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10 Tips & Tricks to Clear CCIE Certification in First Attempt

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Cisco Systems’ CCIE certification is the most challenging and prestigious IT certification. People with CCIE certification are experts in their field. The CCIE is the highest-paid IT professional. CCIE certification has seven tracks.

CCIE Routing and Switching

  • 400-101: CCIE Routing and Switching (CCIE RS)

CCIE Security

  • 400-251: CCIE Security (CCIE S)

CCIE Data Center

  • 400-151: CCIE Data Center Written Exam

CCIE Collaboration

  • 400-051: CCIE Collaboration (CCIE C)

CCIE Service Provider

  • 400-201: CCIE Service Provider (CCIE SP)

CCIE Wireless

  • 400-351: CCIE Wireless Written Exam


  • 352-001: Design Expert (CCDE)

CCIE certification is tough to get, so we present an ultimate guide to help you pass your CCIE certifications on the first attempt. Although nothing beats hard work, time management, and patience, this guide will guide you and help you clear your CCIE. Below are ten helpful tips for obtaining CCIE certification.


1) Learn from experienced teachers/trainers

You must get training from people who have already taken the CCIE Certification exam. The CCIE exam experience because they have taken it themselves, seen the situation, and know what to do and what not to do. They will share their experiences and all the tips and tricks to pass the exam on the first attempt. They will tell you what is necessary and what is not; Which CCIE syllabus topics should you spend most of your time on? Learn only from Cisco-certified CCIE instructors. They have knowledge that they can share.

2) Rigorous lab training

You must do thorough lab training before attempting the CCIE Certification exam. Lab exercises will help you get the concepts and learn them. You must complete at least 500 hours of regular lab training to pass the CCIE lab exam. If you know the concept, implement it; If you applied it correctly, do it again. Do this frequently until you are doing it in minimal time.

3) Use practice tests

Schedule CCIE Certification practice tests with before your scheduled test date. Set a deadline for yourself and check what you have achieved within that period. You will discover areas where you need to improve .

Exams help millions of candidates to pass exams and get certifications. We have thousands of success stories. Our practice tests are reliable, affordable, updated, and of the best quality to overcome any IT certification difficulties.

4) Clear all concepts

Networking is one area where you probably won’t sit the exam with anything planned. Because the entire networking written test is conceptually based, even a slight change in the question will make your answer wrong.

Also, the answers are not easy to digest. The time taken to learn the exact solution is almost equal to understanding the correct concept.

5) Difficult problem-solving skills

In each track of the CCIE certification, you must pass both the CCIE lab exam and the written exam to receive the certification. To crack this exam, one must have strong problem-solving skills. Be it routing and switching or security, Collaborative or wireless; you’ll be given a network in each study and have to troubleshoot it. You need to understand from which source the packet originates and where it is routed, and you need to know how to debug the entire transmission. So be prepared for it.

6) Updated with the latest information

Keeping yourself updated is essential when you are preparing for CCIE certification. CCIE exam version and its concepts and topics change with time. So you must know which exam you are preparing yourself for.

For the CCIE lab exam, the lab software and equipment must be the same. Make sure you study the best things when you practice in your lab.

7) Understanding the current topology

There are many topologies in networking that can come up in testing. Yes, you must know about them. But understand the current topology as relevant. Sometimes, the same topology test is repeated for months or years. So you need to learn everything, especially about that. This will help you to make the exam a little easier.

8) Typing speed

Understand what hardware or software to practice so you can manage your time accordingly. For example, wait for the web browser you’re testing. Do the same exercise. This will help you know how much time a question might take, and you can plan other questions accordingly.

9) Don’t rely on a single book

Networking is a vast field, and it is impossible to gain complete knowledge from one person/book. For CCIE Certification, don’t rely on one book. Several books are available for this. One should read from books as much as possible. You’ll learn from Cisco press books, Cisco docs, your R&D, and more.

10) Follow the CCIE blog

You must follow all the CCIE Certification blogs on the web as this will help you stay updated with the latest news in networking, like which certifications have been upgraded, which topics have been removed, or where you can get other books to learn CCIE.

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