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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Practical v1.1 Updates

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab practical v1.1 Updates

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Enterprise Infrastructure is a top credential for enterprise networking experts. It was formerly known as Routing & Switching Lab exams. Now, Cisco has updated to version 1.1 to keep the certification current with networking changes. This article will cover the key updates in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab v1.1. Also, you will learn about some real-life exam experiences of successful CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab takers who have appeared for the exam this year. So, let’s get into it.

Exam Structure

The CCIE EI Lab exam is an 8-hour hands-on test divided into two modules:

Module 1: Design

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Sample 1
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Sample 1
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Sample 2
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Sample 2

This module is scenario-based. It lasts for 3 hours. You will get some documentation, like topology, high-level design, email threads, etc. You won’t do any real configuration. Instead, you’ll answer questions using drag-and-drop, multiple-choice, and single-choice drop-downs. You cannot go back to previous questions in this module. You can access Cisco’s online documentation, but the search function is disabled.

Module 2: Deploy, Operate, and Optimize

In this module, you will be given all objectives and resources upfront. This module is 5 hours long. Backward navigation between questions is allowed. You will configure devices, implement solutions, troubleshoot issues, and optimize the network based on the requirements.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Topology
CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Topology

The two modules test your skills throughout the whole network lifecycle. This includes designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing complex enterprise networks.

CCIE EI Lab Practical v1.1 Exam Topics

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 exam covers the following topics:

  • Network Infrastructure (30%)
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure (25%)
  • Transport Technologies and Solutions (15%)
  • Infrastructure Security and Services (15%)
  • Infrastructure Automation and Programmability (15%)

Latest Updates of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam

With the release of version 1.1, Cisco has introduced several updates to ensure the certification remains relevant in networking. The major updates are:

More Focus on Advanced Technologies

One of the significant updates in version 1.1 is the higher priority on new technologies. The networking industry is quickly adopting new ideas, such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and automation. The updated exam makes sure you know these important areas. It reflects the industry’s move to more dynamic and programmable networks.

Revised Exam Structure and Format

The CCIE EI Lab exam structure has changed to better reflect real-world scenarios. The exam now requires a deeper understanding and strong problem-solving skills. This change responds to the industry’s need for professionals who can effectively design, implement, and manage network solutions.

Integration of Automation and Programmability

Automation and programmability are now foundational elements of modern network management. The updated exam includes these concepts more deeply. Candidates must show skill in scripting and automation tools. This knowledge is key to better efficiency and accuracy in network operations.

Increased Emphasis on Security and Compliance

With the continuous development of network infrastructures, security risks have also evolved. The updated exam focuses more on security. It covers securing network infrastructure, identifying threats, and complying with industry standards. This focus prepares CCIE-certified professionals to handle security challenges in modern networks.

The CCIE EI certification has been updated to match the latest industry trends and practices. This includes new protocols, technologies, and architectural approaches. It ensures that you know both legacy systems and the latest advancements in the field.

Practical, Real-World Application

The latest version of the exam puts more focus on real-world applications. The exam scenarios focus on practical, real-life problems that network engineers face daily. This approach tests both theoretical knowledge and the ability to apply it.

Broader Range of Topics

The updated exam covers many new topics, including core networking, cloud integration, edge computing, and wireless technologies. This makes sure that CCIE professionals understand various aspects of enterprise networking.

Preparing for the Exam

To pass the updated CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab exam, you should:

  1. Understand the exam format and objective: Familiarize yourself with the exam structure and the specific objectives of each module.
  2. Develop a study plan: Create a study plan that fits your schedule and learning style. Divide the exam topics into small parts and set specific goals for each study session.
  3. Study the official Cisco documentation: Use Cisco’s official documentation and configuration guides to deepen your understanding of the technologies covered in the exam.
  4. Practice hands-on labs: Set up a lab environment and practice configuring the technologies covered in the exam. Hands-on experience is crucial for passing the lab exam.
  5. Join a study group: Collaborate with others preparing for the exam to share knowledge and resources.
  6. Take practice lab dumps from 591Lab: Use real, updated exam dumps to test your knowledge and identify areas that need improvement.

591lab’s Student Experiences About Passing the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam

Let’s examine some of our lab takers’ experiences and feedback to better understand how to prepare for the exam. These may help you.

Exam Feedback from Egyptian Student (Ibrahim S.)

Passed CCIE CI v1.1 Exam Egyptian Student (Ibrahim S.)

“I am a network engineer with over ten years of experience. I pursued the CCIE certification for personal development and career growth. Achieving the CCIE certification now will recognize my past work and motivate my future efforts”.

Learning Phase

The beginning is always the hardest, but having a good mentor can really make it easier. I consulted with colleagues who had already passed the CCIE about relevant training institutions, and they highly recommended 591Lab for the following reasons:

  1. The teachers at 591Lab don’t just share knowledge. They make sure you understand the basic principles, which helps you learn and use the information more effectively.
  2. The instructors are very dedicated. They are available to help with any professional or work-related questions at any time.
  3. I have a full-time job, so work took up most of my schedule. 591Lab offered flexible course schedules.
  4. 591Lab is a global platform for network engineers to exchange experiences. It is beneficial for both exam preparation and work.

The excellent reputation of 591Lab convinced me to choose them without much hesitation.

Preparing for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam

It took me six months to complete the entire course cycle, and I passed the written exam smoothly. Then, I began preparing for the daunting CCIE EI Lab. At first, the sight of the numerous devices and the dense connections in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab topology overwhelmed me. I wasn’t even sure if I could understand the topology, let alone solve the problems. Fortunately, the instructors provided incredibly detailed explanations for the CCIE EI Lab, including the purpose of each question, the solution methods for each problem, and the overall structure of the topology. They even analyzed the details of the questions clearly.

After class, 591Lab thoughtfully provided practice racks that replicated the exam environment. After practicing, I could compare my results with the standard setup to identify any mistakes or overlooked areas, which was incredibly helpful.

If any questions arose during practice, teacher Yue was always prompt in helping me pinpoint the issues and guide me to solutions. These practical exercises were invaluable during the actual exam, as they prepared me to handle unexpected situations independently and maintain my composure, ensuring my performance was not affected. Detailed explanations, a highly realistic lab environment, and diligent practice were the keys to passing the CCIE EI lab.

Facing CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Changes

During my preparation, the CCIE EI lab exam changed quite a bit. 591Lab quickly obtained and solved the new questions and provided us with updated practice sessions. The solutions became increasingly straightforward, making me feel confident about taking the exam at any time. Teacher Yang encouraged me to sign up for the CCIE LAB early in May.

With excitement and nervousness, I arrived at the exam center, scouted the exam location in advance, and prepared for the exam. The night before the exam, Teacher Yang gave me some last-minute advice and encouraged me, making me feel more confident for the exam the next day.

On the exam day, I was initially very nervous. However, seeing the questions made me extremely happy, and 591Lab’s preparation made me feel confident. Confidently, I completed the exam, double-checked everything, and submitted it with 30 minutes to spare.

Although waiting for the results was a bit lengthy, the outcome was favorable. I am deeply grateful to the instructors for their dedicated guidance and to 591Lab for providing such a reliable support system. I hope future candidates can also pass the CCIE exam on their first attempt!

Exam Feedback from Chinese Student (Simon Chan)

Passed CCIE CI v1.1 Exam Chinese Student (Simon Chan)

I majored in computer networks. During my internship, before graduating from university, I secured a position as a network engineer. Under the guidance of a mentor at work, I gradually became familiar with using network equipment and could complete some tasks utilizing the knowledge I had acquired in university. However, due to my technical limitations, I frequently encountered setbacks with most of the work, such as dynamic routing protocols and troubleshooting. As a result, I often needed my mentor’s guidance to complete tasks. I found the efficiency of consulting books and documents to be low. Also, the technical records were scattered. So, I inquired about the CCIE training institution, 591Lab, which my mentor had joined. Without hesitation, I signed up for 591Lab’s CCIE Express.

Technical Learning

I spent three months completing a full cycle of the CCNP course with Mr. Zhao and listened to two complete cycles of the NA course. Throughout the learning process, I took detailed and clear notes. The thorough explanations provided by the instructor gave me a deep understanding of many challenging technical points. During this period, I diligently completed the comprehensive experiments assigned by Mr. Zhao. Sometimes, I found that having a good memory wasn’t as reliable as taking notes. In the context of our network work, it might be that “a good memory isn’t as reliable as coding.”

Mr. Zhao’s detailed explanations made the knowledge points easy to understand and configure. However, when it was my turn to configure, I often didn’t know where to start. Practicing coding and typing significantly improved my skills. I methodically ensured at least 20 minutes of practice typing websites daily. As my typing efficiency improved, so did my configuration and troubleshooting efficiency. It laid a solid foundation for my subsequent exam preparation.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Preparation

After completing the CCIE course, I faced the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure V1.1 syllabus, which posed a significant challenge for a novice like me. The instructors mentioned that encountering a new version right after a change was fortunate. The teachers at 591Lab worked tirelessly to solve and test the new questions. Like my peers, I meticulously practiced the updated lab exercises as per the instructors’ solutions. Even late-night messages to the lab tutors received prompt responses during this period. The teachers were incredibly dedicated.

When my classmate “Chi” passed the LAB exam on May 27, I was highly motivated and began rigorously practicing the latest labs. After relentless studying, I arrived in Beijing on May 30, ready to give my best effort. However, upon arrival in the afternoon, I received disheartening news that the LAB might have new questions. I had to face it head-on with no option to reschedule within three days before the exam. We immediately started a meeting with the exam preparation group. The teachers identified the potential changes and advised me to review each topic in the Design section and all tasks in the DOO section. They also guided me in handling unexpected issues and examiner errors. The intense discussion lasted until midnight. It ended with the instructors’ best wishes and my resolve to rest well for the exam.

Exam Phase

On exam day in Beijing, there were only two candidates, including myself and another female student. The exam environment was quiet, and I was assigned to rack 114, directly in front of the exam proctor’s desk. I felt very nervous initially, but seeing the design questions brought relief as they were the same as those we practiced. I proceeded with the exam content and encountered many new questions in the design section! The DOO section also had some changes, but fortunately, they aligned with the points the teachers had analyzed before the exam. One table question, in particular, was precisely the type of question the 591Lab teacher had predicted might appear. The teacher’s insight was impressive!

I can’t share too many details about the exam questions here due to the NDA. However, I can confidently assure fellow 591Lab candidates that trusting the instructors’ methods, pre-exam tips, and exam guidelines will lead to success. Memorize and practice the questions thoroughly, and you will undoubtedly pass. I wish everyone steady success!

Finally, I want to thank the 591Lab instructors who continuously guided me. Also, thanks to Mr. Yang for booking my CCIE Lab slot and my classmate Chi for sharing his exam report, which gave me more confidence. To all my fellow candidates, I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes.

Exam Feedback from Australian Student (Maxime)

Passed CCIE CI v1.1 Exam Australian Student (Maxime)

Should I waste my precious time on something I’m not good at? Should I persist in pursuing a goal that I might never achieve? The CCIE seems so distant—currently, there are fewer than 70,000 certified individuals worldwide. Could I be among them? These questions have repeatedly haunted me over the past two years. Fortunately, I persevered, and this persistence led me to 591Lab, a global branding in IT certification and exams. Even when I finally saw my own CCIE number, I couldn’t believe how smoothly the process went.

Although my job is in finance, I have a strong passion for networking. However, the abundance of technical jargon I found on Google searches left me utterly confused. Our company’s unreliable IT department couldn’t satisfy my learning needs, so I decided to enroll in a training program. The variety of institutions and their flashy advertisements initially overwhelmed me. I joined the first one that caught my eye, which boasted impressive claims. The instructor advised skipping CCNA due to its low cost-effectiveness and directly pursuing CCNP. As a non-professional and amateur enthusiast, I didn’t hesitate.

The Learning Challenges

The learning process from CCNA to CCNP was a challenge. It was completely different from what I had imagined. I might have absorbed three-quarters of the CCNA content, but I barely understood one-fifth of the CCNP routing & switching material. Despite this, I managed to impress those around me with my newfound knowledge. However, I knew my true level. I began reviewing previous videos and re-watching them until I understood. Then, I discovered YouTube, which offered a wealth of learning videos and allowed me to choose lecturers I liked. Some were engaging, while others made the material dull. It became clear that my poor understanding might be due to the previous instructor’s teaching style and the overly simplistic courses.

After six months of self-study on YouTube, including watching five different lecturers’ CCNA and CCNP courses, I gradually regained confidence. I thought I might be ready to tackle the CCIE. The allure of the prestigious certification and its unique CCIE identifier was too strong. Despite receiving ongoing course recommendations and promotional offers from the previous training institution, my disappointing experience with their CCNP course made me look elsewhere. I began researching other institutions and found that some of my favorite YYouTubeinstructors came from different organizations, adding to my dilemma. 591Lab was not initially on my list, but a conversation with a former colleague who highly praised it changed my mind. I decided to check it out, and the positive reviews on Trustpilot, mostly from students, impressed me.

Joining 591Lab

After listening to a class by Mr. Yang on YouTube, I was convinced. His calm and steady pace and clear explanations made the decision to join 591Lab.

Since I had decided to pursue the CCIE, I knew I had to be thoroughly prepared. So, I restarted my studies at the CCNP level with Mr. Zhao. Without exaggeration, he is the best CCNP instructor I have ever encountered. He noticed every question and immediately addressed it. The CCNP and CCIE courses didn’t overlap in schedule, so I could study both simultaneously. Mr. Jin, the CCIE instructor, seemed knowledgeable in all areas. Initially, his frequent mistakes during experiments made me doubt him. However, I soon realized he used these intentional errors to deepen our understanding of the material.

The learning experience was fantastic. The questions were promptly and patiently answered. The CCNP course content was three times more comprehensive than my previous institution’s. The detailed explanations of EIGRP and OSPF alone almost equaled half of the entire previous CCNP course. This is no exaggeration.

The Exam Day

On the day before the exam, I arrived in Sydney and checked into a hotel five minutes from the exam center. Despite the hotel’s poor hygiene and lack of windows, I remained focused. Before seeing the exam questions, I was extremely nervous, doubting whether the exam would resemble my practice sessions. Contrary to popular belief about the difficulty and low pass rates of the CCIE exam, I found it simpler than expected. The only deviation was a single multiple-choice question I answered incorrectly, but everything else went smoothly. After consulting with the instructor, I was reassured that this would not significantly affect my results. That night, at 11:30 PM, I received my pass notification and my unique CCIE number. Though my skills might not yet match the title, I am committed to continuing my studies.

Achieving Success in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab

The preparation process was much smoother than anticipated. As a non-professional in a different field, I passed the exam even without completing the full course, proving that following the instructors’ steps and maintaining pace ensures success. To my fellow candidates, stop hesitating and follow the process—success will come naturally.

Final Thoughts on The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab v1.1

The ongoing updates to the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 exam are intended to maintain the certification’s value and relevance. The lab exam is becoming increasingly challenging due to major and minor changes in the Design section, DOO section, or both during the exams. These updates ensure that candidates are well-prepared to address current enterprise challenges. With comprehensive self-preparation and 591Lab’s CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab exam guides and insights, you can attain this esteemed certification, too. With the assistance of 591Lab CCIE EI lab boot camp training, nothing is impossible; you shall obtain your CCIE number in no time.

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