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Benefits of Cisco CCNP Certification

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Cisco is well-known networking IT provider that provides several certifications for anyone wishing to work with Cisco services and products. The CCNA certification is intended for network engineers with 1 to 2 years of experience. The primary goal of this Cisco certification is to give an associate-level certificate to networking enthusiasts and beginners who already have some expertise. 

Students interested in the CCNA program must pass exams and get instruction in installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting Cisco’s medium networking equipment. Students in this program are also assessed and instructed in end-to-end networking troubleshooting and installation. Aside from the numerous benefits of CCNP Certification, here are some of the most important ones.

Career diversity

There are 16,425 job outcomes for Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) roles, according to extensive 2021 research. A CCNP certification can prepare you for various jobs, including IT manager, computer and information management, network engineer, computer systems, network admin, computer network architect, or engineer projects, to mention a few. 

Compared to noncertified professionals, certified professionals are more likely to obtain higher-paying positions and appealing remuneration packages. A CCNA professional may demonstrate knowledge in installing, configuring, operating, managing, and troubleshooting switched and routed networks.

Recognizing abilities

Obtaining CCNP certification allows you to demonstrate your advanced knowledge and abilities in computer networking. Being certified by a reputed company such as Cisco indicates that you have received the most effective training possible in the business. CCNA is the second-highest training and certification level offered by Cisco. This certification program focuses on networks that must be routed and switched. It teaches you how to develop, implement, and maintain security mechanisms in networking equipment.

Potential resume or CV

According to a study, almost 7,000 CCNP-certified professionals have jobs on LinkedIn. According to Indeed, there are 4,225 jobs available for CCNP Certification holders. Your education, talents, and professional experience are all shown in your resume. 

When you see a CCNP certification on a resume, potential employers will assume that you are the type of person who will stay with the firm and be an addition to it. Having such certificates on your CV displays your enthusiasm for education and learning. According to Cisco data, persons who hold the CCNP certification earn 10% more per year than those who do not.

Building self-confidence

Candidates with a CCNA certification have a better chance of landing steady and reputable jobs in top IT organisations. A CCNP certification can boost confidence and morale. Instead of being frightened to apply for a job because of your lack of schooling, you gain confidence knowing that you have a continuously increasing top-tier certification in an area.

Outstanding job growth

With this qualification, you become an all-around engineering specialist. Aside from assisting you in finding a great job in computer networking, obtaining a CCNP certification places you at the top of the list regarding promotions and career developments. For CCNA-certified professionals, salary opportunities expand and increase. 

CCNP credentials qualify you for employment with solid development potential in the following years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer and information systems administrators and network architects should anticipate experiencing at least a 15% increase between 2012 and 2022.

Prerequisite to advance certification.

CCNP certification is required for several advanced certifications. Many Cisco credentials serve as stepping stones to more advanced certifications or, at the very least, give the essential training for obtaining higher certificates.

 This aspect is unquestionably true of the CCNP certification. Obtaining a CCNP Certification will prepare you for more schooling. Without any formal qualifications, one can attempt a CCNA certification test. However, if you want to achieve the CCNP certificate later in your career, you must first have a CCNA certification and then a CCIE certification.

High market demand

When it comes to CCNP professionals, there is a severe labor shortage. Because of the tremendous demand, the pay is equally high. It assists you in keeping up with market technology and networking advancements. CCNP is a highly demanding certificate, whether CCNP R&S, CCNP Certified DevNet Professional, CCNP Collaboration, CCNP Enterprise, or CCNP Security. 

Every organization needs CCNP-certified network professionals on its staff since they are the ones that keep the company safe from all types of internet threats. Obtaining a CCNP-certified security specialist is unquestionably a game-changer for a company.

International recognition

Due to 40% of technological shifts in 2018, there is a demand for IT workers, particularly network security certified specialists. Whether or not you have prior expertise in the industry, CCNP certification will provide excellent employment chances to all CCNP hopefuls, particularly in IT-equipped and rising nations such as India, Dubai, the United States, Nigeria, Algeria, Angola, the United Kingdom, Australia and more. Remember that certificates are pretty valuable for the business world.

You get back what you spent.

The test costs $300. The test is less expensive than other networking examinations. Certcollection is also reasonably priced. Whatever you spend on the CCNP certification, the return will be far more than the cost. You will receive all your money spent on Certcollection and earning Cisco certification back within the first salary of your employment, thanks to CCNP.

Better knowledge of the changing technology

Every three months, new technology is introduced. The most effective approach to advancing your career is staying current with technology, precisely what a CCNA-certified professional does. A cybersecurity certification, such as CCNP Security, can help your personnel achieve the new skills, experience, and credentials required to deal with today’s cybersecurity challenges. Almost 80% of businesses rely on Cisco as their major networking equipment.


While attaining a CCNP certification confirms that you have the necessary training, skill, knowledge, and devotion, stay up with the newest certifications and training to demonstrate that you are qualified for every element of the work. Furthermore, a network professional must comprehend the essence and the top craftsmanship associated with the assigned task. The CCNP test assesses candidates’ verbal and critical thinking ability and aptitude for conceptual comprehension and connection

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