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CCIE Data Center V3 VS CCIE Security v6 lab: Which one is better?

CCIE Data Center v3

It is a bit difficult to choose between something if all the options are really well. You might be wondering CCIE Data Center V3 VS CCIE Security v6 lab: Which one is better? Well, the answer is that both are excellent options to pursue. CCIE certcollection and certcommunity holds a lot of value. But the fact that you must consider here is which optioon will prove to be good for you according to your surroundings and other related terms.

Since you are so eager to know, we researched every bit of this and penned down all the crucial details that can help you in making the right choice. Before we start with the main topic for discussion, let’s take a general look at the CCIE Data Center v3 and CCIE Security v6 lab for better understanding.


CCIE Data Center v3

For those who are new to the world of CCIE, let us tell you that CCIE Data Center v3 is a course offered by CCIE with certcollection and certcommunity to provide you recognition for management skills of a data center.

With the CCIE certcollection and certcommunity, big companies and brands can discover you around the world for some great opportunities to manage their data center network with a high pay scale.  Basically, you will be responsible for the management of everything related to a data center network and problem-solving issues that occur in the network of the data center.


CCIE Security v6 lab

Like CCIE Data Center v3, CCIE security v6 lab also has a lot of benefits with the powerful certcollection and certcommunity. With the successful certcollection and certcommunity of CCIE security v6 lab, you can stand out in the crowd as a network engineer, network architect, security engineer, and a lot more.

You can make a handsome amount of money as a CCIE security v6 lab pass out. With the increase in unethical and insecure behavior, CCIE Security v6 lab is getting more popular since the need is rising.


Differentiating factors and terms

Since we had a general description of both CCIE Data Center v3 and CCIE Security v6 lab, it is time to move on to our today’s topic of discussion without wasting any more time. Here is the list of factors that explains the difference between CCIE Data Center v3 and CCIE Security v6 lab so you can easily comprehend everything.


Career opportunities

The first difference that you should consider while choosing between CCIE Data Center v3 and CCIE Security v6 lab is the career opportunities you can avail. We researched and found that you can be a network engineer, security engineer, and network administrator. Security analyst, network security specialist, and a lot more options are available in the world of security technologies with a CCIE security v6 certcollection or certcommunity.

However, with the CCIE Data Center v3 certcollection or certcommunity, you will be able to secure a position as an IT specialist, technical engineer, principal network engineer, delivery architect, and data center manager. It is crucial to take a look at the career opportunities before choosing a field so you can get the ideas of jobs can choose that you like or suit you.


Job responsibilities

Looking for career opportunities before planning to choose a field is not the only crucial step. You must also look for the job responsibilities and requirements that come with it so you can comprehend if you will be able to perform the required responsibilities or not. If you choose CCIE data center certcollection then you might be asked to fulfill the leadership skills and manage everything. Whereas CCIE security certcommunity, you are asked to solve and troubleshoot multiple security and networking issues, problems, and complexities.



In terms of examination, we can say that CCIE security v6 lab is a bit difficult than CCIE Data Center v3. Security careers and jobs require you to solve the more complex task and troubleshooting than data center management. CCIE Security v6 lab comes with 8 hours long exam that is divided into two modules. You must pass both the modules successfully to get the security certcollection and certcommunity. Whereas in the CCIE Data Center v3, you have to pass the qualifying exam and lab exam to be able to get certcommunity but if you only pass the qualifying test, you can still get a specialist certcollection for recognition.



The last factor in this list of differentiating factors is training. The training of both the options CCIE Data Center v3 and CCIE Security v6 lab vary according to the job requirements and other related factors. For CCIE Data Center v3, you are given the training to solve data managing problems, designing, and deploying networks for data centers. However, in the training of CCIE security v6, you will practice solving complex technical issues, designing, deploying, optimizing, and implementation security networks to protect confidential and sensitive information of a company.


Conclusion: Which is better?

As we looked at the basic description of CCIE Data Center and CCIE Security v6 lab with the differentiating factors, we hope you must be able to comprehend which one of these is better for you and what should you opt for in the near future. Both the options are very good but you need to look according to your requirements and needs.

If you want to advance your career while getting steep raises in salary then CCIE Data Center v3 is a good choice according to our verdict. However, if you want to have a secure career with the highest paying certcollection of CCIE then CCIE security v6 lab will prove to be a better option.

Now, it is time to take the right decision and set goals for yourself. If you are having some kind of complexities or troubles while preparing for any of these fields, you can consider and to help you in the preparation and practice.

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