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Huawei HCIE-DCN Certification – Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

Huawei HCIE-DCN Certification - Your Ultimate Guide

The Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert-Data Center Network (HCIE-DCN) certification is an important credential for those who want to be experts in managing and optimizing complex data center infrastructures. This advanced certification proves your expertise in data center technologies and helps you develop the skills necessary to design, implement, and maintain highly efficient and reliable networks.

Whether you are an IT professional who wants to advance your career or an organization that wants to improve your team’s skills, the HCIE-DCN certification offers many benefits. This guide covers the details of this well-known certification and how it can completely change your professional journey in data center networking.

Levels of Huawei Certification

Levels of Huawei career Certifications

Huawei certification now covers 22 technology tracks, and exams are conducted in both English and Chinese. The more common ones are Data Communication(Datacom), Big Data, Data centers, Storage, Security, Transmission, Artificial Intelligence, Unified Communication, Data Center Infrastructure, Intelligent Computing, etc. Currently, the most popular direction at Huawei is the Data Communication (Datacom) direction. Datacom, short for Data Communication, belongs to the category of ICT skills architecture and usage.

In the past decade, Huawei has been a leader in data communication networks. According to IDC statistics, Huawei ranked among the top two globally for routers, switches, and SDN controllers. Network communication and network security have become important directions for national development, especially now. In this big environment, holding a relevant systematic certificate will undoubtedly benefit. Whether you are engaged in artificial intelligence or big data-related jobs, you must have a corresponding understanding of network communication.

Huawei Career Certifications

The Datacom direction of Huawei certification is very popular. The large number of people applying for it now verifies its value. Whether you are a practitioner in the data communication field, a student, or another working professional, if you aspire to develop in data communication, obtaining Huawei HCIA-Datacom, HCIP-Datacom, and HCIE-Datacom certification will help you advance to positions such as data communication network engineer, senior engineer, and expert, leading the development of the data communication industry. After HCIE-datacom, the second most popular exam track is the HCIE-Data Center Network track. Let’s dive into this track and see the details!


Huawei HCIE Data Center Network

HCIE-Data Center Network V1.0 is positioned to cultivate and certify experts in data center networks with professional knowledge and skill levels in scenario-based solutions. With a strong emphasis on practical skills and real-world scenarios, the HCIE-DCN certification equips candidates with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of data center networking.

By obtaining the HCIE-Data Center Network V1.0 certification, you will demonstrate a systematic understanding and mastery of the basic knowledge of data center networks, advanced technologies and applications of data center networks, Huawei CloudFabric solutions, data center network planning and design, data center network operations, and other knowledge and skills.

You can work in positions such as data center network scenario experts (including customer managers, project managers, pre-sales experts, post-sales experts, network architects, etc.). The knowledge of data center networks accounts for 80% of the certification content. However, the content of cloud and virtualization accounts for only 20%.

structure of HCIE-DCN Certification program

HCIE-DCN content includes:

  • Data center network fundamentals
  • Advanced technologies and applications in data center networks
  • Huawei CloudFabric solution
  • Cloud-network integration
  • Data center network planning and design,
  • Data center network operation
  • Maintenance

Knowledge about traditional networks such as IGP, BGP, and MPLS is far from enough now, especially with the widespread adoption of new technologies like SDN and SD-WAN. Technologies like large layer 2, cloud, and automation are very mature in data centers. If you still only know traditional network technologies and face problems and faults in these areas, you definitely won’t be able to cope. Without learning, you will be eliminated.

How can you achieve an HCIE-DCN certification?

To achieve HCIE-DCN certification, you must pass two stages:

  • Written exams
  • Lab practicals

HCIE-DCN Written H12-921

Percentage of Lab knowledge module

HCIE-DCN Written H12-921 exam mainly covers some Huawei Cloud Data Centers knowledge and theories. It’s roughly divided into four parts.

The first part is cloud data center solutions, where you need to understand the requirements of cloud data centers, how to analyze them, the key features of FusionCloud, and the construction approach of FusionCloud. You must also understand the active-active cloud data center solution, including its background, key technologies, fault scenarios, etc.

The second and third chapters are the core content. You must understand cloud data center SDN solutions, SDN technology development, and DCN-SDN solutions. You also have to understand SDN overlay network planning and design, VXLAN overlay network overview, underlay network, network overlay centralized network, network overlay distributed network, and hybrid overlay network design. This is the most basic theory. Just like VLAN in Datacom exams, it’s a must to master! There’s also some planning for the interconnection of cloud data centers, such as multi-POD/DC scenarios, vDC primary/backup disaster scenario design, etc.

The fourth part is planning cloud data centers for disaster recovery and backup.

The written exam can be taken globally at Pearson VUE test centers (center-based, no ONLINE options as of April 2024), and results come out immediately. The written exam score is 1000 points, and the passing score is 600. Once you pass the written exam, it is a prerequisite for taking on the lab practicals.

HCIE-DCN Lab H12-922

Percentage of Written Exam knowledge module

As for the HCIE-DCN Lab H12-922, you just need to focus on the most basic content, such as stacking, M-LAG, Eth-Trunk, ACL, security policies, NAT, OSPF, BGP, Vxlan, BGP EVPN, LLDP, SNMP, etc., some of which are essential content in RS and must be mastered. If you have a poor foundation, it’s recommended to watch RS instructional videos first, solidify the basics, and then study data centers. You must also know FusionStorage Block configuration, FusionSphere OpenStack configuration, etc.

Huawei HCIE-DSN Lab Exam Topology 1

There’s too much content in data centers, and it’s also quite esoteric and difficult to understand because some of it is commonly used in work. Without hands-on experimentation, relying solely on imagination won’t suffice. So, it’s recommended that everyone preparing for data centers have a solid foundation. Don’t exclude anything beyond the syllabus. This is also why Huawei’s certification holds such value.

Here is a detailed view of the exam topics

Huawei HCIE-DSN Lab Exam Topology 2

The lab exam, which can be taken worldwide at Huawei’s fixed exam centers, tests candidates’ ability to handle physical equipment and solve real-world problems they may encounter in their professional roles.

The total lab exam score is 100 points, and 80 points or above is considered a passing score. Congratulations on scoring above the cutoff; you will be a highly regarded HCIE.

HCIE-DCN Exam Expenses

As for the exam, the written exam H12-921 costs 300 USD, and the lab practical exam costs 1200 USD. However, if you fail the lab once, you must pay 800 USD to continue the exam until you pass. The money involved is substantial, so we hope you will pass in one go with the help of 591Lab HCIE-DCN written and lab dump solutions.

Is the HCIE-DCN Exam Difficult to Achieve?

If you are gearing up for Huawei’s HCIE exam, rest assured that 591Lab is an exceptional resource to guide you through your preparation journey. However, steer clear of free lab dump solutions found online. It’s crucial to have access to physical rack machines for practice or proper lab training under the guidance of experienced trainers. Relying on self-study, guesswork, and multiple attempts at the exam can be a significant drain on your time and finances. That’s why choosing the 591Lab route and aiming to pass the exam on your first try is your best bet.

It’s important to note that passing HCIE-DCN may not be enough to land you a good job. While having a good grasp of data center theory is valuable, real-world experience is equally crucial. Merely possessing an HCIE-DCN certificate doesn’t guarantee that you understand data center networks. There’s a significant gap between theory and practical knowledge application. Therefore, it’s recommended that only those with over five years of relevant field experience consider taking the HCIE-DCN exam. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, you’ll be better positioned to secure a high-paying job.

Both Huawei and Cisco recommend having over 5 years of relevant work experience as a prerequisite for the HCIE-DCN certification. While it’s not a strict requirement, adhering to this recommendation can boost your chances of passing the exam in the first try. With resources like 591Lab at your disposal, the exam may not seem as daunting, but your success still hinges on your own efforts. Therefore, it’s wise to plan your certification journey in sync with your work experience to ensure a successful outcome and enhance your career opportunitis.

HCIE-DCN Exam Preparation Tips

CloudEngine Series Data Center Switches

The exam is highly comprehensive, but learning anything takes time and requires a process. It is important to dedicate time and effort to fully master the concepts and skills required for successful integration. Also, staying updated on industry trends and best practices will help you adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of data center networking.

It’s impossible to rush through everything at once! Some common protocols in data centers are relatively easier to learn because once you understand one, you practically understand another. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t learn everything immediately. Take your time to understand the basics before moving on to more difficult topics. With effort and commitment, you can learn the Huawei CloudFabric solution and ace data center networking.

Some Huawei protocols are quite similar to those of Cisco. So, if you’re familiar with Cisco protocols, that’s a plus point. You may also find it easier to grasp Huawei’s protocols. Keep practicing and seeking out resources to deepen your understanding and expertise in data center networking. Good luck!

Advantages of Huawei Certification

With Huawei’s development, the use of Huawei equipment is increasing, and the demand for skilled personnel is constantly rising. All service Integrator partners must have at least two Huawei-certified engineers with independent service capabilities (different HCIE tracks). Therefore, when interviewing with Huawei gold partners, having Huawei certification can give you an advantage. It allows you to find more career opportunities than your peers.

According to surveys, the talent gap in the ICT field reached almost 12.46 million. The market is experiencing a significant demand for ICT professionals, which makes the salaries of network engineers entering the industry far higher than the social average. In Africa and the Middle East markets, the salaries of individuals holding Huawei certification range from 2000-5000 USD (for freshers to experienced network engineers), indicating a promising future.

Wrapping Up for Huawei HCIE-DCN certification

The Huawei HCIE-DCN certification is a pathway to learn the complexities of modern data center networks. By achieving this certification, you can show your skills in handling advanced network scenarios. Getting the HCIE-DCN certification gives companies and people a big advantage in a field that needs careful work and expertise.

If you are just starting out in network engineering or want to boost your skills, the HCIE-DCN is a top choice for mastering data center networks. Take this chance to improve your skills and explore new career opportunities with Huawei’s respected certification.

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