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CCIE EI v1.1 Lab Success: 591Lab Student Experiences

CCIE EI v1.1 Lab Success - 591Lab Student Experiences

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 is an advanced certification program offered by Cisco. It proves the skills and expertise of network engineers in designing, deploying, and managing complex enterprise infrastructure solutions. At 591Lab, we have been achieving the highest pass rates across all CCIE Lab tracks in the industry since 2017. In this article, we will explain the updates to the CCIE EI v1.1 exam content, what you can expect in this new exam, as well as valuable insights, exam feedback, and tips from recently successful lab takers who appeared in 2024 for their CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure exam.

Updates in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab v1.1

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab introduces multiple updates to make the certification stay relevant and aligned with current industry standards. Here are the key updates of CCIE EI v1.1:

Updated Equipment and Software

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure physical lab rack version 1.1

Virtual Machines

  • Cisco Catalyst 8000V Routers with Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.9
  • Cisco IOSv with Cisco IOS Software Release 15.8
  • Cisco IOSv-L2 with Cisco IOS Software Release 15.2
  • Cisco SD-WAN (vManage, vBond, vSmart, and cEdge) Software Release 20.9
  • Cisco DNA Center, Release 2.3
  • Cisco Identity Services Engine 3.1
  • Linux Desktop

Physical Equipment

  • Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switches with Cisco IOS XE Software Release 17.9

Exam Blueprint and Content Updates

In the latest update, Cisco focused more on new technologies like SDN and network programmability. These are becoming more important in modern networks. They also emphasized security, including VPN technologies like DMVPN and FlexVPN and general network security practices.

This update also includes the integration of automation and programmability as foundational elements, requiring candidates to demonstrate skills in scripting and using automation tools. The inclusion of updates to networking protocols such as OSPFv3, BGP, EIGRP, and VRRPv3 occurred. It’s to ensure candidates are familiar with the latest protocol enhancements. The exam scenarios now focus more on practical, real-life problems that network engineers face daily, testing both theoretical knowledge and practical application.

These updates maintain the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification as a standard and keep it current with the updates in networking technologies.

Student Experiences about Passing CCIE EI v1.1

Let’s look at some 591Lab students’ experiences. These will help you better understand the process and strategies in CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab practicals.

CCIE EI v1.1 Exam Feedback From Matt Williams (USA)

CCIE Entrprise Infrustructure v1.1 Exam Feedback From Matt Williams (USA)

“They say behind every successful CCIE number there is 591Lab” by Matt Williams,.

Preparation Journey for the CCIE EI v1.1

After preparing for a year and a half, I decided to take the CCIE EI V1.1 lab exam at Cisco headquarters in San Jose at the end of May, following my instructor’s advice. The exam was on a Wednesday, so I flew to San Francisco early Tuesday morning. Upon checking into the hotel, I thought about some issues in the CCIE EI lab related to Data Operations (DOO) and possible error messages from Python automation scripts. I spent the evening verifying and practicing with a few labs.

Since I came from the East Coast, I woke up around 5 AM, packed my things, and went downstairs for breakfast. The South Bay area is a bit dry, and it was the dry season, so I woke up due to the dryness. I heard there was a morning rush hour in the Bay Area, so I took a cab (public transportation is not well-developed) and arrived at Cisco headquarters, Building 17, at 7 AM. Arriving a bit early, I noticed a foul odor from a nearby landfill in Milpitas, California, which came in waves like a garbage dump smell.

Exam Day at San Jose Mobile Exam Center

The San Jose mobile exam center offers flexible exam times. After choosing lunch (a sandwich and cola), we were taken to the second-floor exam room. The proctor also served as the invigilator. Another candidate from Canada was also taking the exam. To my surprise, we discovered that we had worked for the same telecom company before (small world).

The exam process went smoothly, with only three minor hiccups:

  1. The Spoke VPN didn’t come up.
  2. An SD-WAN policy misconfiguration occurred. However, the proctor mentioned that if I failed, I could go through the appeals process.
  3. Automation scripts needed to be redone twice.

Overall, it went well. I finished the DOO part with ten minutes left. I used the remaining time to double-check and write the configurations, and I used every last second. My exam tip is to use bulk input tools and run various show commands before troubleshooting. This helps you understand the pre-configurations of each device. During practice, pay attention to error messages and compare configurations between devices. Sometimes, a few commands were missed, but finding issues based on status and error messages was easy.

Post-Exam Reflections and Preparation Tips

After the exam, it was already 4 PM, the sun was shining brightly, the garbage smell was gone, and there was even a hint of flowers. I had prepared for this exam for a year and a half, ensuring I took it before my written exam results expired at the end of the year. The 591Lab’s robust lab environment was incredibly helpful in my preparation. As I prepared for the exam in North America, attending classes at dawn was challenging. Fortunately, the 591Lab instructors created a special group for me, and instructors Jin and Yue would typically answer any questions I had.

Starting in 2017, I systematically studied networking through the Netacad partner school and progressed through the certifications. Being from a technical background, CCNA was relatively easy, but I failed the CCNP twice (once in 2020’s 300–135 TSHOOT and once in 2022’s SD-WAN). The stakes for this exam were high, and failing would make it difficult to find such time and opportunities again. Thankfully, the support from 591Lab was exceptional. Their revision at the end of last year inadvertently helped me.

CCIE EI v1.1 Exam Feedback From Danielle OBrien (South-Africa)

CCIE Entrprise Infrustructure v1.1 Exam Feedback From Danielle OBrien (South Africa)

As a network engineer, achieving the CCIE certification with 591Lab was a huge milestone in my career plan. It recognized my years of hard work and motivated me for my future endeavors. To achieve this goal, I enrolled in 591Lab’s CCIE Fast Track program.

Learning Phase

During the learning phase, I approached my studies with the mindset of starting from scratch. Every day, I attended classes and followed along with the instructor’s lab exercises. After class, I would replicate the lab workbooks on my own. In my spare time, I sought out additional topologies online to reinforce the concepts taught by the instructors.

Preparing for the CCIE

After completing the coursework, I began preparing for the CCIE Lab exam. Having passed the written exam, my first encounter with the lab topology felt daunting. Each day, I tackled one module at a time, following the instructor’s videos and meticulously entering the commands as per the exam guide. After completing the entire exam guide, I practiced on the version rack, repeating the labs daily. I documented every error in a text file. I reviewed it before each practice session to ensure I did not repeat the same mistakes.

The Exam Day

On the morning of the exam day, I entered the exam room. There were three candidates that day: two for the EI track and one for wireless. Despite feeling quite nervous, I managed to calm myself down. I started by entering my exam code and tackled each question methodically. After completing the DESIGN section, I took a brief break, washed my face, and proceeded to the Data Operations and Optimization section. Before entering commands, I reviewed the requirements and checked the configurations. We broke for lunch at 11:50 a.m. Although I made a few minor mistakes, 591Lab’s updated documents addressed these issues, allowing me to resolve them successfully. I submitted my exam and left the exam center.

After the exam, I headed to the airport, feeling a mix of exhaustion and anxiety. At 8:17 PM, I received an email. Logging into the Cisco website, I saw that I had passed. I finally felt a sense of relief.

Why I Chose 591Lab

591Lab’s racks perfectly mirrored the exam environment, providing an authentic practice experience. After configuring the labs, I could compare my configurations to identify errors. The instructors were always available to provide detailed answers to my questions, even late at night. The rack reservation system allowed me to schedule practice sessions conveniently according to my own time.

Gratitude to Instructors and fellow candidates

I extend my heartfelt thanks to my instructors and fellow candidates who prepared alongside me. I hope they all achieve the success they deserve and pass their exams.

CCIE EI v1.1 Exam Feedback From Josie Zhou (China)

CCIE Entrprise Infrustructure v1.1 Exam Feedback From Josie Zhou (China)

“From Seeking Help to Earning the CCIE” by Josie Zhou, China

I graduated with a degree in Computer Network Technology. My most vivid memory of university networking classes is opening the Cisco simulator in the computer lab just once. After graduation, my network skills were so basic that I couldn’t even calculate IP addresses correctly. Network technology made me question my choices, perhaps because I had chosen the wrong teacher. So, my fellow students, choosing the right teacher is crucial! The right choice can make learning much more efficient, while the wrong one can make even simple concepts seem difficult.

Early Work Experience

After starting my career in project integration, I habitually relied on others for help after installing switches. Configuring VLANs and aggregations was beyond me, even with documentation. Looking back, I realize how unskilled I was. Network technology truly frustrated me.

Determined to improve, I aimed to reach the CCNP level that was sufficient for my needs without necessarily taking exams. Thus, I began self-study through online video tutorials and various training institutions. However, if you’re aiming for the CCIE, enrolling in a formal training program is essential.

Initial Learning Struggles

I began with Chinese domestic video tutorials, which mostly used analogies. While I understood what each protocol was and its purpose, I never grasped how they worked in detail. I then turned to videos by international experts, which were far superior in terms of production quality, the underlying logic of network protocols, packet composition, and research methods. The extensive lab exercises that accompanied each lesson made learning much more efficient.

Following these videos, I simultaneously learned English and networking, taking handwritten notes that filled three notebooks just for the CCNA material. For the CCNP, I switched to digital notes. By the end of my studies, I found I no longer needed to seek help and began to appreciate the simplicity of projects I once struggled with in university.

Joining 591Lab for CCIE Preparation

Having accumulated extensive knowledge and notes and spent years as an average student, I decided to pursue the CCIE to prove myself. I joined several Cisco-related online groups, where passionate members discussed their experiences with various training institutions. Many recommended 591Lab, and after discussing it with a fellow 591Lab student and hearing positive reviews, I decided to try it out.

Initial Impressions and Decision

I attended a trial CCIE class and was impressed by the teacher’s detailed explanations and the in-depth answers to questions. I joined 591Lab in 2023 after receiving encouraging feedback from previous students. After paying the fee, I watched all of Instructor Yang’s CCIE videos, attended live sessions when possible, and watched recordings when I couldn’t. Teachers and classmates in the study group were quick to respond to any questions. Although I didn’t attend many of Instructor Zhao’s CCNA and CCNP classes, the few I did were excellent. The comprehensive labs designed for foundation building were particularly helpful.

Exam Preparation and Experience

Around November 2023, the instructors suggested taking the written exam, providing a 200-question test bank. My fellow student Simon Chan registered and passed quickly, astonishing me with his decisiveness. By the time I decided to take the exam on December 20, the question dump had grown to over 800 questions. Nonetheless, I passed on my first attempt.

Intensive Lab Preparation

In April 2024, the instructors announced that the EI exam was approachable, and Simon Chan registered again, passing within 20 days. As a result of 591Lab’s accuracy, I started my own preparation. I scheduled my exam for 6th June, when there were still plenty of openings.

591Lab provided a dedicated study group with full support from instructors. Mr. Yue focused on lab exercises. The lab preparation had two stages. On the traditional rack stage, I practiced and submitted assignments for feedback. In the comprehensive lab stage, I practiced the entire exam content. The flexible schedule ensured daily practice. A few days before my exam, they arranged extra practice sessions. They provided detailed video explanations of each step.

Exam Day and Final Thoughts

The exam racks closely mirrored the actual exam environment, and despite attending remotely, the system was smooth. Following 591Lab’s structured approach, passing the exam was a easy process.

I heard that exam slots (booking) were becoming scarce, and some candidates had to purchase slots, but 591Lab’s swift arrangements ensured I got a slot without extra cost. Trusting 591Lab and following their guidance made passing the exam an achievable goal.

CCIE EI v1.1 Exam Feedback From Danielle OBrien (Europe)

CCIE EI v1.1 Exam Feedback From Olegh Caraman (Europe)

“Passing the CCIE Exam in Brussels on the Fourth Attempt” by Olegh Caraman, Europe

I have been attempting the CCIE enterprise infrastructure lab from version 1.0 for the past year. I have failed three times despite countless hours of self-study and 100 hours of boot camp classes on theory from reputable vendors. As an ICT manager at a European bank, I have been feeling pressure from my peers to attain my CCIE number as soon as possible. Many of my colleagues have passed the CCIE in other tracks, such as Service Provider. One day, a trusted colleague recommended I try 591lab for the new version, 1.1. After conducting extensive research online and seeing 591Lab strong reputation on TrustPilot, I am confident that 591Lab may be the key to helping me obtain my CCIE Number and achieve my CCIE certifications.

Experience with 591Lab

During my time at 591Lab, I was very impressed by their professionalism and dedication. The instructors were patient and had a lot of experience and knowledge in their fields. Despite the time difference, they always responded quickly to my questions. This level of support ensured that I had no worries during my preparation for the exam.

Advanced and Up-to-Date Training

I noticed that 591Lab’s preparation materials were updated very quickly. Each learning module used state-of-the-art equipment, allowing students to engage with the latest technologies and applications. The training management was excellent, with well-organized courses covering all the necessary knowledge and skills for the exam. Each practice session included detailed explanations and feedback, which helped me continuously improve my skills.

Pre-Exam Guidance

Before the exam, the instructors at 591Lab provided careful, patient, and comprehensive guidance. They broke down each knowledge point, offering special reinforcement training for my weak areas. They not only provided extensive technical support but also gave me significant encouragement and confidence. It helped me overcome the anxiety and pressure of the preparation process.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Training Institution

After the exam, I realized the importance of choosing the right training institution for the CCIE Exams. Selecting a good training institution is equivalent to achieving half of your success. 591Lab, with its professional double CCIE trainer team, advanced training equipment, and comprehensive and mature training process, provided me with all-around support. This gave me great confidence and helped me succeed in the CCIE exam. I am grateful to 591Lab for showing me the bright future of achieving promotion and climbing up the career ladder through hard work.

Testimonial from Olegh Caraman who passed the CCIE EI v1.1 exam

Preparation Strategies

Preparing for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (CCIE EI) v1.1 exam requires a comprehensive approach that includes a variety of study materials. Here are some key resources to help you prepare:

Follow Books and Study Guides

The official study materials that Cisco recommends are Cisco Press Books. Experts regularly update these books. They provide comprehensive coverage of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 topics and are essential for preparing for the exam. Also, Consider reading John T. Moy’s book titled ‘OSPF: Anatomy of an Internet Routing Protocol.’ This book provides detailed information on OSPF routing protocols. It is helpful for understanding the routing aspects of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

Online Courses and Video-on-Demand

591Lab CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Lab Exam Guides offer practical insights and tips from successful CCIE EI lab exam takers. It includes detailed explanations of exam topics and hands-on lab exercises.

Wrapping Up

It’s clear that success in the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.1 Lab exam requires both thorough preparation and an understanding of the latest updates. It’s very important to connect with a community of learners and educators at 591Lab who share their real-world experiences and tested strategies. The insights from students like Matt Williams, Josie Zhou, and Danielle O’Brien underline the importance of tailored preparation strategies and the right guidance.

Whether you are just beginning your journey towards CCIE certification or are looking to update your skills with the latest exam blueprint, the collective knowledge shared here offers a strong foundation. Follow the recommended books, study guides, and online resources, but remember that your journey is unique. Use the feedback and strategies discussed as a starting point to develop a personalized study plan that suits your learning style and schedule.

We hope that the experiences and tips shared by our successful students inspire and guide you towards your own CCIE EI v1.1 Lab success. Good luck, and remember, the path to certification, though difficult, is a journey of personal and professional growth.

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