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A Complete Aruba Certified ACDX Certification Guide

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The Aruba Certified Design Expert (ACDX) certification exam will test your expert skills in designing multi-site, complex Aruba wired and wireless solutions incorporating ClearPass and AirWave. You should know about high-level and low-level design, including requirements gathering, RF planning, redundant high-density campus architecture, location services and very high density, and remote access branch office design.

To become ACDX certified, you must first pass the HPE6-A80 ACDX written exam and then the HPE0-A126P ACDX Certification practical exam. Although there are no prerequisites to apply for the HPE6-A80 ACDX Certification written exam, the ideal candidate should have advanced designing skills, requirements gathering skills, and advanced Aruba solutions experience. You will be able to identify the customer’s business requirements by interviewing the right people and translating those requirements into a set of technical requirements that lead to an excellent technical design.

 ACDX certification benefits

ACDX certification provides several benefits for network engineers. This certification is the highest level you can earn from Aruba, so it positions you as a true expert in your field.

It verifies that you have master-level skills to design complex, multi-site Aruba networks. By earning this ACDX Certification , network engineers can prove that they have some of the top talents in demand. When you get this certificate, you can verify that you are an expert in your field.

Competencies measured by ACDX certification

The Aruba Certified Design Expert certification measures various essential skills to show employers that you have the experience and knowledge needed to perform complex organisational tasks.

The test will measure your ability to do the following things:

  • Gathering information and creating high-level plans
  • Detailed design including RF planning, redundant high-density campus architecture, location services, outdoor stadium ultra-high density and remote access branch office design
  • Using Aruba’s Best Practices to Design Wireless Networks in Challenging RF Environments for Redundancy and High Availability
  • Assessing and analysing a company’s business needs and designing a solution to meet those needs
  • Focusing on campus LAN and WLAN solutions, including outdoor and high-density scenarios

Aruba ACDX Certification Exams

The ACDX certification has two pathways to choose from, one for professional design candidates and one for mobility and change candidates. Both paths require written and practical exams to obtain certification.

Log in to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Learning Center and obtain an HPE Learning ID. Create a profile with certification exam provider Pearson VUE. ACDX Certification Exams are held at training centres. Check if your rating is eligible for an upgrade.

Aruba written Exams

Prerequisites for the ACDX Certification

Candidates must hold a valid Aruba Certified Mobility Professional (ACMP) certification at the time of application to take the ACDX Certification exam. It is recommended that the candidate has at least two years of experience designing and implementing Aruba network solutions across a wide range of customers. It is also recommended that the candidate has extensive knowledge of WLAN and network technology in general.

Exam format for ACDX

Candidates will have 8 hours to complete the exam. They may take snacks, drink, and bathroom breaks during the ACDX Certification exam, but these breaks will not close the 8-hour time limit. Candidates may bring food and beverages to the testing facility. During the exam, all personal cell phones and personal/business computers may not be used and must be turned off and stored with the proctor, who may lock them as needed. No personal belongings, including books, notebooks, or other electronic devices, shall be placed on the candidate’s assigned desk or table. Candidates cannot bring paper or writing equipment into the ACDX Certification examination hall. Paper, pen and pencil will be provided. At the examination registration time, the candidate must show two identity cards to the proctor. One of the IDs must be a photo ID. The candidate must accept and sign the examination rules issued by the proctor.

Test equipment

Laptops will be provided for students, and only those devices will be allowed during the ACDX Certification exam. Testing is done using the following software tools:

  • Microsoft Word.
  •  Microsoft Excel.
  •  Microsoft Visio.
  •  Visual-RF Plan.

 The following documents will be provided as reference material on the laptop:

  •  ArubaOS User Guide. 
  • ClearPass Guest Deployment Guide. 
  • AirWave User Guide.
  •  Visual-RF User Guide. 
  • Instant User Guide. 
  • VRDs. 
  • Price List.

Aruba ACDX Certification Jobs

Aruba ACDX certification is an excellent option to improve your chances as a network engineer. If you wish to show your current employer what you’re capable of or you’re looking for a new job, having a certificate that proves your skills can be a huge advantage.

Using your new credentials to advance your freelance career is also a good idea. is helping engineers and businesses connect, making it easy for them to find each other. Companies are looking for freelance engineers so they can save money and still benefit from great talent and skills.

Aruba ACDX Certification Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, senior network engineers earn an average of $110,719 annually. The salary can be as high as $154,000 and as low as $55,500. Your qualifications and certifications can help you find the perfect role to earn a wage that works for you. You can also consider contracting.

Contract work gives you complete control over who you work for and how much you earn. When you use, you can explore posted jobs and easily apply to jobs that suit you. Jobs from employers around the world give you a flexible way to earn.


After clearing the written exam, you will have only 18 months to clear the ACDX Certification practical exam. If you have not passed the ACDX practical test within 18 months, you must retake the current ACDX written test. The ACDX Certification Practical Exam (HPE0-A126P) is an eight-hour exam that tests your ability to design a secure wired, wireless, remote access and management solution for an enterprise network using Aruba OS 8. x and Aruba OS-CX switches. Your design should support redundancy, authentication, and integration with existing infrastructure. Using the IRIS tool, you should be familiar with creating BoQs, network diagrams and VRF diagrams for RF planning. There will be questions from customers to answer.

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