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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Lab Details

Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless Lab Exam isn’t any joke.  Certainly, this can be a day trip. Although You spend an entire day in a very lab, make something, tear it up, and solve problems, not an entire yard. It covers an amazing number of topics. I would like to speak about it during this article and also explain the format of the test.

The new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Certification is redesigned to leverage the abilities acquired at the new CCNP level. The certification covers key technology areas and verifies your end-to-end lifecycle skills across complex enterprise wireless networks, from planning and style to operating and optimizing.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Certification:

• Implementation of competency testing, Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (350-401 ENCOR), dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network security, security, and automation.
• 8-hour, hands-on lab testing, Infrastructure, and Wireless v1.0, covers end-to-end lifecycles from design and deployment of complex enterprise wireless technology to operating and optimizing

To achieve CCIE certification, you need to take and pass your lab exam within 3 years of passing your original exam.

Please note: the subsequent test won’t be available until February 24, 2020

  • If you’ve got already started performing on this CCIE Wireless Certification, continue and complete it if possible before the cutover.
  • If you pass the present CCIE Wireless v3.1 written test before February 24, you may be eligible to require the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless lab test after February 24, and you’ll automatically receive Cisco Certified Expert – Enterprise Core Certification.
  • If you complete the total CCIE Wireless Certification before February 24, then on February 24, you may automatically receive the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless Certification, moreover as Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core Certification.

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Lab Prerequisites :

There are not any formal prerequisites, but ideally, candidates must have five to seven years of experience designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing enterprise wireless technology and solutions.

Required Exams and Recommended Training



350-401 ENCOR

Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR)

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Lab Exam

No specific course is available

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Lab Exam No specific course available

Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless
591Lab CCIE Exams

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless v1.0 Recertification

In short, Recertification is a very important indicator for you and your employer that you simply maintain current technology trends and test your proficiency at the rigorous level of the initial certification exam. Therefore, all certificates will have a three-year re-validation period

To re-certify

• Pass anyone expert-level certification test
• Clear any CCIE lab Exam
• Passed any three professional concentration tests
• Pass a technology core test and pass anyone’s professional concentration test.
(This is additionally a CCNP certification done on the identical track.)
• Earn 120 continuing education points. Continuing education activities are tried

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless Lab Syllabus:

  •  Network infrastructure 30%
  • Software-defined infrastructure 25%
  • Transport technology and solution 15%
  • Infrastructure Security and Services 15%
  • Infrastructure automation and programmability 15%

Now the sole prerequisite for taking the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless Lab (CCIE EI) test is to pass the 300-401 ENCO test. So, once you pass ENCO, you’ll be able to take concentration tests like ENARSI, SD-WAN, AUTO, and style and you’ll get an entire CCNP Enterprise Certification. otherwise, you can go on to CCIE Enterprise Wireless (CCIE EW) for lab tests. this suggests that for both CCNP and CCIE you need to pass the 350-401 ENCO exam. So, let’s discuss the exam format. Which has also changed. The new exam has two modules instead of three due to the old CCIE route and switch. you complete it in eight hours. The primary module is three hours and so the second module is five hours.

Module 1: Design

Firstly, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and Wireless Lab exam can be a design module. What’s interesting about the three-hour design module is that Cisco has formatted it as a progressive story. Although, this suggests that it is undergoing change and developing as you endure it.
Moreover, The design module relies on your answers to present a topology, some drawings, and even emails of that relevant background information. Which of course made the video an instant hit. It’s about a scene-based part inspection. You have no configuration during this module. It’s a drag-and-drop, something approximating a multiple-choice, single-choice drop-down selection that you’d only see in a very simple Cisco test. As with all of these tests, no reverse navigation is allowed so you want to move on when you get the answer.

Module 2: Deploy, Operate and Optimize

After the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Design and Wireless Lab Test modules secondly, we move into a five-hour block called Deploy, Operate, and Optimize. This is the name of the module. There are some differences between this module and the design module. First, you direct all your intentions and all your resources. You can see complete questions before the exam. This section does not have the same progressive story rules as the first module.

Here, you will actually build a network similar to what you designed in the previous module. So, this is a big change from our previous experiment where we had three different modules. The new test uses a potentially different topology for each of those modules. You will have a unified single topology throughout the eight-hour test. I think it’s very convenient to wrap your head around what’s going on.

Now they say it doesn’t exactly fit your design but they promise that at least the topology, diagram, IP address, and services used will be the same. This module will contain some web-based questions. But initially, it’s going to be a configuration and it’s going to look very close to what you’re used to seeing with any Cisco configuration test part.

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