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Jobs I Can Get After Passing CCIE Security v6 lab

ccie security v6 lab workbook certcollection

Many people wonder about the scope of a certcommunity before planning to pass an exam, test, or lab. As they want to see what opportunities they will be able to avail if they opt for a specific course, test, or certcollection. Well, we completely understand you and are aware of the situation so we present to you a full-fledged article on jobs you can get after passing the CCIE Security v6 lab.


CCIE Security v6 lab 

Networking securities or security technologies is a very interesting field to go for if you love problem-solving and are a big fan of security systems. The CCIE Security v6 lab is getting a lot more popular lately as people are getting more reach to it and better understanding. Also, with the high demand for security experts by IT organizations, you can easily find a job after CCIE collection as there is no saturation of CCIE Security v6 lab in the market.


CCIE Security lab jobs

Before choosing or planning to opt for a field, a great practice is to look for career opportunities that you can enjoy with a certain certcollection or certcommunity such as CCIE Security v6 lab, so let’s get our hands-on jobs that are waiting for you after successfully passing CCIE Security v6 lab.


CCIE Network Engineer

The first job that we have on the list is a CCIE network engineer. As starting we would like to tell you that the salary package for CCIE network engineers ranges anywhere from 3,500 dollars to 25,000 dollars according to the expertise level and designation. The job description of the CCIE network engineer after passing CCIE Security v6 lab includes:

  • Designing, deploying, optimizing, and operating security technologies and networking.
  • Solving complexities and critical situations.
  • Technical responsibilities like consultations and technical problem solving of securities.
  • Delivering services to lead clients.
  • Analyzing highly complex security designs.
  • Solving customers’ or clients’ issues or problems.
  • Working alone or leading as a team to solve a complex situation and optimizing network security.

To qualify for the job of CCIE network engineer, you must have certcollection or certcommunity for CCIE Security v6 lab, five to six years working experience, and must be able to handle the above listed and related tasks efficiently.


CCIE Architect

The next job that we got our hands on for you is the CCIE architect. CCIE architect is the top rank in the job or career pyramid of CCIE. You can have a pay range up to 1,250,000 dollars annually but do not consider it as an easy job because, with the increase in rank, your duties and responsibilities will also increase. You must be able to do the following things to be eligible for CCIE architect after achieving certcollection or certcommunity in CCIE Security v6 lab:

  • Deal with the networking securities for complexities and issues
  • Solve the complex and problematic issue
  • Lead the team and manage the security of networks
  • Examining trends and skills in corporate marketing
  • Identifying resources and requirements for an organization

If you get your CCIE certcollection or certcommunity before your other certifications expired then they will also be extended automatically with your CCIE certcommunity.


CCIE Engineer

The third job we will be discussing here is CCIE engineer. CCIE engineers are somewhat similar to CCIE network engineers that we discussed above but with the increase in demand by IT organizations, a new area, CCIE engineer was introduced to fill the void. The annual salary range for a CCIE engineer is 150,000 dollars and the responsibilities you must take over while working as a CCIE engineer includes:

  • Monitoring network for security, integrity, and performance
  • Installation of routers, servers, software, and other networking configurations

The benefit you get with the CCIE engineer apart from the CCIE network engineer is that you can work on-board or you can also work remotely in case of any problem as long as you are able to communicate properly with your team.


CCIE network administrator

The next job you can opt for after getting your CCIE certcollection and certcommunity is CCIE network administrator who earns around 145,000 dollars annually. The job description and responsibilities of a CCIE network administrator includes as follow:

  • Designing and deploying networks such as LAN, WAN, and WLAN.
  • Mentoring and keeping a check on the team for better productivity
  • Communication with end-users if required in any case.
  • Suggesting improvements to enhance the performance of a network.


CCIE Cloud

The last but not the least of all jobs we have in this article for CCIE Security v6 lab is CCIE cloud. As a CCIE cloud or CCIE cisco, you can join top brands, companies, and organizations to help them with their security system, technologies, and networking by earning a figure of almost 150,000 dollars around the year.

CCIE cloud allows you to opt for multiple types of jobs related to security and networking such as senior networking engineer, security engineer, support services, technician, and many more. The job description that you might be asked to fulfill as CCIE cloud or CCIE cisco is listed below:

  • Solving complex network problems and troubleshooting.
  • Designing, planning, implementation of new network securities.
  • Dealing with unethical behavior of hackers and frauds.
  • Managing with the teams



As we took a deep look into the matter and considered options that you can go for after getting certcollection or certcommunity for CCIE Security v6 lab, we hope you must have understood all the crucial details and learned the scope of CCIE Security v6 lab efficiently. All you have to do now is to make up your mind and struggle to achieve your goals because passing the CCIE Security v6 lab exam will prove to be very beneficial for you and take you to the height of the skies. If you are worried about your preparation for CCIE Security v6 lab then you can surely visit and for efficient assistance.

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