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How to pass ACCX: Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Lab

Aruba ACCX Certification pass

Aruba Certified Clearpass Expert (ACCX) Certification is the highest level of Aruba certification in the ClearPass category. It validates a candidate for design, implements, and troubleshoot the Aruba Clearpass product portfolio used in large-scale customer deployments. To achieve ACCX certification, you need to pass HPE6-A81 ACCX written exam first and then the HPE0-A127P ACCX Practical exam. There are no prerequisites to apply for ACCX written exam. But it is highly recommended to have a minimum of three to five years’ experience in designing and integrating complex enterprise-level mobile-first networks. Also, familiarity with integrating ClearPass Policy manager, Guest, Onboarding, Onguard, Profiling, and Posture in multi-server ClearPass deployments is highly helpful.

Before attempting either the ACCX written exam or practical exam, you should be thorough in the following areas:
  • You should know the steps in adding the access switch, Access Point, or Wireless LAN Controller is a Network Access Device (NAD) in the Clearpass Policy Manager and associated parameters. Be familiar with the errors that occur due to the misconfiguration of NADs.
  • Have a clear understanding of the interaction between Clearpass services, policies, roles, role-mapping, and enforcement profiles. You should know in and out of the above and how to configure them.
  • Study all the steps involved in Active Directory integration with Clearpass and identify the probable mistakes that can happen and how to identify them using the Access Tracker.
  • You should be a master in using Access Tracker which is an essential tool in troubleshooting, especially diagnosing authentication issues. Need clear perspective with the parameters shown in the requests and responses.
  • You should have hands-on experience in creating guest accounts, creating and editing web login pages and self-registration pages. Apart from that, study workflows related to guest provisioning. You may do some tests on Guest services using Aruba Controller.
  • Another important aspect of this exam is Clearpass Onguard which is related to posture checks on clients. You have to understand the dissolvable agent as well as persistent agent and associated limitations and benefits.
  • Understand the device profiling and various methods in doing that along with the associated attributes in each method. Explore the device attributes of the profiled devices that you can use in policy formulation.
  • Study the Clearpass Onboard process and how to do configuration related to the certificate authority. Be familiar with the onboarding services and single & dual SSID onboarding.

After passing the written exam, you will only have 18 months to pass the ACCX Practical Exam. If you do not pass the ACCX Practical Exam within 18 months then you will have to retake the current ACCX Written Exam. ACCX practical exam (HPE0-A127P) is an eight-hour exam that tests skills on many aspects that are common to enterprise network deployments and focuses on configuration elements related to Clearpass products used in larger enterprise environments.

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