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Introduction to Aruba Networks Expert Level Certifications

Aruba networks certification

In the Aruba certification structure, there are multiple subject areas that are part of Aruba network certifications namely Mobility, Design, Clearpass, and Switching. Aruba expert-level certifications do not only qualify the engineer, but that makes the engineer a leader. For the 15th consecutive year, Gartner has positioned Aruba as a leader for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure. Achieving an Aruba expert-level certification shows your in-depth understanding of who is driving the market and puts you at the cutting edge of innovation. Being one of the leading IT expert-level network certification holders in the industry, Aruba experts enjoy career growth, remarkable salary increments with job promotions.

Aruba’s innovative technologies are deployed in 80% of the Fortune 500 companies, 90% of the Fortune 100 companies, and in over 350,000 enterprises, government, and educational institutions globally. With this wide range of customers, the job market for Aruba Certified Experts is growing significantly.

Aruba’s expert-level certifications cover not only the technical implementation and advanced support aspects of its technology, but also focus on the complex design and architecture elements to ensure success. Based on industry data, IT professionals with more than one expert-level certification in a subject have a significant influence on strategic IT projects as compared to those who do not. With the valuable contribution the Aruba expert brings, he/she will improve his/her job security, receive higher pay, and become the go-to person for strategic projects that help improve his/her company’s business. Employers prefer in relying upon such professionals due to higher technical confidence and competency.

The Aruba Airheads Community is a place for Aruba certified professionals to collaborate and connect on Aruba training and certification.

Aruba Expert level certifications are available in four categories:

Before applying for Aruba certifications you need to obtain HPE Learner ID and create a user profile with Pearson VUE, which is the  Aruba exam vendor for proctored/online exams. Practical exams (HPE1 or HPE0-AxxxP) are delivered through PSI or Aruba Education Services, therefore no Pearson VUE user profile is required.

Having an Aruba expert-level certification or adding it to your repository of other certifications will give you an edge that puts you in competition with a much smaller pool of candidates for similar positions. Thus, your chances will be better for securing new opportunities, while your competition is stuck with only one of the other vendor’s certifications. Your hard work will stand out. If you achieve any three certifications of ACCX, ACSX, ACMX, ACDX then you will be recognized as Aruba Certified Edge Expert (ACEX) which is the highest level of achievement within the Aruba certification program and you will become one of the most elite network professionals in the world.


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