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Expert Network Engineer Tips for Juniper JNCIE Practical Lab

Juniper JNCIE Practical Lab

JNCIE is an acronym for “Juniper Network Certified Internet Expert.” It’s the highest level Certification in Jupiter Networks or for a network professional. In all certificates, there’s always a hierarchy. The IT field is no exception. There’s beginner level, associate specialist, professional, then expert level. Everybody wants to get to the expert level because it’s the most prestigious one. So, In Juniper Networks, the specialist group is the JNCIE. That means that if you have a JNCIE Practical Lab certificate, you can configure a network, troubleshoot a network, manage a network, and build a network from scratch with the utmost expertise. 

Juniper Certification Track
Juniper Certification Track

JNCIE Practical Lab is an expert-level certification, the most sought certification, just like the CCIE. So, JNCIE is a CCIE level or a Nokia service router architect level exam certification. When you pass the exam, Juniper gives you a unique number and a plaque so you can be distinguished as one of the few people in the world with JNCIE certification.

The JNCIE Lab is not a written examination. Instead, it is a test taken in labs with you accomplishing hands-on tasks. In Juniper’s hierarchy, there are many certifications like JNCIA an associate-level exam like the CCNA. These all are written exams. You must go to an exam center for the written exams and get multiple questions to answer. But JNCIE Practical Lab is different. It is taken hands-on in a lab environment. Typically, it’s a six-hour exam, but for some modules, it is eight hours.

If someone is studying for an expert-level examination, the success depends typically on the person’s affinity for education and study because different people learn differently. You must do a thousand hours of hands-on lab work to ace an expert-level exam. Studying 40 hours a week for six months is a thousand hours. People are different. That might be needed for some people. It depends.

For some, it takes one year to study. For some, it takes less. It just depends on the person. So, whatever kind of student you are, I will mention three ways to ace the JNCIE Practical Lab exam

So, the fastest way is first. It is to study through a boot camp. Boot camp is like a unique online or offline instructor-led training where different vendors offer comprehensive training. Juniper has its boot camps, and other affiliate vendors also offer them. That’s the fastest way to get your grind, pass the exam, and walk towards passing the exam. 

Juniper’s Bootcamp is a one-week hardcore training where you get an instructor who teaches you straight to the point and teaches you everything you need to know. They provide you with the labs. After the boot camp, you get a lab session. It gives you an idea of what the actual exam could look like. It’s kind of like a mock examination. The only downside to a boot camp is it’s expensive. It costs about 5 thousand dollars. It depends on your pocket, or if you’re lucky to have your company sponsor your boot camp, then that’s awesome. So, we can say that boot camp is the fastest yet the most expensive approach.

Another approach could be self-study. It should be the model approach. JNCIE Practical Lab Self-study can be broken down into different categories– for example, self-study depends on your pace and speed. It can be advantageous, and it can have some disadvantages, too. Because if you’re self-studying, there isn’t any fixed structure. So you can get distracted by friends, parties, life, and everything. 

So, for this, you can get a self-study bundle from Juniper. The self-study bundle from Juniper is fantastic. It’s like a workbook that teaches you everything you need to know about getting a JNCIE Practical Lab certificate. It’s like a workbook that talks about protocols. It has different sections for routing, OSPF, ISIS, IGPs, and all other protocols. It breaks down everything and teaches you about everything you need to know. 


Finally, the most cost-effective way to prepare for the JNCIE-SP real lab exam is to register with 591Lab JNCIE-SP lab boot camps. 591Lab has provided details about their exam prep service:

 Exam code: JPR-961.

  •  Their real lab questions come with verified answers from the JNCIE real lab exam. They constantly update the content to reflect any minor or significant changes.
  •  You can practice anytime by installing their EVE-NG software on your services or laptop device. 591Lab provides the initial configs and images that you need.
  •  They provide professional technical support through multiple channels, such as SKYPE Study group or email, while you practice for the JNCIE real lab exam dump.
  •  Before practicing the JNCIE real lab exam dump, you must know how to set up EVE-NG and its usage. They can assist you if you need help with setups.
  •  In case of minor or significant changes to your JNCIE real lab exam preparation, such as upgrading the JNCIE lab exam blueprint, 591Lab provides six months of updates starting from the payment date.
  •  The cost of their service is $1499.
  •  Please request the 591Lab team to see a sample page of the JNCIE real lab exam dump for verification purposes.

After finishing the JNCIE Practical Lab regular modules, you get lab protocols. It can tell you, “Okay, I want you to configure a service provider environment.” “I would like there to be two sites.” Maybe “I want you to build a layer two VPN between two sites.” So that could be a task. In the workbook it’s going to show you how it’s going to take the approach to solve specific problems. It will show you all the configurations needed and explain why they arrived at those answers. 

If you want to get the JNCIE service provider certification self-study bundle, go to the Juniper learning portal; the link is here. Right now, it costs $599. You will get access to the course materials through an online secure pdf. You’ll also get a fast PDF workbook that shows technology-specific lessons and exercises. It’s good.

Another approach you can use for self-study is to find an emulator. There are many emulators out there, like GNS3 EVE-NG. I recommend those two as long as you can get a viable version of the software image from Juniper– A virtual SRX, MX, or QFX.

You can also build your labs virtually to generate your EMG video topologies. That might be a more extended approach, right, because that means you’re going to be pacing yourself. You’re building your topology in GNS3 or EVE-NG, and you’re taking your time to consult the juniper documentation to study, and there might be distractions. You can also check out the Service Provider Routing and Switching Expert(JNCIE-SP) blueprint, divided into several sections. You can combine other approaches in the self-study option. I wish you good luck with the JNCIE certification exam. That’s it for this one.



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