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Insider’s Guide to HCIE Datacom Lab: 591Lab Experience Unveiled

Insider's Guide to HCIE Datacom Lab: 591Lab Experience Unveiled

In the fast-evolving realm of information and communication technology (ICT), the term HCIE Datacom Lab, denoting “data communication,” finds its place within the Huawei certification landscape. Falling under the ICT technical architecture certification category, Huawei offers three types of accreditation: ICT technical architecture certification, platform and service certification, and industry ICT certification. A noteworthy transition occurred on April 18, 2020, when Huawei introduced the Datacom Lab certification, supplanting the Routing & Switching certification (R&S) as the benchmark for nurturing data communications expertise.

Transition Dynamics: Datacom vs. Routing & Switching Certification

Unlike direct revisions akin to Cisco’s approach, the Datacom and Routing & Switching certifications coexist harmoniously during a parallel period, expected to conclude by 2021. Post this phase, the Datacom certification will seamlessly replace the Routing & Switching certification, solidifying its status as Huawei’s gold standard for cultivating data communication talents. Although previously acquired R&S certificates remain valid, they will undergo an automatic upgrade to Datacom certificates.

Unraveling the Value of HCIE Datacom

The HCIE Datacom certification, encompassing data communication tracks, stands out as a coveted achievement in the HCIE certification domain. Positioned strategically in the architecture, optimization, and management of large and medium-sized complex networks, this certification covers a diverse skill set:

  1. Interconnecting Networks: Mastering the art of linking different networks.
  2. Router and Switch Configuration: Proficiency in configuring diverse routers and switches.
  3. Problem-Solving Prowess: Addressing complex connection issues effectively.
  4. Bandwidth Enhancement: Utilizing technical solutions to boost bandwidth.
  5. Performance Improvement: Employing strategies to reduce response time and enhance overall performance.
  6. Security Assurance: Ensuring network security.
  7. Global Application Support: Competence in supporting global applications.

The Path to HCIE-Datacom Certification

Acquiring the HCIE-Datacom certificate involves sequential success in both written and lab exams. Distinct from its Routing & Switching counterpart, the HCIE-Datacom certification introduces novel technologies and applications into its exam content. Solution planning, design, deployment, operation, maintenance, and network automation development are integral to the examination.

For reliable HCIE Datacom lab dump training, consulting with reputable providers like 591Lab is imperative. The HCIE Datacom Lab format comprises lab configuration and essay questions, with an exam duration of 480 minutes (8 hours). Achieving a passing score of 80 points out of 100 is the key to success, accompanied by an examination fee of 1200 USD.

Navigating the HCIE Datacom Lab Exam

Four Key Modules

The examination consists of four modules with flexible sequencing. It runs from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and includes identity verification and a brief lunch break facilitated by the examination proctor.

Four main modules to be tested

Lab Exam Booking Details

Candidates can visit this URL and sign in with their uniportal ID for overseas lab exam scheduling. Physical lab racks are situated in Hangzhou, China, and candidates remotely access them from their HCIE exam centers.

HCIE written exam results is 18 months. You must complete the lab preparation within this duration.

“Please note that the validity period for HCIE written exam results is 18 months. You must complete the lab preparation within this duration.”

Permanent Exam Center Locations

  • United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi
  • Serbia: Belgrade
  • Mexico: Cuautitlan
  • Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur
  • Egypt: Cairo
  • Peru: Lima
  • Lebanon: Beirut
  • Brazil: Sao Paulo
  • Singapore: Changi

The 591Lab Learning Odyssey

My workplace

Personal Journey in the Network Industry

As a seasoned professional in the network-related industry, obtaining the HCIE certificate became a pivotal pursuit for career advancement. The 591Lab training center, particularly the online lab boot camp H12-892, emerged as a recommended choice.

HCIE-Datacom Preparation Chronicles

new version of HCIE-Datacom's content

Commencing with the HCIE written exam H12-891 on December 12, the journey led to the lab exam on January 18, 2023. Intensive preparation ensued, involving engagement with the new HCIE-Datacom content and leveraging resources like Teacher Hu’s and Teacher Ma’s video tutorials.

591Lab HCIE physical lab racks

If you are unfamiliar with the Y Park scenario (case study), you may spend all night trying to understand it. If you find it challenging to work with Python, you can review the basics twice or thrice daily. Slowly but surely, you will grasp the logic of the intelligent park. With time, you can troubleshoot some issues on your own. You will finish learning Python smoothly and not encounter many challenges until the final exam.

Perks of HCIE Datacom Lab Preparation

Nana Yaw, Nigeria Lagos HCIE Datacom student of 591Lab

First of all, the dump content covered in the HCIE lab exam is highly relevant to the needs of modern networks. Preparing for this exam has given me a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

By transforming Campus X’s traditional campus network, I gained a mastery of various firewall configurations, learned to utilize VPN instances to fulfill diverse traffic forwarding needs flexibly, and became proficient in authenticating wired and wireless users.

Campus Y was my first contact with Huawei’s intelligent campus solutions, and it also allowed me to feel the convenience and speed of using Huawei’s SDN controllers for VXLAN, SD-WAN, access, and service-on-the-go configuration, which provided traditional network workers with a new way of thinking about service configuration.

iMaster NCE Campus-SDN Controller

The WAN section examines the configuration of services such as IS-IS, BGP, MPLS VPN, and the application of advanced features while adding technologies such as FRR, BFD, and QOS to realize fast end-to-end switching of services and quality of service assurance.

Automated operation and maintenance capabilities have expanded the development path for network engineers using Python to collect device status and download configurations regularly.

Through a lot of practice and stage-by-stage review and summarization, we finally finished the preparation task before the exam. We completed the lab exam on 18th January in the AbuDhabi_Huawei HCIE Exam Center.

591Lab teachers have thoroughly prepared the international students for each section of the exam during the boot camp process, making it feel like a battle we are well-equipped to fight. After two real mock exam, teacher Hu promptly organized a group discussion where students could share their practice experiences, and he explained any previous exam questions that needed clarification.

591lab Huawei teachers had prepared me well when I took the lab examination. I could easily recall all the content that I had practiced before and completed all the lab question requirements in an organized manner. I also took screenshots of the lab results as required and managed my time effectively, submitting my examination at the very last moment.

Key Insights from the Exam Center:

HCIE Datacom Lab Dump Topology:
The exam system operates through a web interface, displaying the lab topology directly in the browser. The specific interfaces closely resemble those provided by 591Lab on their ENSP and lab racks.

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts:
Ctrl + W: Exercise caution when using this keyboard shortcut, as it deletes CLI commands and closes the entire exam browser window.

Command Copying Considerations:
When copying commands from the test environment CLI, note that a box will appear for you to input the commands upon pasting. This notepad-esque box automatically adds a carriage return. If command editing is necessary, complete the edits within the box to avoid accidentally overwriting other parameters when pasting.

Sleep Preparation for Optimal Performance:
If you are accustomed to staying up late, it is recommended to adjust your sleep schedule a week in advance the night before a crucial event like the HCIE lab exam to ensure a well-rested state. In my case, I only got 3 hours of sleep that night due to excitement. Consequently, I responded to questions more slowly than usual the following day, negatively impacting my overall performance.

Exam Hall Insights and Strategies

Exam Hall Insights and Strategies

Navigating Challenges

As highlighted by personal experiences in LAN-WAN interconnection configurations, remaining calm amid challenges is paramount. Troubleshooting and maintaining composure during unexpected issues is crucial for success.

Time Management Tips

Strategic time allocation becomes critical, especially during the exam. Efficiently configuring tasks, utilizing lunch breaks, and avoiding unnecessary delays contribute to a smooth examination experience.

“Don’t let minor mistakes affect your mentality and distract you from making big gains.”

Post-Exam Reflections and Future Endeavors

Verifying Fulfillment of Requirements

We emphasize a thorough review to ensure all exam requirements are met. Adhering to 591Lab’s guidelines for configuration file submission is crucial for final scoring.

Technological Advancements in Exam Systems

Huawei’s upgraded exam software system streamlines the examination process, automatically saving and uploading screen recording files. This improvement enhances efficiency and time management during the exam.

Takeaways and Best Wishes

Navigating the HCIE Datacom certification journey offers a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. The co-authored article, a collaboration between 591Lab Huawei teachers and Nana Yaw, is a testament to the dedication and success achieved in pursuing HCIE excellence. As a certified HCIE professional with a robust background in Huawei technologies, the future promises continued skill enhancement and professional growth.

A Glimpse Into a Successful Career

Professional Background

The author gained expertise in Huawei enterprise and wireless technologies with a five-year stint as a senior network engineer at Millennium Information Technologies and later as a senior consultant at Millennium IT ESP.

Skillset Showcase

The author boasts skills in developing various scripts and programs using Python. Proficient in troubleshooting different types of networking equipment, the HCIE certification has further fortified the author’s technical prowess.

Future Aspirations

Having obtained the HCIE certificate, the author now seeks a platform to enhance skills further and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of network technology.

Closing Words

In conclusion, the HCIE Datacom certification not only signifies technical proficiency but also serves as a beacon for career advancement. The journey, as shared by Nana Yaw, exemplifies dedication, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence in the dynamic field of data communication. To all aspiring HCIE candidates, may your endeavors be marked with success and continuous learning. Cheers to a future illuminated by achievements in the realm of HCIE Datacom!

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