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CISCO CCIE Lab Exam in 1st Attempt | Tips to pass

CISCO CCIE Lab Exam in 1st Attempt Tips to pass

“591Lab Delivers over 90 CCIE 1st attempt Success Rate for 2nd successive time”. But How? CISCO CCIE LAB certification of Cisco Systems is the toughest and the loftiest paid IT certification in the world. Millions of networking applicants enroll every time with the end of getting a CCIE certified expert, but numerous take their way back in the mid-way. No doubt that the trip of getting a CCIE certified professional requires a lot of fidelity, commitment, and plutocrat as well. Still, in addition to these 3, you must step forward in the right direction for achieving success. Millions of Cisco applicants warrant proper direction and therefore fail to achieve their thing.


The moment we will reveal that secret and guide you on CCIE examinations medication. We’ve come up with a big secret in form of the Top 10 tips to pass CCIE examinations. Not only tips, but in the ultimate half of the post we will also uncover the Do’s and Don’ts that you must take care of if you’re targeting CCIE examinations. “ It takes 7-10 times for a normal Networking Professional to come to a CCIE and numerous keep featuring about it for the continuance. At 591Lab, Students kick off their Careers with CCIE Status”

Tips to take care for becoming a CISCO CCIE LAB expert in 1st attempt –

Find a Right CISCO CCIE LAB Training Institute 

One of the common miscalculations committed by millions of Cisco applicants is choosing the Best CCIE Training Institute. Remember, quality training is the introductory key to success. There are over Cisco training companies around the world, but only 4-5 Top companies that can actually help you pass the CCIE lab test. We’ve delivered over 90 pass rates for both CCIE R&S and CCIE Security Certification in the first attempt.

Get Training from Cisco Ccie Lab certified Trainers

Learn from the CCIE-certified coaches as they can guide you through the best. And that’s why the right training institute or coach is key to CCIE’s Success. Remember, learning from the CCIE-certified coach is the best part as they’ve gone through the same road and hence are known to the Do’s and Don’ts of the field.

Learn with CCIE aspirants’ Get Inspired every minute

To succeed in CCIE Exams it’s necessary to put further than 100 focus and commitment to time. And it’s crucial to be surrounded by other CCIE candidates who are travelling with you in order to focus for such a prolonged period. Plus CCIE certified coaches who can’t only break your dubieties but also guide you with their experience. However, make a group of 4-5 scholars who dedicate to concentrating on passing the CCIE lab test in the same sluice, If possible.

Take Mock Exams before Real One

Once you have completed your CISCO CCIE LAB course training, you must shoulder a quick modification, encounter up your skills and go for mock CCIE examinations. This will make you ready for questions and practice tests. You can ameliorate time operation, learn to do configurations briskly, and master the Q&A s with each mock test.

Practice makes & will make you impeccably ready for CCIE examinations. CCIE examinations have 8 hrs. of lab tests and there is your factual skill position. That’s why practical training on real bias is a must-have. Avoid the use of simulators for practicals, that’s why lab structure is a crucial factor when choosing a CISCO CCIE LAB training institute.

Read Books, CISCO CCIE LAB Docs & Related Learning Material

Don’t calculate on one book, read from multiple literacy sources. You can go for Cisco croakers, press books, RFCs, Network Bull’s workbooks, online material, etc. 591Lab  has in-house workbooks drafted byMr. Vikas (3xCCIE, World’s Top CCIE Coach); these workbooks are like blessings for NB Scholars. Indeed before appearing for CCIE Lab examinations, you need to go through CCIE Written examinations first.

CCIE is each about 360- degree knowledge of technology. in fact, CCIE examinations are designed to test a seeker’s moxie virtually and theoretically. So gaining moxie in CCIE modules/ configurations is crucial, it can only be done by diurnal training practicals of the same module. Immaculately, you should spend 8-9 hours daily if possible.

One Task at a Time & Re-read the Task

Noway mix two tasks. Take it easy. Suppose about one Task at a Time only. When giving your CCIE lab test for the veritably first time, scholars generally get nervous and suppose too important. It’s suggested by top CCIE Gurus and Lab Instructors that when you’re executing a task in your lab test focus on that particular task only. Re-read that task again. The answer is hidden in that question only. However, the result comes automatically, if your generalities are clear and you read the task and concentrate on the current task only.

Stay updated with the Official Curriculum & latest workbooks

While preparing for the Cisco CCIE Lab Test, staying streamlined with the sanctioned Cisco class and rearmost practical workbooks is of utmost significance. CCIE syllabus upgrades the advancement of technology, therefore it’s prestigious to know the rearmost advancement in the field of networking.

Time Management, Speed & Know the References 

You need to have hands-on specialized skills and great speed for clearing the CCIE lab examination in a go. The generalities and topologies are relatively hard, therefore, it’s judicious to start at a slow pace and achieve a good speed. Time operation in the test is crucial and it’s an open-book test so the attendee must know the right references for commands as well as for instructions.

At 591Lab, scholars are handed training as per all 10 points mentioned over and that’s why we have the loftiest CCIE 1st attempt success rate. Along with these Tips for CCIE examinations, there are many Do’s and Don’t that aspirants must take care of.

Do’s of CCIE Exam Preparations –

  • Reach the examination centre half an hour before, you can also detect the centre one day previous to avoid any last nanosecond interruptions.
  • Read Questions precisely and prepare your strategy consequently.
  • Harkening to the proctor precisely is also crucial in examinations.
  • Corroborate all consoles and ensure the access working of all biases before examinations.
  • In case of mistrustfulness, reach out to the proctor and explain him or the situation.

Don’ts of CCIE Exams

  • Don’t freak out, it’s tough to test for everyone and everyone gets nervous. Be calm and give your best.
  • Don’t forget to save everything you complete similar to configurations.
  • Don’t desolate time because of long breaks, lunch, etc. Every nanosecond counts.
  • Don’t just concentrate on the proposition, master the practical part of medication.
  • Don’t use simulators for practical while CCIE medications, go for real setup, ALWAYS.

We hope this will help numerous CCIE applicants. At 591Lab, attendees get to concentrate on each strategy we make them 200 readies before the test with multiple mock examinations.

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