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CCIE Security v6.0 – Salary, Scope and Benefits

Most individuals don’t die; instead, they pass away from the dread of passing away. This is an essential practical fact regarding the CCIE Exam as well. Many people fall short before realizing they won’t succeed because they have less time. These folks will build a strategy to confront people after failing a lab exam rather than establish a plan to study for 8 to 10 hours daily. The Cisco CCIE Security v6.0 Lab Exam is discussed in this article. Pearson IT Certification offers many test preparation aids to aid our clients in achieving certification. We created this Exam Profile series as a part of our service to you. Each profile is created using the testing knowledge of one of our authors or trainers.

However, you will receive a true sense of the exam. You won’t get precise questions or answers. Each profile includes a description of the question types, potential issue locations, test preparation advice, and suggestions for extra study materials.


CCIE Security v3.0


Scope for CCIE Security v6.0

The industry-wide acceptance of CCIE security expert certification as a group of expert-level technical tests that maintains a high standard of honesty, relevance, and difficulty. Candidates for CCIE Certificate can be confident that, in terms of thematic skills and career success, passing the exam gives them a place in their exclusive company.

Root / Switch, Voice, Security, Wireless, Storage Networking, and Service Providers are some of the potential career paths. A written test and a challenging hands-on lab test are included in each track. Candidates must be well prepared because achieving a CCIE certification requires a lot of time, effort, and financial commitment.

To create a focused, efficient study plan, the applicant must first understand the logical and technical elements of the test. In the CCIE Security Lab, candidates must provide knowledge of their configuration and technology, as well as their problem-solving ability, in a pre-established network topology that includes security tools and security-enabled devices such as routers and switches.

The experiment went through multiple modifications with different materials. However, each version is based on the latest CCIE Security v6.0 lab test blueprint, accessible to registered users.

Benefits of Certified Experts 

The CCIE Security certification recognizes expert-level ability in protecting and debugging complex networks. The certification attests to the trained professional’s proficiency in creating and safeguarding any network utilizing Cisco hardware. This implies that every CCIE will have an advantage over their fellow CCIE coworkers.

Also, they have greater authority than the others. CCIE certification holders will be eligible for increased pay, benefits, and other things. However, the privilege of holding a CCIE Security outweighs all of these advantages and benefits. Consider what it would mean to you to possess knowledge and wisdom, which is one of the goals shared by many CCIE candidates.

These people finally achieve their goals and receive this incredibly distinguished diploma. The fact that all CCIE tracks offer improved work placement makes high compensation another crucial element. As a result, these people will likely obtain fantastic prospects in their specialized fields.

Citing the CCIE Security v6.0 certified on their CV enables the individual to highlight their skill set. Someone who is employed, enjoying good perks and advantages, and who expects to further his profession by earning a CCIE level certification would also see an instant improvement in his relationships, according to certcommunity.

Peers and superiors who hold the CCIE Security certification will be more encouraging and helpful to them. Despite fierce competition from non-Cisco competitors, Cisco’s certifications are growing increasingly difficult since they only accept applicants with expert-level knowledge of their industry.

Therefore, it is simpler to comprehend how challenging it is to become a CCIE Security specialist. The good news is that with perseverance and arduous effort, it is still achievable.

Salary for CCIE Security Certification holders

The average yearly salary for a CCIE Security in the US is $133,333 as of 2022. That comes to about $64.10 per hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This equates to $2,564 every week or $11,111 per month. Currently, the bulk of CCIE Security salaries falls between $95,000 and $178,500, with top earners earning an average of $192,000 per year in the US. The wide variety of CCIE Security salaries implies that there may be several prospects for wage increases and progression based on experience, region, and skill level.

The CCIE course has a promising future and offers applicants the chance to start their careers as System Security Engineers or Network Security Engineers and Consultants. These are all lucrative opportunities with handsome salaries. The market has a high demand for CCIE Security. Thus its scope is likewise too broad. Statistics show that only 6000 security specialists are available, despite a need of about two million.

However, depending on the details of the work and your duties within it, the typical income ranges from $50 to $90,000. Organizations typically pay these high rates because they want CCIE-certified technicians on staff, but there is not enough for everyone. Over time, incomes often rise as a result of this supply shortage.

Those that succeed undoubtedly realize that their efforts have finally paid off since they are promoted to a senior job with more excellent pay as soon as they obtain CCIE status. In addition, CCIE professionals also discover sideways chances to counsel other businesses in their spare time. This gives them the advantage of earning additional money by lending a hand to others in their spare time.

CCIE Discount

CCIE Security Certification Target

The CCIE Security Certificate is worthy proof of your journey to establish yourself in the IT networking industry. And anyway, did you know that CCIE Security is one of the most marketable certifications today? Unfortunately, you may still have some doubts about enrolling in the CCIE Security Certification Program. Here are some reasons why you should never regret registering for this popular program.

First, CCIE Security v6.0 is a prestigious IT certification. Undoubtedly it is one of the top IT certifications in the world. This Cisco Certificate recognizes individuals with knowledge and skills in implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting complex network security solutions using industry best practices. The purpose of these professionals is to protect systems against modern security risks, vulnerabilities, threats, and requirements.

Recent statistics show that the current number of CCIE Security Certification Specialists is insufficient to meet the growing global demand for such services. The CCIE safety certificate increases the likelihood of ensuring better job opportunities with potential professional honors and career growth.

For CISCO CCIE Security Recommended training

To achieve CCIE Security , you pass two tests: a qualification test and a hands-on lab test.

Step 1: Pass the aptitude test

Implementation and Management of Cisco Security v6.0 Network Core Technology (CCNP SC CORE 350-701)
Aptitude Test focuses on the implementation and management of your enterprise networking infrastructure and Cisco Enterprise Network Core technology.
The aptitude test achieves an expert certification, so you can be recognized for your accomplishments along the way.

Step 2: Pass the lab test

CCIE Security v6.0
This 8-hour hands-on lab test covers the end-to-end lifecycles of complex Security networks, from design and installation to operating and optimizing.

Prerequisite concentration test (any one of the following exams).

  1. CCNP SC CON 300-710
  2. CCNP SC CON ” 300-715
  3. CCNP SEC SESA 300-720
  4. CCNP SEC SWSA 300-725
  5. CCNP SEC SVPN 300-730
  6. CCNP SEC SAUTO 300-735

Prerequisite Core test


The industry standard for recognizing and rewarding Security Engineers who have performed at an expert level in the deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting of networks with Cis-co security solutions is the CCIE Security v6.0 certification.

Achieving and retaining this performance-based certification confers honor and a reputation that security professionals worldwide are jealous of. It recognizes practical competence that can only be attained by a variety of specialists in the field of network security. World. Most CCIE Security candidates exercise their skills in a lab setting using existing tools and real-world circumstances, in addition to demonstrating their theoretical understanding of best practices.


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