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Job Opportunities After Passing CCIE EI v1.0 Lab

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Following CCIE course training and certification, you will be qualified for many exciting work opportunities. At the same time, job tasks may differ depending on job roles for each track.

The following CCIE certification, along with their job duties, is shown below to assist you in determining which CCIE track and job roles are best for building your career.

CCIE v1.0 Lab Job Opportunities

  • Senior Network Support Technician
  • Sand Security Engineer
  • Principal Network Architect
  • Network Administrator
  • Senior Network Engineers
  • Conclusion

Senior Network Support Technician

The primary task of senior network support professionals would be to design, build, and manage effective and secure networks. The CCIE-certified credential’s day-to-day responsibility is believed to be coaching a team of engineers to diagnose and improve networks on the user’s end.

The Senior Network Support Analyst defines best practices for advanced routing, corporate switching, and wireless networks across the county. The role is configuring, installing, and supporting enterprise-class networking hardware/software and other networking resources, debugging performance and security issues and using the most up-to-date networking diagnostic tools.

Sand Security Engineer

The function of Senior Network Security Engineer would be assigned to CCIE-qualified employees in the Security track. You are responsible as a security engineer for operating a company’s security systems. Security Engineers would be able to implement, choose, support, and debug Cisco firewalls, VPNs, and IDS/IPS systems to provide an effective networking environment. 

They would also be designing, supervising, and testing security measures. The Certcommunity accepts any Sand Security Engineer with a CCIE EI v1.0 certificate. As a result, you may take any Cisco CCIE EI v1.0 Lab to hone your abilities as a Sand Security Engineer.

Principal Network Architect

A Principal Network Architect’s objective would be to build networks that meet your customers’ needs. And responsible for the design and implementation of functioning network infrastructure. They would be dealing with issues that other network support engineers might escalate. Also, be responsible for coaching team members and addressing user needs—network architects design LANs, WANs, and intranets. Computer network architects plan and construct data communication networks such as local area networks, WLANs, and Intranets.

Network Administrator

A Network Administrator’s job description would be to build and install working networks such as LAN, WAN, and WLAN. They would automate the tasks and monitor their efficacy—Mentoring team members on concerns concerning technical proximity. The Network Administrator is responsible for maintaining complete technical documentation. They may advise enhancements to capacity and scalability.

Senior Network Engineers

Senior Network Engineers are related to wireless Engineers and Senior Network Technicians. They would be setting and installing servers, software, routers, and other network equipment remotely or at the user end in collaboration with Network Engineers. 

The Senior Network Engineer’s significant job role would be to monitor the network’s performance and integrity. CCIE EI v1.0 is an expert-level certification that allows you to earn a Senior level job on your first try. You can obtain additional expertise by taking a Cisco CCIE EI v1.0 Lab.


There are no prerequisites for taking the CCIE certification test. However, to obtain the CCIE EI v1.0 certification, one must have valid CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE expertise. Getting CCIE EI v1.0 Certification again is not easy and involves much study. Some excellent and dependable study dumps, such as the CCIE Exam Dumps, Cisco CCIE Lab, practice exams, and so on, may also be helpful. Professionals create CCIE Exam Dumps on the majority of platforms. Therefore they can be relied on. However, because it is an approved Cisco CCIE Lab, it can be pretty valuable.

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