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How to Pass CCIE Security Lab?

CCIE Security

CCIE is an exam, which certifies individuals with expertise in complex security solutions. Passing the test is not easy as it contains different modules. This certification can prove to be an asset for people with experience in complex security solutions. Here, we will discuss how to pass CCIE Security with facing less difficulty.

Although this might seem easy, CCIE is a difficult exam. A lot of people, as per CISCO, pass the exam in their third attempt. This article will cover information that can help you clear the exam on your first attempt.

Possible Reasons Why Candidates Don’t Pass the CCIE Security Lab

As it is a tough lab exam, therefore, the candidate has to be well-prepared for the job. CISCO ensures that the candidate who clears the exam is an expert in their field and works accordingly.

Some of the possible reasons why candidates fail to clear the exam are:

  • Lack of motivation for the exam
  • Not preparing for the basics
  • No expert knowledge in complex security solutions

It’s important to thoroughly prepare for the exam before jumping on the bandwagon to cancel out the chances of giving a second attempt. Preparing for the exam can be easy if you’ve relevant knowledge and expertise in the field.

Tips to Prepare

CCIE Security Lab is a tough exam that requires months of preparation to ace it. It’s important to have your goals aligned and your mind in one place to give your entire attention to it. You can also get the study material from 591lab to prepare for the exam. They have a huge range of study material available on their website for candidates.

For those people who are not aware of it, the exam includes two modules:

First: Qualifying test

Second: Lab Exam

The first step is known to be troubleshooting, while, the second is known to be diagnostic. Here are some skills that you must have to ace this exam:

  • Ability to identify network security issues and resolving them in time
  • Expert at designing and optimizing security solutions
  • Must be able to identify the symptoms for network issues and discern them
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems in Cisco products and technology
  • Gathering information from different sources and identify the root cause of the problem
  • Expert at bridging the traffic flaws and understanding the technology architecture

If you have these skills, then preparing for the exam can become a piece of cake for you. Having these skills can ensure your success in the first attempt. You only have to make sure that you clear each module to proceed to the next one.

Additional Tips to Clear CCIE Security Lab in First Attempt

As one might imagine, the preparation for this exam only demands constant attention and dedication. You need to set goals and prepare yourself for the exam accordingly.

Here is an approach that might end you up with good results for the exam:

  • You’re required to prepare for the exam 9-15 months before the exam. It’s an extensive test with different levels, hence, 9-15 months is enough to cover the entire syllabus for the exam and develop skills that you’re lacking.
  • Don’t prepare to get standard marks rather prepare for high marks. It will give you an edge to jump out of your comfort zone and invest in the skills that can get you the certification.
  • Identify your weak areas and design a schedule with at least 4-5 hours regularly dedicated to improving your skills.
  • Utilize all the available sources to prepare for an exam or get admission to an institute to practice acquired skills in a real-time environment.
  • Use the CISCO-provided self-study material or join boot camp to learn effectively and practice your skills.
  • Evaluate your performance at the end of each month to track your progress.

These tips are acquired by the experts who have cleared the CCIE Security Lab exam with flying colors. It’s important to give importance to developing new skills to ace the test. Make sure to stay consistent and track your progress after every month.

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