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CCIE Security Lab Certification Roadmap

CCIE Security Lab Certification Roadmap

Cisco is one of the leading companies in the IT sector that offers a variety of certifications to candidates, and the CCIE security lab certification is the most popular of all. To be precise about the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security (CCIE) security certification, the exam is conducted on candidates who have the necessary skills to run and support immersive network security solutions. To do this, people are seeking help with the latest and greatest industry practices. The ultimate motivation for individuals is to ensure that their environment and network systems are protected from a variety of modern threats and security risks.

Then when we talk about the pre-qualifications required to participate in the certification, we say nothing. No prior education or professional qualifications are required. You must pass two exams to be certified. The first is the CCIE Written Security Exam, available at, and the second is the CCIE Security Lab Exam. You must be familiar with all the topics covered by the exam and have 3-5 years of work experience before deciding to finally qualify.

400-251 CCIE Security Lab Written Exam

CCIE Security Lab
This written exam is of two hours and the number of questions ranges from 90110. The exam has to be attempted by the candidates without the help of any outside reference materials.


CCIE Security Lab Exam v5.0

CCIE Security Lab

This is an 8-hour practical test. Students must take the CCIE Security Lab exam within 18 months of passing the CCIE written exam. The most important skill a candidate must pass an exam is troubleshooting knowledge.

CCIE Security Lab as a Career– Know the Scope of CCIE

1. It is the most famous when compared with other Cisco & IT certifications

People think; long before enrolling in the CCIE Security Lab exam, though it gives them immense tolerance. The complexity of the test is very high. The IT industry needs an additional 500,000 CCIEs in many countries. Currently, there are only 58,000. Given this number, we can now conclude what level of salary package will be offered to students at the time of accreditation. is not it? CCIE certification is not only worth the money, it’s also a matter of respect in the industry.

2. Excellent salary packages are offered to the students from the very beginning

Things are really hard for ordinary graduates. They are not paid much because the qualifications they have are easy to obtain. But when you’re called a CCIE certification, things change a lot for him.

3. Candidates are expected to get promoted easily

Compared to CCNA and CCNP candidates, if you have a CCIE Security Lab certification, you may be able to proceed faster. This is because IT companies assume that CCIE certification candidates are familiar with networking. Therefore, they want the project manager to be CCIE certified.

4. Career opportunities not only within the boundaries of the nation but outside too

CCIE Security Lab
If you have a long-standing desire to work internationally, CCIE Security Lab certification should be a lottery for you. Over 10% of exam clearers are already working abroad in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Qatar, and Oman.

5. The demand is expected to only grow over the years

The IT sector already occupies a large position in the market. More and more companies from all over the world are coming together, integrating, and networking to add glory to everything. And this is the second and most important reason why CCIE demand is likely to increase over the years. Within the next five years, demand will double that of current demand. In addition, the CCIE Security Lab is in high demand as it is said to have the youngest workforce. Therefore, more and more companies from all over the world are looking for fresh workers, which ultimately increases the demand.

6. Appropriate training imparted to the freshers in the field

A few years ago, there weren’t enough CCIE-certified trainers and a huge investment was required to set up a CCIE Security Lab. But when I look at it now, things have changed a lot. Currently has a team of qualified professionals who are qualified to provide CCIE training to candidates. It also definitely has the latest training infrastructure for new students. Training is provided to students from the beginning. That is, first learn the basics and basics of certification. Freshmen will be offered an attractive payroll package once they have completed training and certification.


From the above data, I think we can derive all the basic information about authentication. Second, we pay close attention to how we choose the institute to study. If you can choose the best and perfect laboratory for you, you will be deployed immediately. With the help of these institutions, about 16,500 students have received excellent placements, according to some sources. After all, doing a great job is your career and your dream. Be calm, think properly, make wise decisions, and then work on everything.


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