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How to Study for CCIE Data Center Lab Exam?

CCIE Data Center lab

CCIE Data Center Lab Exam is a highly rewarding certification for technical experts with experience in troubleshooting, planning, implementing, and building complex IT data center infrastructure. The certification serves as an award for their expertise and makes them a trusted option to handle complex IT tasks.

The candidates have to prove their skills using the industry’s best emerging technology to get the certification. The test is highly based on checking the candidate’s expertise in handling ongoing requirements of data centers.

Why Do You Need the CCIE DC Lab Certification?

Here are some reasons why clearing a CCIE Data Center Lab Exam is the best deal to progress in your career.

  • Acquiring high-level technical knowledge and skills of the network to meet the current advancement in technology
  • CCIE DC Lab Exam help candidates in meeting this criterion and proving their skills
  • CCIE DC Lab Exam prepare candidates for leadership roles
  • The certification allows candidates to attain domain expertise
  • Helps candidates in meeting business requirements depending on agile IT infrastructure
  • Candidates can get hired on expert level roles
  • Learning the fabric of infrastructure, storage networking, automation and orchestration, Layer 2 and Layer connectivity, and programmability

Clearing the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam to allow candidates to increase their knowledge of evolving technologies and learn more about operations, deployment models, architectural framework, and implementation.

How to Prepare for CCIE DC Lab Exam?

CCIE is one of the most prestigious networking certifications for network managers, field engineers, network administrators, technical solution architects, consulting systems professionals, CISCO integrators, server administrators, and network designers.

People who clear the exam and get their certifications are known to be the best experts in their field with high-level knowledge. CCIEs are paid good dollars for the challenging work they do in the field of networking.

If you’re preparing for the CCIE exam, then here is some information that can help you lead the way. Apart from it, you can also get the study material from 591lab to prepare for the exam. They have a huge range of study material available on their website for candidates.

Written Exam: The written exam is rather simpler because of the traditional format, however, preparing for it is a huge task. The written exam is known as the theory exam for which you’ve to open the book and prepare for it. The material for the test is available online or you can purchase books for it. All you have to do is read some books to get a grip on the theoretical knowledge about networking solutions.

Practical Lab Exam: Coming to the hard part, CCIE’s lab exam is the most difficult one. Unless you’re a true expert in the field, it’s hard for you to clear the exam. The test involves practical problem-solving skills to pass the level. It’s an 8-hour test where the candidate has to configure and troubleshoot CISCO network gear on the spot. The candidate needs to secure at least 80% marks to pass the level.

Candidates can prepare themselves for the theory exam with the help of online material, books, or getting admission to a reputable institute. However, the lab exam requires hands-on experience, the ability to remain calm, and the speed to work under pressure. This test is a great way for candidates to identify their weaknesses and improve their skills to be the best in the field.

Candidates have to dedicate at least 9-15 months to CCIE DC Lab Exam. It’s important to allow a minimum of 5 hours daily to work on your weaknesses and prepare for the exam regularly. It’s also important to keep a track of your progress to see how far you’ve come and to learn about the barriers that you’re facing.

It’s highly unlikely to ace the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam on the first attempt, but it’s not impossible. Give your time to the preparation and you will get the certification in no time.

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