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Huawei HCIE: How much do you know about It?

Huawei HCIE

HCIE (Huawei Certified ICT Expert) is the highest level of certification in the Huawei certification system. It is designed to create a high-standard expert certification and provide new competence standards for the ICT industry in the context of technology integration. HCIE certification is the lead ICT industry technology certification, which shall preclude the future vision of the ICT industry.

HCIE will help ICT staff be experts in designing the general enterprise network program. Meanwhile, being familiar with network knowledge, ICT staff will expertly use Huawei facilities to master the construction and maintenance of the enterprise network. Technological experts, who have gained the HCIE certification, will have systematic logical thinking. And on the basis of a deep understanding of network technology, they can go on a fast localization diagnosis, towards the malfunction, and network maintenance. What’s more, with a rich project experience and abundant skills, they are suitable for new standards and new requirements, which are produced from the integration and transformation of ICT technology towards industry talents.
HCIE technology certification will create comprehensive technology experts from the following seven aspects.
First, it is the ability of enterprise application and analysis, which mainly refers to design and maintain the network, in order to make network structure more suitable for enterprise application.

Second, it is product skill, mainly investigating the mastering of technology characteristic of product itself. During the designing network, it will contribute to the flexibility in the application of skills related to the product.

Third, it is the understanding depth of protocol, mainly referring to understand the design principles of the OSI protocol at each layer. This will contribute to considering the characteristics of the protocol itself when designing the network and implementing enterprise applications.

Fourth, it requires logical thinking ability. When ICT practitioners are designing complex networks and relocating the malfunction, they need to have rigorous logical thinking.

Fifth, it is the ability of network fault diagnosing, which mainly refers to locate and eliminate malfunctions caused by protocol defects, configuration errors, network stability, and other issues.

Sixth, it is the designing ability of network architecture. According to the characteristics of enterprise applications, designing a better network will better support enterprise applications and network upgrades.

Seventh, it is the organization’s ability of ICT projects. In addition to technical requirements, project organization ability and planning ability are also within the scope of the investigation.
The Huawei certification system includes 10 HCIE certifications, namely HCIE-Big Data, HCIE-Enterprise Communication, HCIE-Cloud Computing, HCIE-Data Center, HCIE-Storage, HCIE-Routing & Switching, HCIE-Security, HCIE-Transmission, HCIE-Intelligent Computing, HCIE-Cloud Service Solutions Architect.
HCIE has its own logo. HCIE’s exclusive logo uses two ingenious light rays to form the double ring of the seal. It is concise and clear, extremely featuring its industry, which symbolizes the spirit of endless struggle.

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