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HCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam Details

HCIE routing and switching

The word or term ‘exams’ seems a very horrifying situation every time you hear it, no matter how grown-up is you or how much knowledge you have. Well, we can understand. Exam situations are pretty intense regardless of your well-preparation. But do you know we got a trick to overcome your fear or anxiety of exams? Yes, you got this right so read till the end to not miss anything important related to HCIE routing and switching lab exam detail.

The trick we promised to tell you before is a complete understanding of the exam details. It might seem a little weird to you but this is true. We often get tense or anxious regarding an exam. It is all-natural because we do not know how we are going to perform in it. If we know exam factors in-depth then we are pretty sure that you will not feel as anxious as before.


HCIE routing and switching 

Let’s get to know and learn a little more and deep about HCIE routing and switching. As, it will be easier for you to understand the details of the HCIE exams, certcollection, and certcommunity.

HCIE routing and switching is a top-notch certcollection offered by Huawei. The purpose is to make talented people stand out from the crowd. It specifies incredible knowledge and interpretation related to troubleshooting, networking, and technology development. The value of HCIE  certcollection and certcommunity has a lot of demand in the world right now as big companies and brands want to create an undefeatable network system.


HCIE routing and switching lab exam details

Since we had a look at the general description of HCIE routing and switching, let’s talk about our main topic of today’s discussion that is lab exam, certcollection, certcommunity details of this exam.


Exam duration

The first thing to understand in the details for an exam is to learn and manage exam duration accordingly so you can practice finishing the exam properly in the given time. If you learn, understand, and practice all the things related to an exam but did not learn to manage the exam duration then all your efforts can go in vain.

The exam duration for HCIE routing and switching lab consists of 8 hours and you have to complete all the given tasks in the time of 8 hours. The best technique is to practice multiple types of network troubleshooting and solving complex security problems in the given exam duration. This technique will help you finish your exam in the given time easily with excellence eliminating any errors or complications. If you are unable to finish the exam lab in the specified exam duration then you will not be eligible for certcollection or certcommunity.


Exam pattern

The next crucial thing to know about HCIE routing and the switching lab is to consider the exam pattern. If you are not sure about the exam pattern or are unable to understand it then most probably you will not be able to pass it and be eligible for a certcommunity. Don’t worry, we will guide you through the path of HCIE exam patterns.

The exam of the HCIE Routing and switching consists of two sections. The first section of the exam includes 60 multiple-choice questions. You have to choose the correct answer out of the 4 answers provided in the exam paper. The given time to solve all the multiple-choice questions is 90 minutes. The second part of the exam is practical and you will be required to solve or troubleshoot a complex network system or you can be asked to develop a fully functional network with reliability, security, and availability.


Passing score

People are more curious to know the passing terms or scores than the actual examination. The reason is that this is what matters the most and you can prepare accordingly to pass an exam successfully with certcollection and certcommunity. The passing score that you need to get eligible for HCIE routing and switching certcollection and certcommunity is 80 out of 100 marks for the essay type or multiple-choice question. Whereas for the practical exam you must be able to operate successfully without any error.


Exam coverage

The last factor or detail you must know about the HCIE Routing and switching is the topics covered in the exam. You can prepare everything beforehand with exceptional performance to leave any chance of eligibility for certcollection and certcommunity. The syllabus or exam coverage for HCIE routing and switching is as follow:

  • Network technologies and their layers
  • Routing technology and IP Unicasting
  • Inter-AS technology
  • MPLS and VPN
  • Security technologies
  • Routing and switching of networks
  • IP features, HA, NMS, and QoS
  • SDN technology
  • Planning and designing networks
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving for complex networks
  • Transition technology experiment
  • Multicast experiment
  • Import, route, and control experiment
  • LAN and WAN experiment



The time has arrived that we end our roller coaster journey of learning about HCIE routing and switching lab exam details, certcollection, and certcommunity. Now, you can practically consider going for HCIE routing and switching to pass the lab exam with the help and suggestions we explained above in the guide. It might seem a bit complicated to you at the beginning but as you know hard work is the key to success and practice makes a man perfect. So, if you are determined and eager to successfully get the certcollection and certcommunity for HCIE routing and switching then you must work hard for it.

A perfect action plan considering all the crucial factors is very important. The factors you must consider are time management, exam modules, passing scores, and syllabus for the exam can assure your success in HCIE routing and switching. For the preparation and practice of HCIE routing and switching lab exam, we will recommend you to get courses, practice tests, and training from and as they are the best in town and can help you get a perfect score.

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