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HCIE Datacom Lab Exam prep: A 591Lab Student’s Success Story

HCIE Datacom Lab Exam prep: A 591Lab Student's Success Story

In the enterprise networking world, earning the Huawei HCIE-Datacom Lab Exam certification from Huawei is a significant achievement. Importantly, this certification recognizes a network engineer’s technical skills and aligns them with future industry trends. Its popularity has grown worldwide, especially in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, where aspirants are willing to use the HCIE Datacom v1.0 (Huawei H12-892) exam for career advancements.

But, what exactly is the HCIE-Datacom certification, and why is it gaining widespread recognition? Let’s dive into the details to understand its significance in networking.

HCIE stands for Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert, and Datacom refers to data communication. A certified HCIE-Datacom professional can design, build, troubleshoot, and optimize complex enterprise networks using advanced technologies like MPLS, IPv6, QoS, SDN, etc.

To earn this Huawei H12-892 certification, you need to pass a challenging exam. It tests theoretical knowledge and practical skills through hands-on lab exercises. This ensures that you, as an HCIE-Datacom professional, have the technical expertise and real-world experience to handle complex networking projects.

Having an HCIE-Datacom certification shows skills and knowledge and opens up career opportunities. This Huawei certification gives you a competitive advantage over others in your field. Also, it allows you to collaborate with industry experts, work on challenging projects, and stay updated with the latest trends and technologies.

Overview of Huawei Datacom Certification

Huawei launched the Datacom certification in 2020 to replace and improve the earlier HCIE-Routing and Switching (HCIE-RS) certification. This upgrade combines traditional routing and switching technologies with Huawei’s new data communication network solutions. It prepares candidates for the demands of the intelligent cloud network era. The certification shows the skills and knowledge required to plan, design, deploy, and maintain data communication networks using Huawei routers, switches, and other equipment.

Huawei offer the Datacom certification at three levels:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert

Each level of the program builds on the previous one. It starts with the basics of routing and switching and moves to advanced skills in designing complex data networks. This step-by-step approach helps you slowly develop your skills and get hands-on experience with Huawei’s products.

At the associate level, you will learn fundamental concepts such as network protocols, IP addressing, and Ethernet technology. You will also learn a basic understanding of Huawei’s router and switch series. With this knowledge, you can configure simple networks and troubleshoot common issues. This level is a strong foundation for networking and IT careers.

Moving up to the professional level, you will get into topics such as advanced routing protocols, network security, and virtualization. After that, you will completely understand Huawei’s router and switch series. They include their key features and functions. This level is ideal for professionals looking to improve their skills and take on more complex networking projects.

Why 591Lab is a Preferred Choice for Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exams

HCIE-Datacom certification from Huawei represents a significant professional milestone.

When it comes to preparing for the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab exams, 591Lab stands out as a top choice for many candidates. Here’s why:

  • Comprehensive Training Material: 591Lab offers detailed and up-to-date training materials made only for the HCIE Datacom Lab exam. This material includes many topics important for the exam. It’s also regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in data communication.
  • Experienced Instructors: The instructors at 591Lab are industry experts with real-world experience. 591Lab instructors have a deep understanding of Huawei technologies and can explain complicated ideas in a simple way. It ensures candidates are well-prepared for the exam.
  • Hands-On Lab Experience: 591Lab provides a hands-on lab environment essential for the H12-892 HCIE Datacom Lab exam. This hands-on practice helps candidates use their knowledge practically, which improves their skills and understanding.
  • Personalized Learning Approach: Everyone learns differently, so 591Lab offers special coaching just for you. This means 591Lab experts focus on your struggles and strengthen your strengths so you’re ready to pass your exam!
  • High Success Rate: The success rate of candidates who prepare with 591Lab is notably high. This track record shows that their training methods work well and their study materials are of high quality.
  • Flexible Learning Options: 591Lab provides different learning methods, like online courses. This is great for students from other countries or those who can’t attend in-person classes. This flexibility ensures that more candidates have access to quality preparation, no matter where they are.
  • Supportive Community: 591Lab has fostered a supportive community of past and present candidates. This network is an additional resource for learning, sharing experiences, and offering mutual support during preparation.

Benefits of studying the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Practicals

While studying for the Huawei HCIE Datacom lab practical, I found the Datacom latest lab dump topology design fascinating. The entire lab was an almost replica of an actual project, similar to a project delivery site. The exam was a significant step up from the HCIE-RS (Routing & Switching) exam, and I felt nervous and excited to take it.

In the exam, it was essential to understand the correlation between each question, the business situation, and the traffic direction of the network. Knowing the traffic flow of each service in the network is analogous to understanding the final needs of customers when an engineer is working on a project. As network engineers, we can configure the appropriate commands only by understanding the customer’s final needs.

To score well in the exam, one must know each business’s traffic direction, which helps determine the commands that must be deployed in the network to achieve the desired effect. The HCIE-Datacom experiment is an excellent test of datacom engineers’ project delivery capabilities in modern enterprise network scenarios. Preparing for the Datacom exam helped me improve my technical mastery significantly.

HCIE-Datacom experiment is an excellent test of datacom engineers' project
591LAB provided accurate lab requirements and scenario solutions.

During my remote preparation, 591LAB provided accurate lab requirements and scenario solutions identical to those I faced in the exam. This significantly impacted my passing the Datacom lab practical on the first attempt.

The Malaysian Experience with Datacom Certification

The experience of a Malaysian student with Datacom Certification revealed

In Malaysia, the Datacom certification quickly gained traction. NI Penang IT System Integration Sdn. Bhd, an authorized Huawei distributor in Malaysia, responded rapidly by establishing SD-WAN and Cloud Campus racks. This setup provided a tangible learning environment for engineers to acquire hands-on experience crucial for mastering Huawei’s new enterprise architecture. Malaysian students taking the Datacom exam can now access these racks, which are fully equipped with Huawei’s latest products and technologies.

Here are Five Points on Malaysian Student Experience with Datacom Certification

  1. Rapid Adoption of Datacom Certification in Malaysia: Discusses how the Datacom certification became popular in Malaysia and its significance in the Malaysian IT industry.
  2. Role of NI Penang IT System Integration Sdn. Bhd: Focuses on the involvement of NI Penang IT System Integration Sdn. Bhd as an authorized Huawei distributor and their response to the growing demand for Datacom certification.
  3. Establishment of SD-WAN and Cloud Campus Racks: This section describes the specific infrastructure NI Penang IT System Integration Sdn set up. Bhd emphasized the SD-WAN and Cloud Campus racks and their importance.
  4. Creating a Practical Learning Environment: Explains how the setup by NI Penang IT System Integration Sdn. Bhd provided a hands-on learning experience essential for mastering the skills needed for Huawei’s enterprise architecture.
  5. Mastering Huawei’s New Enterprise Architecture in Malaysia: Focuses on the impact of these efforts on engineers’ ability to understand and implement Huawei’s new enterprise architecture, highlighting the skills and knowledge gained through this practical experience.

Demystifying the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exam

For aspirants targeting success in their first Huawei HCIE Datacom exam attempt, practical experience with actual rack devices is indispensable. According to common belief, only eNSP or eNSP Pro versions are sufficient. But the reality brings out the importance of physical racks. We cover the experiences and strategies vital for exam preparation.

First and foremost, it is essential to understand the structure of the H12-892 HCIE Datacom exam. The exam consists of three sections:

  • Written
  • Lab troubleshooting
  • Lab configuration

Each section has its own challenges and requires different levels of expertise. While the written portion tests your theoretical knowledge, the lab sections assess your practical skills.

That’s where physical racks come in. By using real devices instead of just virtual ones, you can gain hands-on experience with actual network equipment. This will improve your understanding of concepts and give you a better grasp of troubleshooting and configuration techniques.

Moreover, working on physical racks allows you to simulate real-world scenarios that may not be possible with virtual labs. This will help you improve your thinking skills and prepare you for the challenges of a real-world network environment.

Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exam: A Practical Approach

My journey with the HCIE-Datacom lab practical revealed the exam’s complexity, mirroring real-world project scenarios. Understanding the network’s service traffic flow is analogous to grasping customer needs in a project setting. This insight is crucial for configuring network commands effectively.

As I got into the lab tasks, I quickly realized that they required technical knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. The scenarios presented in the lab were multi-faceted and required a thorough understanding of network principles, protocols, and configurations.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was managing time effectively. With limited time for each task, I had to prioritize my actions and make quick decisions while ensuring accuracy. This experience taught me how crucial time management is in real-world projects with non-negotiable deadlines.

Another essential aspect of the HCIE-Datacom lab practical was troubleshooting. During the exam, I encountered issues that needed to be resolved promptly to ensure the network’s smooth functioning. It reminded me of real-world scenarios where network professionals must have excellent problem-solving skills to handle unexpected challenges.

Apart from technical knowledge, the lab also tested my critical thinking abilities. I had to analyze complex network issues and develop creative solutions while considering all possible factors. This helped me develop a thorough approach to problem-solving, which is crucial in any IT job role.

Moreover, the HCIE-Datacom lab also emphasized the importance of teamwork and communication. Effective communication was vital for successful collaboration as we worked on group tasks. It taught me how to communicate effectively with teammates and assign work based on individual skills.

The Role of 591LAB in My Exam Preparation

591LAB’s precise lab requirements and scenario solutions were pivotal in my successful first attempt at the Huawei HCIE-Datacom lab practical. Their resources mirrored the exam scenarios accurately, enhancing my readiness.

As I was preparing for my Datacom lab practical, I stumbled upon 591LAB’s website and decided to give it a try. And let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I made during my preparation.

One of the things that stood out to me about 591LAB was their precise lab requirements. They provided detailed information on what equipment and software would be needed for the exam, saving me a lot of time and hassle trying to figure it out independently. This allowed me to focus solely on studying instead of meeting the correct lab specifications.

But what truly impressed me were their scenario solutions. The resources available on 591LAB mirrored the exam scenarios accurately, giving me a realistic feel of what to expect on the actual exam. This helped me gain confidence and feel more prepared for any curveballs coming my way during the test.

Additionally, the practice exams were highly beneficial in helping me gauge my progress and identify areas where I needed to work. The explanations provided with each question gave me a better understanding of why specific answers were correct. This improved my knowledge and boosted my confidence for the actual exam.

Another aspect that I appreciated about 591LAB was its community forum. The members were always willing to share tips, tricks, and study materials that they found helpful. It was like having a study group at your fingertips! The moderators were also very responsive and provided support whenever needed.

Critical Practical Scenarios in the H12-892 HCIE Datacom Lab Exam

The lab practical is mainly carried out for the following scenarios:

1. Non-virtualized campus network wired and wireless integrated deployment.

The main test points focus on the fundamental technologies of traditional campus networks, adding wired and wireless security access, firewall multi-tenant isolation, access control, and other standard technologies in enterprise campus networks. If you can master this module proficiently, you can complete the project delivery quickly and independently.

In today’s digital age, having a secure and efficient campus network is essential for any enterprise. With the increasing demand for connectivity and data exchange, traditional campus networks are evolving to meet these needs. This is where understanding the fundamental technologies becomes crucial.

One of the critical areas of focus in this module is wired and wireless security access. In an ever-connected world, it is essential to have strong security measures in place to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. This includes implementing firewalls, encryption protocols, and other security measures to ensure the safety of information transmitted over wired and wireless connections.

2. Wired and wireless integrated deployment in virtualized campus network scenarios.

The NCE-Campus controller enables zero-configuration project delivery of virtualized campus networks and implements wired and wireless converged deployment, access control, and business mobility. This module requires almost no command line configuration and ultimately realizes the closed-loop project delivery through the NCE-Campus controller. (Must use 591Lab remote physical rack access to practice)

The NCE-Campus controller enables zero-configuration project delivery of virtualized campus networks and implements wired and wireless converged deployment, access control, and business mobility.

3. Large-scale enterprise networks are inseparable from WANs.

In the H12-982 HCIE-Datacom practical exam, MPLS VPN star topology is implemented using a dual-plane architecture based on typical enterprise WAN scenarios. This design includes standard WAN features that closely meet the network requirements. Additionally, advanced features of IGP, BGP, and MPLS VPN are assessed.

4. Scenario-based questions

The written questions in the exam are centered around the technologies related to the given scenario. These questions aim to test the candidate’s comprehension of the virtualized campus network solution, enterprise intranet security technology, anti-micro loop, and FRR. Everyone must have a solid understanding of these technologies. However, I performed well in this section and didn’t lose many marks.

5. You do not need to be a Python programming Expert in Huawei H12-892 HCIE Datacom exams

Python programming questions now only require extracting device operating statuses through Python scripts, not developing applications.

Python is a versatile programming language that has recently gained immense popularity. It is known for its simple syntax, ease of use, and wide range of applications in various fields such as data science, machine learning, web development, and more.

One area where Python has been beneficial is device automation and management. With the increased use of internet-connected devices, there has been a growing need to automate their control and monitoring processes. This is where Python comes into play.

Previously, developers had to create complex applications from scratch to extract device operating statuses and perform other tasks related to device management. However, this process has become much more straightforward with technological advancements and the availability of powerful libraries and frameworks.

The Significance of Physical Rack Device Practice

Practicing in a physical rack device environment is vital for the exam. Familiarity with tools like MobaXterm and eNSP is essential for navigating the exam interface effectively. My experience with software and hardware issues during the exam highlights the importance of remaining calm and seeking prompt assistance from proctors. While preparing for the exam, I found that creating a detailed study plan and sticking to it helped me stay organized and focused. Additionally, seeking out practice exams and lab exercises from reputable sources allowed me to understand the exam format better and identify areas where I needed more practice.

One critical factor in successfully passing any certification exam is having hands-on experience with the technology being tested. This is especially true regarding network engineering exams such as Cisco’s. While studying theoretical concepts and memorizing information is essential, applying that knowledge in a real-world scenario is crucial for success.

That’s where physical rack device environments come into play. These simulated networks allow you to gain practical experience working with devices like routers, switches, and firewalls. For a deeper understanding, watch our expert’s detailed walkthrough of real physical racks in our video.

But what about those who don’t have access to these physical devices? That’s where online lab exercises come in.

That's where physical rack device environments come into play. These simulated networks allow you to gain practical experience working with devices like routers, switches, and firewalls. But what about those who don't have access to these physical devices? That's where online lab exercises come in. offers a variety of lab exercises that are designed to help you prepare for Cisco certification exams. Reputable sources create these labs and cover basic networking concepts to advanced configuration and troubleshooting techniques. By using these labs, you can gain hands-on experience with the same types of devices that you will encounter on the exam.

A Word of Caution for International Lab-Takers

Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab dumps pdf solutions available on various forums and study groups do not guarantee exam success. It’s crucial to avoid misleading advertisements and rely on credible vendors like 591Lab for thorough preparation. Our expert team of certified professionals has years of experience in the HCIE Datacom certification and can provide you with comprehensive study materials and practice tests to ace your exam.

At 591LAB, we understand the importance of reliable study material when passing the HCIE Datacom lab exam. That’s why we have carefully curated our resources to cover all the necessary topics and concepts tested in the exam. Our study guides, written by industry experts, are easy to understand and follow, making your preparation journey smooth and stress-free.

In addition to study materials, we provide practice tests that mimic the real exam environment. These tests are designed to assess your knowledge and identify weak areas requiring more attention. With our practice tests, you can get a feel of the actual exam and be well-prepared.


Inspired by a 591Lab student’s journey, this guide highlights the importance of thorough prep for the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exam, particularly the H12-892. 591Lab is known for its thorough approach to Datacom technologies. It offers the perfect mix of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice to pass exams.

This guide highlights the importance of practical experience alongside theoretical knowledge for success. Real-world tasks show the level of expertise required, such as setting up campus networks and connecting them across large areas (WAN integration). Practicing with real rack devices highlights the importance of combining theoretical and hands-on skills for exam success.

This guide isn’t just about showcasing achievements; it’s a roadmap for you to excel in your Datacom certification journey. Remember, with the right preparation and a focused mindset, even the challenging H12-892 exam is possible.


What makes 591Lab a top choice for HCIE Datacom Lab Exam prep?

591Lab is a preferred choice for Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab exam preparation due to its comprehensive approach. They provide up-to-date study materials, expert instructors, hands-on lab practice, personalized training, and a supportive community. Their thorough approach ensures that candidates are ready for success in the exam.

What is the lab exam code for HCIE Datacom?

The H12-892 exam is the test you need to take to get the HCIE-Datacom V1.0 Certification.

What is the price of Huawei datacom certification

The price for Huawei Datacom certification is $1200.

Is Huawei certification recognized?

Yes, Huawei certifications are well-known globally, especially in regions where Huawei has a strong market presence, such as Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. These certifications validate skills in various IT domains, including networking, cloud computing, and security, aligning with industry standards and demands.

What is the main focus of the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exam?

The main focus of the Huawei HCIE Datacom Lab Exam is to test a candidate’s ability to design, build, troubleshoot, and optimize complex data communication networks using Huawei’s technologies and solutions. It covers advanced networking concepts, technologies, and practices relevant to real-world enterprise and service provider environments.

What is the difference between HCIE and CCIE?

HCIE is Huawei’s expert-level certification focusing on Huawei networking technologies, while CCIE is Cisco’s equivalent for Cisco technologies. The main difference lies in the specific technologies and solutions each certification covers, reflecting the respective vendor’s products and best practices.

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