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How Can I Crack the CCIE Security v6 Lab Exam?

CCIE security v6 lab

Looking for a perfect way to prepare and crack the CCIE security v6 lab exam? Well, we are excited to tell you that you are at the right place at the right time to find out what you are struggling with. Here, we penned down a complete structure for you to learn how you can crack the CCIE security v6 lab professional certification exam.


CCIE Security v6 lab 

For those who are planning to opt for this field and do not know much about CCIE security v6 lab or want to get more knowledge, we got everything covered for you. CCIE labs are specially designed for candidates who want to pursue their career in expertise-level jobs in security systems or technologies of the top brands and companies around the globe.

The certcollection of the CCIE security lab can probably get you to the rank of technical leader easily. However, you can also get to higher ranks with some effort at the work. You can also take advantage of certcommunity as it can give you the extra benefit of recognition among the crowd.


Purpose of CCIE security v6 lab

In the exam of the CCIE Security v6 lab, you are required to fully lead a plan and protect your network by designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing everything related to security technologies from scratch. So the examiners can see if you are capable to handle complex situations at work. The time for this examination is 8 hours and you have to complete all the requirements in the given time to successfully pass the test to get CCIE Security professional certificate.

The main target of our today’s guide is to prepare you for the CCIE Security v6 lab so let’s move to the procedure and guidelines that will help you achieve your goals and dreams.


How can I crack the CCIE security v6 lab exam?

The first and foremost thing that can help you in cracking CCIE security v6 lab is to fully understand the test in detail so you can prepare accordingly. Let’s start with the pattern of the exam. The exam is divided into two modules.

Module 1:

The first module of the CCIE Security v6 lab lasts anywhere between 1 hour to 3 hours and you are required to design and create a network system that functions properly. The tasks given to each candidate in module 1 are listed as follow:

  • Understanding of technologies and solutions to different problems or services.
  • Evaluating eagerness to look for multiple possible solutions.
  • Converting the requirements of customers into effective solutions.

After you successfully pass the first module of the exam, you are directed to the next and second module of this professional exam.

Module 2:

The second module of the CCIE Security v6 lab is all about practically testing your designed network design by deploying, optimizing, and operating it properly. You are given a time limit of about 5 hours for this module. The purpose of the second module of the CCIE Security v6 lab is to check you for configuring and troubleshooting complex networking and security tasks.

The requirements you need to fulfill in this module are:

  • Performance of network
  • Monitoring health of a network
  • Reducing Disturbances
  • Modifying Outages
  • Improving service quality
  • Lessening Operating Costs
  • Keeping High Availability
  • Reliability of the Security network
  • Diagnosing and configuring possible issues and complexities

Completing these tasks successfully without any problems in the given time will give you passing out the certcollection. And the CCIE certcommunity that will help you stand out in the world.

Preparation Tips

Since you have learned important details and factors related to the CCIE Security v6 lab. Let’s talk about an effective and efficient preparation technique that will surely help you in clearing your exam.

The CCIE Exam might seem difficult or complex to you at the first glance. But do not worry if you are determined to achieve what you have planned and follow the steps that we mentioned below. Cause there is surely no chance that you will fail.

  • First, as we said, you must thoroughly understand the examination details and the topics included in the exam. You can easily check these details on the official website or contact them.
  • Next, you must plan everything in detail and beforehand. Plan a schedule covering all the syllabus and topics accordingly. Cover crucial topics before and then move to other parts.
  • You can join coaching classes for preparation of the CCIE Security lab. You can also get handouts and other helping materials at a different website. One of the most popular places to get your hands on efficient helping material is 591Lab.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. This will help you in easily cracking the security lab. You need to practice the things that will be asked in the exam such as designing, deploying, implementing, optimizing, and operating different security networks while keeping up with time management.
  • The best way to crack the lab exam is to take help from the previous candidates who pass the exam successfully since they already know about the exam and have great experience and expertise. You can contact and ask them to guide you in this matter.


CCIE Security v6 lab might be a bit difficult but with the helping factors that we explained above and your efforts. You will surely be able to crack CCIE security v6 lab certcollection. And be a part of the certcommunity. If you still feel confused in any regard, you can check 591Lab as they offer multiple pieces of training and courses to pass CCIE Security v6 lab. All you have to do is stay focus on the plan you developed and practice security technologies as much as you can. We wish you the best of luck.

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