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Achieving CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification proves your skills with complex enterprise wireless results. To earn CCIE Enterprise Wireless certification, you pass two examinations a qualifying test that covers core enterprise technologies, and a hands-on lab test that covers enterprise wireless networks through the entire network lifecycle, from designing and planting to operating and optimizing.

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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure | eBook

CCIE Enterprise Wireless v1.0

Exam Code: CCIE Enterprise Wireless Lab v1.0
Exam Fee: $1600
Exam Duration: 8 hours
Validity Period: 3 years
The Main Topics of CCIE Enterprise Wireless Lab Exam:
1.Radio Frequency and Standards
2. Enterprise Wired Campus
3. Enterprise Wireless Network
4. Wireless Security and Identity Management
5. Wireless business applications and services
6. Automation, Analytics, and Assurance

Cisco CCIE Enterprise Wireless practice test is an eight-hour practice test, which requires campaigners to plan, design, apply, operate and optimize complex Enterprise Wireless networks. The examination content includes the following knowledge points radio frequency and norms/ Enterprise Wireless lot/ Enterprise Wireless network/wireless security and identity operation/ wireless business operations and services/ automation, analytics, and assurance.
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