour lab configuring routing and switching equipment. It is designed for expert-level engineering professionals.
  4. CCIE Security v6.0 Lab: The CCIE Security certification prepares engineers to architect and troubleshoot Cisco security technologies. Security engineers must fully configure a network within eight hours to pass the lab exam.
  5. CCIE Service Provider v5.0 Lab: Intended for network engineers at service providers, candidates must pass an eight-hour lab configuring service provider equipment.
  6. CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0 Lab: To gauge knowledge of wireless local area networks (WLANs) and theoretical underpinnings, candidates who attain this certification must pass an eight-hour lab configuring wireless networks.

Benefits of a CCIE Certification

A certification gives engineers who wish to further their careers a professional advantage. The CCIE certificate is a respected credential in the networking sector. It allows engineers to exhibit levels of expertise in networking that the industry acknowledges, which is a professional turning point for them. Having this credential increases your earning potential and employability significantly. Several organizations search for CCIEs since they are in high demand, especially when assessing applicants for administrative roles.

Marketability is an additional advantage. For the foreseeable future, at least, you will always have a job. The need for CCIEs is constant, and they contribute to advancing Cisco partners’ partner status. Salary is important. A CCIE-qualified engineer is likely seeking at least a salary of $125k, which is undoubtedly attainable. It may be significant. Why do the majority of us work in the first place? to obtain a paycheck? A $125k income is worth noting if one can push the bar with much effort and certification. If being a dazzling star in the IT industry is one’s aim, one must begin serious CCIE test study and fulfil their ambition.


Have you ever considered why obtaining a Cisco certification is essential? What significance does a Cisco certification have for you? Thus, a Cisco certification is a respected benchmark linked to a specific skill set centred on networking. Your commitment, drive, and technical expertise in the area of network security are demonstrated by this certification. Several known IT Giants will engage you with the necessary wage packages once you have obtained the Cisco CCIE Security certification. A certificate demonstrates your technical expertise and commitment to your job by showing you care enough to invest the time and money necessary to obtain it. Always keep in mind that you are your most outstanding career manager.

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