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How to study for HCIE routing & switching lab?


If you are wondering about what does HCIE routing and switching lab means or how to study for then you are at the true place to clear your thoughts. HCIE routing and switching are defined as learning and understand large networks such as technologies. It includes an understanding of complex technologies as well as designing and implementing networks for Huawei routing and switching devices.

There are different HCIE labs for people who want to peruse a career in this field. Here is a complete guide on how to study for and HCIE lab exam details for your help and understanding.

HCIE lab exams 

HCIE routing and switch comes with a written in which you have to take at least 600 marks out of 1000 to pass and get the certification which is valid for 3 years only. The pattern of the HCIE lab exam consists of a single choice, multiple-choice, and judgment question which you have to complete in 90 minutes. The exam fee for HCIE lab is around 300 USD dollars with certcommuinity.

How to study for HCIE routing and switching?

The main question of every student who is preparing to give the examination of HCIE routing and switching is how to study for it or prepare for it to score good marks and have a certcollection. The exam might not be as much easy to pass but there is definitely a way that is less stressful than the other options.

The method we are talking about is to get a full course related to HCIE routing and switching. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of certcollection and certcommuinity for a better experience of learning and understanding.

Here is how you can prepare or study for HCIE routing and switching detailed preparation guide, tips, and tricks.

  • Plan everything so you can have an outline to work on regularly. Having an outline will help you enhance your productivity and learning capabilities.
  • Prepare complex networks by breaking them into smaller and easily understandable parts for better learning. In this way, you can learn and understand large networks in-depth and comprehensively.
  • There are a lot of websites to get a full-fledged and prepared guide for HCIE routing and switching with the advantage of certcommuinity and certcollection.
  • Enhance your networking commands by designing and implementing different networks and campaigns. This will help you practice and get experience in the practical field.
  • You can also go to the documentation page of Huawei to find several documentations related to different topics of HCIE routing and switching. This will help you to get detailed and in-depth knowledge about a particular problem or issue and will help you solve it.
  • Joining a study group related to HCIE routing and switching will also prove to be greatly beneficial for you as you will be encouraged to study as well as peers in the study group can clear your thoughts, concerns, or questions you might be looking for.
  • Prepare to get a certcommunityas it will also help you stand out from the crowd.


Preparing for HCIE routing and switching might look complex at first glance but if you are determined to be successful in this regard then let us tell you that no one can halt you from achieving your dreams and goals. All you have to do is stay focus and keep our guide in mind for effective and efficient learning and understanding. You can also find practice tests and exams on 591Lab if you need some help. We wish you all the best for the HCIE lab exams.

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