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Best Career Opportunities After Passing HCIE Lab Exam

HCIE Lab Exam 591Lab

With the rise of Huawei devices and technologies in many domains, HCIE Lab Exam has become everyone’s choice. HCIE is the last and final step for HCIE- Routing & Switching certification. It helps you to operate and troubleshoot Huawei’s routers and switches. Deals with the improvement of network performance, network planning, troubleshooting, optimization, maintenance, and migration.

It is also similar to Cisco CCIE as well as Juniper JNCIE. But it is the age that decides the value of the certification. In this current time, HCIE is being valued in the world of Information Technology. It comes with the best career opportunities. You can find a great range of certcollection to show your skills. Every certification needs proper training before the written and lab test. Talking about this particular certification, HCIE Lab Exam requires a well-planned preparation because the lab test is considered the most challenging part of any certification. You can get a lot of online practice tests as it has a vast range of certcommunity and certification courses.

Before spending a handsome amount of money and time on any of the certifications one should be well aware of its worth. This article contains a lot of information about the best career opportunities for the HCIE Lab Exam. This exam contains three major steps first the HCIE-Routing & Switching written exam then the HCIE Routing & Switching lab exam and lastly the interview. Let us talk about career opportunities.

Security Analyst:

Earning HCIE-security certification can open a wonderful career path for you. In this role, you need to operate the network security system and managing cybersecurity. You should be well-knowledges about Huawei devices related to this task. HCIE Lab Exam has already made you practical for handling such situations. The analyst is asked to monitor the network for detecting any malware and for resolving the issue before any major problem.

Senior Network engineer:

As this HCIE certification is similar to CCIE and some other networking certifications so it brings many similar career options. A network engineer is one of the main jobs for anyone who has gone through the certcommunity and certcollection. The engineer has to design and implement the enterprise according to the clients’ demands. He can resolve the previous issue in the networking system. Also can help the customer to migrate from the old system to the new system. He brings innovative solutions for vintage problems. The Huawei engineer will use Huawei’s controllers and system to operate on customer requirements.

Technical Service Manager:

After preparing for HCIE Lab Exam, one is well-known about the Huawei equipment as well as the software. In the interview, he has given quick responses because he knows every bit of related technology. The technical Service Manager should also have active responses for any problem of the customer. He has to be in contact with customers for resolving their networking matters. And also helps the organization with installing the devices, Softwares, and hardware within the organization. He assists his team members with any issue related to the system or devices. He can test any new equipment for the company.

Project Management Specialist:

The skills you will learn in your HCIE courses can make you a specialist in the field. The relevant courses, certcollection, and certcommunity can help you ace the examination. HCIE holders can secure the position of project management specialist in any networking company. Many of you can the opportunities overseas. The specialist can help Huawei to be fast-growing telecommunication. He analyzes any upcoming project, coordinate with other field members, list down the pros and cons comparing it with current technology, check upon the equipment required, etc.

 Wireless Engineer:

After HCIE Lab Exam, you know how to handle Huwaei products and how to operate their technology. Having this amount of knowledge among any of one from the certcommunity you are the most demanded employ. A company such as Huawei itself can ask for you. As the name suggests, a wireless engineer has to operate with the wireless network of the organization. He will ensure the smooth conveyance of the wireless network. He has to maintain the pieces of equipment used in providing this network such as the devices used to provide internet. If any kind of collaboration is required for the company for maintaining the network, he is the one who will suggest this.

Optical Engineer:

Huawei is spreading throughout the world. These technologies are advanced and an advance certified person can operate with them. An optical engineer knows how to handle the network transmission by using light or fiber optics. Now every other networking organization is using this technology and needs an optical engineer. HCIE certified has an understanding of LAN as well as   WAN technologies.

There are many other employments one can secure after achieving this certificate. Other than employments one can independently create any network. He can maintain, optimize and update the network. HCIE lab exam is the expert level of all the Huawei certcollection and certcommunity. As it is an expert-level certification it needs great hard work and best preparation.

Huwaei is a rising name in the world of information and communication technology. The company itself is widespread and had a diverse range of employees. There are many branches in different countries. They will surely prefer HCIE holders in their organization. Above mentioned many job opportunities are also demanded by Huawei itself. In other networking enterprises, you will have to operate many of the Huawei products. Even if you are not ready for a 9 to 5 job you can go for freelancing. Many engineers are in demand routinely.

You can work for multiple companies within the same month after becoming an HCIE you can get directly into your career. A few months’ training by any company will be enough to polish your skills. In the coming days, passouts of HCIE lab exams can accelerate their career in the world of ICT. To make ease in preparation 591Lab is here to assist you in the lab exam.

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